Chronicles of the Black Knight Arcs

The New Black Void


Alex was panting.  Despite the training he had undergone he was still no match for Jason.  He looked into his eyes, his Lunar Eclipse Eyes matched Jason's Demon Eyes. He couldn't instill fear into him quite yet.

"Come on Alex," said Jason "you aren't done yet are you?"

"Not even close!" called Alex.

Shadows came down from his arm as he prepared for his next strike.  Tendrils formed as he readied himself.  "Shadow Slash!"  Alex thrusted his arm forward, hurling several shadow tendrils at Jason.  Jason picked up a nearby boulder and threw it at the shadow, but the shadows easily cut straight threw it.  Before the shadows could make contact, Jason stopped them between his palms.  Before Jason could use this to his advantage, Alex severed the connection, causing his shadows to dissipate.

"Good call," said Jason.  "Wouldn't want me pulling on your shadows."

"Yeah, but I've got an even better move than that," said Alex.  His irises glowed an even brighter red.  "My eyes can do more than just cause fear.  It's a rare skill, the only other one who could drain their eyes to this level was our leader that attempted to conquer the Etherious."  His eyes began steaming.  "Eclipse Beam!"

Alex shot two scarlet beams, one for each of his eyes.  The beams created wind, kicking up some dust in their wake.  Jason pulled up his Black Shield, blocking the attack, but still forcing him backwards.  After the attack was complete, his shield fell apart.

"That wasn't such an ultimate attack," said Jason.  "You kind of blew it out of proportion."  The dust cleared and Alex was gone.  "What the...?"  Suddenly Jason was unable to move.  He tried, but something was keeping him in place.  He looked down to see shadows wrapped all around his body.

Alex erupted out of the ground, shadows dripping from his body and went in for a punch.  "Shadow Strike!"

Jason was unable to move, but he did have one ace in the hole.  "Black Rocket!" Jason's arm ripped free from the shadows as he punched Alex in the stomach.  Alex flew backwards skidding across the ground.

"I almost had you," said Alex.

"Yes you did," said Jason helping him to his feet.  He was smiling.  "If it wasn't thanks to my Black Rocket I probably would've lost, or at least taken that hit."

Jason's communication Lacrima in his pocket vibrated.  He took it out and answered.

"Hey guys," said Luke "dinner's ready so you should get back soon."

"We're on our way," said Jason hanging up.  "Do you have enough magical power to take us back?"

"I always have enough." Alex grabbed Jason's arm and the duo collapsed into their shadows.  They moved at high speeds back to their guild hall.

"Welcome back boys," said Luke to his returning companions.

"So what's on the menu today?" said Alex excitedly.

"Come to the table and find out."

Spread across the table was scores of delectable food from every food group.  Dishes made from unpronounceable ingredients were present.  Grains, vegetables, fruits, dairy, protein; it was all there.

"You really outdid yourself today," said Jason.

"When we picked you up we didn't expect you to be a powerful mage and a renowned chef!" exclaimed Alex.

"Hey, my power wasn't the only reason people used me in the past," said Luke.  "Some people just wanted high quality food."

The rest of Black Void arrived at the table.

"Wow this looks delicious!" exclaimed Hayley.  "You can really cook Luke." Hayley snuggled onto Luke.  Thomas was visibly annoyed by her flirting.

"Man I haven't eaten anyone in days because of how good your food is," said Cane.

"Okay," said Luke tentatively.

Everyone quickly began digging into the delicious meal spread before them.  No one bothered to use proper table manners, not even Luke or Jason.  It was so delicious no one could stop until all the food was gone.

"Thank you for the meal," Jason said to Luke.

"No problem."

It had been a year since Luke and Alex had joined Black Void, and the guild had finally established a bond of camaraderie.  Only one person still remained cold, distant from his guild mates, and did not stuff his face during the meal.

Victor's Betrayal

Victor walked through the living quarters area of the guild hall.

