Moschetti D'oro
Name Moschetti D'oro
Kanji マスケット銃のゴールド
Rōmaji Moshetti Du-oro
Race Human
Birthday 1st February
Age 16
Gender Female Female
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown
Eyes Amber
Hair Blonde
Blood Type O
Professional Status
Affiliation NewguildmarkAngel Wing Guild
Previous Affiliation None
Guild Mark Location Right Hip
Guild Mark Colour Yellow
Occupation S-Class Level Mage
Previous Occupation None
Team None
Partner Rosa Fortuna
Previous Partner None
Base of Operations Angel Wing Guild
Personal Status
Status Active
Relatives Unknown
Alias Petite Gunner
Magic Requip: The Gunner
Light Magic

Moschetti D'oro is an S-Class Level Mage of the Angel Wing Guild. She is a powerful re-quip mage who utilizes a style similar to Bisca Mulan but on a much larger scale. This has given her the monicker Petite Gunner also due to her cute appearance.




Magic and Abilities

Re-Quip: The Gunner : Like Fairy Tail Mage Bisca Mulan, Maschotti uses a form of re-quip which allows her to store magical guns inside a pocket dimmension and then summon them into battle. She has also further advanced her skills that she can almost instantly summon them. She can also hide her Re-Quipping with a cloud of her light magic.


  • Storm of Muskets: She Re-Quips six of her magical muskets around her body and then another in her hand. She first fires her opponent with the one in her hand then kicks up another two, fires them at the foe. She then picks up another and shoots the enemy and finaklly she fires with her last two.
  • Unlimited Rifles Work: She re-quips several guns and begins to fire them at the foe with bullets that explode on impact.
  • Curtsey: She crosses her legs and begins to curtsey. During this a magical gun slides out of her skirt for her to use.
  • '''''Storm of Bullets: '''''

Light Magic : Her secondary form of magic which allows her to manipulate and create light. Her style is usually creating a cloud of light balls and then attacking with her guns.


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