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"Nature is a beautiful thing, its peaceful and quiet, its where life comes from, but that same beauty can still be scary, scarier then what your feeble minds are capable of apprehending. Let me show you what I mean..."

Moku Bendren before single handedly annihilating a Dark Guild

Moku Bendren (モクベンドレン Mokubendoren) is one of Orion Beasts S-Class wizards.


Ingrain is a tall and muscular young man with short, spiky green hair, which is usually kept slicked back, revealing his forehead. He has yellow eyes with slitted dark pupils. Most of his exposed body is covered in green tattoos mainly on the both sides of his chest, reaching around his back and on his forehead facing down stopping at his eyes. Due to the use of his magic, he carries a large green bush on his back and right shoulder with roots reaching down his arm and chest.

His main attire consists of a green jacket with white linings and three white spikes sticking on the left sleeve. He wears his jacket over his left arm and leaves the other sleeve hanging off as its no suited to be worn over the bush he carries over his back. He also wears blue jeans and yellow boots. He also wears his signature headphones with each of its dark ear-muffs is adorned by a large, lighter-colored spike jutting out from its outer side followed by a white necklace


Moku is an intelligent and highly alerted man, as he seems quite knowledgeable. He is also quite confident of his own strength, but still prefer to settle things the peaceful rout.


Magic & Abilities

Great Tree Arc (大樹のアーク Taiju No Āku): A form of Lost Magic which allows Moku to manipulate and produce trees, as well as to create explosions by condensing the power of the earth inside the fruits of such trees. However, Great Tree Arc's real power lies in its user's ability to control all the Magic stored within the earth. Great Tree Arc comes in as an extremely versatile form of Magic, granting Moku great offensive power, with him being capable of taking down numerous opponents at once with his devastating explosions or of manipulating the vegetation to bombard foes in different ways, as well as an effective defense, capable of blocking most attacks, even particularly powerful ones. This form of Magic also allows Moku to merge himself with trees.


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