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Momentum Magic



Ikioi Mahō


Caster Magic and Holder Magic

Momentum Magic (勢い魔法, Ikioi no Mahō) is a type of Caster Magic and Holder Magic that allows one to manipulate the momentum of ones own body as well as items.


A rare type of magic that allows one to perceive, generate and manipulate Momentum. This allows the wielder to alter the momentum of their own body as well as objects in a nearby area. With its abilities of lowering the momentum of opponents and increasing their own momentum to high levels. Momentum Magic is notorious in close quarters combat, as shown by Keith Xenoheld decimating opponents in hand-to-hand combat.


Keith's Spells

Momentum Absorption: By stealing the momentum of an opponent or weapon near him. Keith can significantly reduce the force and speed of an attack, lowering its overall destructive capability.

Repel: By imparting his own momentum outwards, Keith can emit a powerful repulsive force, pushing back anything within the technique's radius.

Rush: By increasing the momentum in his own body or an item. Keith, or the item in question, can move at speeds faster than they're normally capable of.

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