"Where is it?" he said to himself.

He finally found it; Alex's room.  He slowly opened the door, with a quiet creak.  He looked inside to see Alex sleeping.

"Yo Victor!" called Cane walking up behind.

Victor quickly closed the door.  "What do you want?"

"Nothing, just saying hi to a comrade," said Cane.  "What are you doing?"

"Nothing," Victor quickly answered.

"Really, because it looked like you were trying to sneak into Alex's room."

Victor turned towards Cane. "What are you insinuating?"

"Ya know, I never really trusted you."  Victor started to walk away.  "Hey I'm talking to you!" Cane grabbed Victor's shoulder, before he could do anything Victor grabbed his wrist and twisted it, breaking it.

"Don't touch me."  He punched Cane in the face knocking him out.  "Now back to my mission."

Victor walked into Alex's room.  He walked up to his bed.

"Oh hi Victor what's up," said Alex as he woke up.


Victor pinched a pressure point on his neck, knocking him out.  He scooped Alex up out of his bed and took him out of the room.  He carried over his shoulder to the exit.

"Put him down Victor," said a voice from behind him.  Victor whirled around to see Jason, pointing a finger gun at him. "Now!"

Victor did as he was told.  He slowly put Alex on the floor. "Hello Jason."

"What do you think you're doing Victor?"

"I suppose you wouldn't believe me if I said we were going on a job, would you?"

"Why would anyone believe that?"

"Fair enough."

Jason scowled.  "What are you really doing Victor?"

Victor didn't say a word.  He just did something no one had ever seen him do: smile.  Then he started laughing, a lot, maniacally even.

"Well it looks like my cover's been blown," chuckled Victor.  "Oh well, guess I have no choice, I've gotta fight my out of here."

"Who are you really?" asked Jason.

"Oh I'm exactly who I said I am, Victor Cras," he said "but I'm not a former dark guild member like everyone else here, I'm actually a member of the Rune Knights.  I was placed in prison so I could infiltrate this guild and keep watch on it."

"Then why are you taking Alex?" asked Jason.

"Simple, the Lunar Eclipse Eyes are a highly coveted magic," answered Victor.  "The Magic Council simply wants me to bring him back so we could... extract them."

"Black Bullet!" Jason shot one of his bullets at Victor.  With blinding speed Victor unsheathed his red sword and blocked it, ricocheting it into a wall.

"I forgot about that," said Victor.  "You know you seem like a two sword person."  Victor unsheathed his second sword, a black sword.  "The Vampire's Fang and Stygian Blade.  Not to mention I'm already wearing my Shadow Bar Armor."  Victor moved, so fast the unaided eye wouldn't be able to see it.

"Black Blade!" Jason sliced upwards blocking Victor's attack.

"Looks like I'm about to become Black Void's strongest member!"

Jason vs Victor

Victor used his blinding speed to strike Jason from the side.  Jason managed to block by switching one of his blades to Black Shield.  "Blood Rain!" Victor stabbed at Jason using Vampire's Fang several times, breaking the shield.  Victor followed up with a slice from the Stygian Blade, but Jason managed to block with his remaining Black Blade.

"Want any of my help?" asked Mephiles.

"Shut up Mephiles I don't need your help," Jason responded.  "Black Rocket!"

Jason's fist rocketed forward, being propelled by his spell.  Victor blocked by making an X with his swords, the spell only forcing him back.

"Who's Mephiles?" asked Victor.

"No one," said Jason while making hand signs.  "Amaterasu: Formula 15!"  He forced his hand forward, creating two magic seals.  It shot a purple beam towards Victor.

"Blood Cross!"  Victor sliced his sword in an X-shape blocking the attack.  "You'll never take me down with those sorts of attacks!"

Jason made more hand signs.  "Formula 30!"  Three magic circles appeared this time, making a much larger beam.  It was so large, Victor only tried to dodge it.  The spell busted a hole in a wall leading to the recreational room.

