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Muramasa's Blade (村正の剣, Muramasa no Ken)': Muramasa's Blade is a special sword that actually keeps one's opponent from using Magic and slowly kills them even with the slightest touch. The Muramasa is a special artifact that has a partial concision soul and can protect its wield from its' own ominous effects. While it isn't exactly known how but Muramasa can generate and project magic barrier particles that can kill Mage's and normal humans alike. Currently, this blade belongs to Sanki Kokuten. This sword was given to him by Agiel as a parting gift and Sanki seemingly coats this blade in a special paralytic agent. The sword itself is resistant to Magical attacks, meaning no magical attack can harm it and while it is not indestructible, its extremely heavy, dense and sharp at the same time. Making it extremely hard for people to destroy it physically. The Muramasa can also be used to channel one's Curse power and project it and can also act as their extension.

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