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"We're all here for a reason, right? Well I don't know my reason yet, but I know I can start with helping people who need me."
Moira to Gray Fullbuster

Moira (モイラ) is a young, formerly Independant Mage who at first partakes on her own missions. After she is introduced to Team Natsu and assists them with one of their quests, she reluctantly decides to join the guild ofFairy Tail .

Kanji モイラ
Race Human
Age 12 (debut) 18 (Year X791)
Gender Female
Height 165cm (5'4 ft)
Weight 50kg (110 lbs)
Eye Color Light Green
Hair Color Brown
Blood Type AB
Professional Status
Affiliation Fairy Tail
Previous Affiliation None
Occupation Mage
Previous Occupation Independent Mage
Team Team Natsu
Base of Operations Second Fairy Tail Building
Personal Status
Relatives Unnamed Parents (deceased)
Magic Arc of Nature Manipulation

Earth Magic

Unison Raid


Moira is a very curvaceous woman with tan-colored skin and large thighs. She has

Moira's usual appearance in X791

long, light brown hair with choppy bangs and light green eyes. Her attire consists of a simple, yet revealing, green bikini, with the bottoms covered with a sarong type skirt. Her most noticeable traits, however, are her breasts and butt, that add to her curvy figure. Moira is also known for walking around barfoot, which exposes a scar on her right foot from which she received at a very young age. She also wears a gold accessory on both her left arm and foot, as well as a single gold earring that dangles from her right ear. It is known that she lost the other matching earring when she was younger. Moira's blue guild mark can be found on the left side of her neck. 


"I'll tell you one thing, I've known Moira since I was a kid, she isn't like other girls. She rather climb some tree, daydreaming most likely..."
— Hiro's amusing description of Moira

Fiesty, street-wise, witty and clever, Moira is a free spirit who's not afraid to speak her mind. Throughout her village, she is known as the reckless, "wild child". Moira is very unique and possesses a wild personality to match her somewhat "wild" appearance. Moira can be hotheaded and prideful, yet most of the time playful and carefree, similiar to that of a child. Generally, she prefers to have a good time instead of participating in boring, tedious fights, although she never backs away from a challenge. She enjoys going on adventures , as well as exploring areas even if it means danger. Moira is very confident in who she is. She is strong-willed and can be very tough when the situation calls for it. Despite her reckless nature, Moira is known to be very protective. Her mature side is rarely seen, yet when she is serious, she'll expose it. 


Moira plotting

Unlike many of the other girls, Moira is very at tune with her 'nature' side, meaning she embraces the Earth, dirt and all. In fact, one of her main 'dislikes' is to be pampered and bathed. (The way you would be treated in a spa or at the springs). Moira has no prolem having a coating of dirt on her person, in fact, she sees it as 'healthy'. Moira is mainly often criticized for this personality trait of hers. On a whole other topic, when it comes to men Moira is considered rather rude due to the fact she comes off blunt and impatient. Regardless of this, she tends to see the true nature of others even though she can be a bit naivete. 

After she joins the Fairy Tail guild, Moira seems to have grown and matured more. She keeps her independant spirit and playfulness, but is much more open to others and self-assured then before. 


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