"Woah!  Now that's more like it!"

Victor looked around, noticing Jason was nowhere to be found.  Suddenly a spike went through his chest forcing him upwards.

"Black Chain!" called Jason as he pulled up Victor. "And Black Rocket!" Jason shot a stream of darkness magic from his elbow as his fist collided with Victor's cheek.  Blood came out of his mouth and chest wound as he flew to the ground at high speeds.  The collision created several cracks on the ground.  "If I were you I'd stay down."

Victor started to laugh again.  He flipped back onto his feet, the wounds on his chest already closing.  "You are too much fun," he said as he wiped the blood from his mouth.  "It'll be so much fun taking you down!"

He sprinted wildly towards Jason.  "Blood Cyclone!"  Victor disappeared again.

"Ultimate Weapon Construct: Nox Barrier!" A large shield formed in front of Jason, his strongest defense.

Victor reappeared behind Jason.

"Interesting," he said "not everyone can block my Blood Cyclone."

"Well not everyone can break my Nox Barrier, it's my strongest barrier." The shield Jason created fell to pieces.  "You've been hiding your true power haven't you."

"Yeah, but you still haven't seen the half of it."  Victor disappeared again.

Jason looked around.  He couldn't spot him anywhere.



Victor grabbed Jason's head from above, in a new white armor.  "Snowflake Armor: Flash Freeze!"  Jason's entire body froze over. "Well it was fun while it lasted.  I'll be taking the boy now." Victor picked up Alex off the floor and carried him out the door.  "Good bye Black Void."

The Truth of Victor Cras

Jason's ice sculpture just stood there.  Suddenly it started to rumple.  Jason broke free, a little cold, but still alive.

"He got away," said Mephiles.

"I know that!" Jason said exerting some of his magical power, leaving a crater where he was standing.

"Woah calm down."

"Get ready Mephiles it looks like we're going to war with the magic council."

Jason marched up to his room.  He went over to his microphone lacrima.

"All members of Black Void report to the meeting hall!  All S-Class mages meet in my room!"

Luke met Jason in his room a little later.

"Where's Victor?" he asked.

"He betrayed us," answered Jason.

"What?  What do you mean?"

"He was a spy for the magic council, he kidnapped Alex for his Lunar Eclipse Eyes."


"We're going to war with the magic council to get him back."

"Wait Jason, shouldn't we think about this?"

"What's there to think about?  They took our friend, so we're going to get him back."

"What about the master, wouldn't he get mad at you for ordering all out war against the magic council?"

"There is no master!"

That stopped Luke dead in his tracks.


"What?" said Mephiles.

"There is no master," continued Jason.  "He was me the whole time."

"So you lied to me, and the entire guild."

"Well not really, it was more like split personality disorder."

"Nice save."

"Wait, so your alternate personality is the guild master."


"How come you've never acted like him before."

"It's more of an internal thing."

"Like schizophrenia?"

"Um... yeah."

"You calmed down yet?"


"Great so now let's find out the real story."

"What've you found out Luke?"

"Based off of my research into Victor I've discovered a few things," he answered.  "First of all if Victor was a spy for the Magic Council, wouldn't it make more sense for him to bust us a long time ago for our previous crimes?"

"You're right," said Jason astonished at this revelation.

"Maybe if you just calmed down you could've figured that out for yourself," said Mephiles.

"Shut up," said Jason.

"Was that your other personality?" asked Luke.

"Uh... yeah."

"Ok.  Also I looked up Victor's file, and apparently the dark guild he had joined before his imprisonment was called Muspelheim.  He actually turned himself into the council."

"What're you saying?" asked Jason.

"Maybe Victor turned himself in so he could infiltrate our guild," said Luke.

"What?" said Jason baffled.

"Perhaps not specifically our guild, but maybe he was on a mission for Muspelheim," said Luke.

