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Mountain peak

山力の頂 (マウンテン・ピーク)


Maunten Pīku


Caster Magic



Mountain Peak (山力の頂 (マウンテン・ピーク), Maunten Pīku; Japanese for "Summit of Mountainous Power") is a Caster Magic that involves the amplification of physical power.


Mountain Peak is, by definition, a rather simple magic in both mechanism and effect. Its intended purpose is to provide the user with their peak physical condition upon being invoked. Its principle lies behind the idea that nobody has ever reached the maximum level of physical prowess that they can attain at that particular moment of time, whether it be due to lack of training or simply ineffective training. Physical prowess, in this context, is defined as all the attributes a physical combatant requires to be fully effective in combat: strength, speed, agility, flexibility, endurance, durability and the like. This is achieved through coursing magical power within the body with the intent to facilitate rapid growth and nurturing of the cells in the body. This is witnessed by another as a powerful aura of magic enshrouding the user. Upon reaching their maximum potential, the aura is discharged from their body and the body seemingly undergoes a temporary metamorphosis into its peak form, which often involves the enhancement of all the muscles across the body from a purely visual perspective. The overall effect of such enhancement is incredibly heightened physical ability, to the point where Owen, a teenager with greater-than-average physical abilities due to his training, but still on the scale of a human, can easily exchange blows with strong monsters on his lonesome.

Of course, the nature of this magic dictates that appropriate limits are put in place. The body can only be in this state so-long-as one's body and magic both possess the capability to do so. As a result, the magic has an automated cooldown period in which the magic's effects dwindle until they are no longer present. With his current power, Owen is capable of utilizing this magic for approximately ten minutes at full power, giving him only a limited amount of time to fight enemies on a much greater plane than him.


  • Climbing (クライミング, Kuraimingu):

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