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"That's how Moon Drop or whatever you call it was formed"

"Wait-wait-wait back up a bit, you're saying that this "team" or whatever you want to call it, was made because you were all bribed?"

"Pretty much "
Dante Royard to Silas Cocytus

Moon Drop
Moon Drop
Professional Status
Name Moon Drop
Affiliation Pilse Navarina
Base of Operations FRFH HQ
Status Active
Members Silas Cocytus
Serum Santos
Mithra Vardiel
Florence Godspell
Conway Blackwood
Ashuron Ren
Temporary Members Dante Royard

Regarded more as an extended squad rather than an independent Guild, Moon Drop is a gathering of the people who were recognized as the strongest members to have visited Pilse Navarina within the current era.


The idea of Moon Drop originally came from Mithra, with a little suggestion from Dante. Initially just a purely coincidental gathering of mages (and Gottes), the group banded together to purse Diaros who had lead a devastating invasion into the citadel. After his defeat, the team spent some time recovering at the citadel, during which Dante and Gottes unwittingly released Ashuron Ren from his imprisonment. Taking advantage of what she recognized as the "perfect opportunity", Mithra essentially bribed everybody to join together to become a team.


The official Moon Drop emblem consists of three parts- The Moon, The Earth and The Sea.

An age old mythology suggested that, the origin of the sky came from the Moon itself shedding a single tear for the barren Earth that held no life. Once the tear landed on the Earth, the top half spread across the world, becoming the sky, whereas the heavier parts continued until it hit the Earth, spreading into the ocean.

As such, the emblem signifies the beginning of the world, and the creation of the sky. By taking up the name of Moon Drop, the organization means to say that they are the owners of the sky.


Perhaps one of the most outstanding features that separates Moon Drop from nearly every single organization. Rather than having a Guild Stamp imprinted onto their bodies to signify their membership, Mithra and Dante came up with the idea of the Bandanna. To simply tie it around a member's arm on leg, it can also be used as a mask. In actuality, there are two primary reasons for the Bandanna.

  • 1. Because it is estimated that most of the jobs that they will accept will consist primarily of infiltrating a dark guild, the Team theorized that, if they were seen with the Moon Drop tattoo branded onto their bodies, then their mission would quickly fail and they would most likely not make it out alive
  • 2. Despite the fact that it acts like a Guild, Moon Drop is in actuality just a gathering of fighters. As such, there may be circumstances in which members would like to join another guild while still remaining as a member of Moon Drop (A primary example being Dante Royard). As such, with the use of the bandanna, they can be part of Moon Drop while still being accepted into the guild of their liking.


Name Alias Primary Magic Status
Silas CocytusRed CoyoteFlow and CompressionActive
Mithra VardielBlind SummonerTatto CreatorActive
Tethe'llaraStorm HammerElemental ControlActive
Dante RoyardPhantom King Take OverSemi-Active
JinxN/ATransformation MagicSemi-Active
Conway BlackwoodFeueranzünder (German - Firestarter)Fire-Make MagicActive
Gottes HexenjägerHammer of the WitchesNoneActive
Serum SantosInfinite SymphonyHigh SpeedActive
Florence GodspellDead QueenLightning MagicActive
Ashuron RenThe Windmill Rumble MagicSemi-Active


Honorary Member Dante Royard



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