"He wanted to find Alex," said Jason.

"What do you mean?"

"Why else would he have kidnapped him, his mission from the very beginning was to find a user of the Lunar Eclipse Eyes Magic and kidnap them."

"But, why?"

"I don't know for sure, but maybe we should finally go have that guild meeting."

"What's taking him so long?" said Hayley in an irritated tone.

"Just be patient," said Thomas "patience is a virtue."

Cane walked over to them.

"Hey guys I just hit up the fridge want anything to eat?" said Cane chewing.

"I think I'm good," said Hayley.

"But Luke made it."

Hayley and Thomas both grabbed some food from Cane and began eating.

Jason walked out onto the balcony and spoke through his microphone lacrima.

"Attention Black Void!  Some of you may have noticed, but Alex is no longer with us.  He was kidnapped by one of our best, Victor Cras."  The members began murmuring to themselves.  "We believe he may be working with a dark guild called Muspelheim.  Now Luke and I plan on paying these guys a little visit to confirm our theory, but I won't force anyone to come with us.  This is a volunteer only job.  Keep in mind Muspelheim is very powerful.  I think we can barely match that guild ourselves.  So only come if you really mean.  Come by my room if you want to sign up.  That is all."  Jason turned off the lacrima.

"Are you sure you want to go volunteer only?" asked Luke.

"I don't want to risk a full on war with Muspelheim," said Jason "especially in case they aren't actually responsible for kidnapping him."

"I understand."

Cane, Hayley, and Thomas walked up to him.

"We would like to help," said Thomas.

"Are you sure we can trust them?" asked Luke.  He had heard about their attempted coup d'état.

"Those were different times," said Jason.  "We're united now."


Victor walked into the Muspelheim guild hall.  He walked up to a raised throne of stone and fire, with a man sitting on it, and two other men on either side of him.

"Master Surtr I've returned," he said.

"Excellent," said Surtr.  "I believe you wouldn't return empty handed."

"Of course not sir."  Victor turned around to show Alex strapped to his back, still unconscious.

"Good, good," said Surtr. "Watcher, call back all of our other spies.  We've finally found the Lunar Eclipse Eyes."

"Yes sir," said the man standing to his right.  He had blonde hair and sunglasses.  He wore red clothes with a black stripe pattern, and had tanned skin.  He removed his glasses revealing that instead of pupils, he had fire for irises.  "Done."

"Excellent," said Surtr "our guild will be back to full power in no time.  Nether prepare for their arrival."

The man on the left of Surtr stepped off of the podium.  His clothes had the same pattern on them as Watcher, but he had a good covering his eyes instead.  "Fine," he said "but I won't like it."

"Do you always have to complain Nether?" asked Watcher.

"Well I'm sorry Watcher, but master Surtr never asks you to do anything."

"You two always argue," said Surtr.  "My two sons.  But please stop before I kill both of you."

"Yes sir," they both said.

"What should I do with the boy?" asked Victor.

"Take him to the experimentation room," said Surtr. "We'll find out his eye's secrets in no time."

"Yes sir." Victor took Alex out of the throne room.

"Soon we will arrive at the Extreme Magic World."

"Is this the place?" asked Jason.

"Yeah," answered Luke "but according to magic council records it's been abandoned for years."

The guild hall was a large castle located in the center of a semi active volcano.  It had five towers, four on the sides and one large one in the middle.  It was made of a dark red rock, but the spires on top we're all black.

"Let's get going," said Jason as he jumped into the volcano.

The other Black Void mages looked at each other and followed suit.

Gathering of Fire

Nether walked back into the throne room.

"So I went to get the place ready when suddenly I ran into these guys."

Behind him walked in Four other people.

"My best and brightest children have returned! cried Surtr.

"Oh calm yourself master," said a blonde woman with light emerald armor.  She was fair skinned with black eyes, and carried a quiver of arrows.

"It's nice that we've all finally returned," said a grey skinned man.  He had white hair, and grey eyes.  His attire consisted of a black cloak, while his shirt, shoes, and pants were all completely black, and he had two swords strapped to his sides.

"Yes, but please don't refer to us as your children," said a man in white armor with a lance.  "It makes things a little weird."  He was fair skinned with blonde hair and blue eyes.

"Yes especially since Angelo and I are madly in love!" said a woman wearing the same, but a more feminine attire, as the last man.  Her hair was brown, with brown eyes, but still fair skin.

"My children," said Surtr.  He began to address them.  "Dead Skull," the man with gray skin "Jacqueline," the archer "Angelo, and Valerie." The romantic couple.

"I see we're the only ones to arrived," said Dead Skull.

"More will come," said Surtr.

"Master Surtr," said Watcher.  "We have an issue."

"What is it Watcher?" asked Nether.

"It would seem the Black Void members haven't gone to war with the Magic Council," said Watcher.  "They must've seen through Victor's façade and come here instead."

"Well then you know what to do," said Surtr. "We must repel them.  We cannot allow them to stop us from reaching our goal."

"Yes master," they said.

"I'm sorry to send you all into combat so early," said Surtr "but you must repel them."

"We will do so with gusto," said Angelo.

"Go pick up Victor from the experimentation room," said Surtr. "He will assist you in the fight.  He has valuable information on the guild members."

"Yes sir," they said.  "We will depart at once."

The Angel Duo

Jason and company ran over the lava.  Jason was using Black Shield, Luke was immune due to his Fire Dragon Slayer Magic, Cane was eating the heat, Hayley was protecting herself with a barrier, and Thomas had activated his familiar the Blaze.  The group made it over the lava and into the guild hall quickly.

"That was the scariest thing I've ever done," said Cane.

"It wasn't that hard," said Hayley.

"Well you didn't have to eat the heat before you made contact with the lava."

"Shut up," said Jason "both of you."  They began walking through the guild hall.  "I'd just like to make it abundantly clear that if we run into Victor, he's mine."

"No!" responded Cane. "I want payback for him breaking my arm."

"About that you healed really fast," said Hayley.

"Yeah, the food I ingest really heals my body," I can convert 100 percent of the food I eat into energy to heal my body at an accelerated rate."

"Is that why you were eating so much during the assembly," asked Thomas.

"No, I was just hungry."

"Well I guess it's first come first serve then," said Jason. "But only Cane or I can kill him."

"Fine," said Cane.

"Hey guys the path splits up ahead," said Luke.

There were five paths head.

"I guess we'll all split up," said Jason. "I'll take the middle path."

"I'll take the far left," said Hayley.

"Inner left," said Cane.

"Inner right," said Luke.

"Far right," said Thomas.

"Alright let's go," said Jason.  "I'll see you all on the other side."

Thomas continued walking down his path.  There wasn't really much to look at.  Eventually the corridor opened up into a large room.  It was a light brown marble.  There were two large statues of angels near the exit.  On top of the statues sat two people.

"Well look at this Valerie someone decided to go down our path," said Angelo.

"You're right!" she replied. "We're going to kill him per master Surtr's orders right?"

"Of course we are."

"Who are you two?" called Thomas.  His confusion slowly rising into anger.

"You can't tell?" asked Valerie.

"It's quite obvious," said Angelo.

"We're in love!" they both cried as they jumped into the air and embraced each other.  They floated in the air for a few seconds before they began to fall to the ground.

"Looks like this'll be easier than I thought," said Thomas to himself.

Suddenly they both sprouted white feathery wings and floated the rest of the way.

"Oh my love," said Angelo "on behalf of lord Surtr let's kill this Black Void mage."

They both took out their lances.  "For Muspelheim!"

Thomas jumped backwards avoiding the lances.  They stuck into the ground kicking up stones.  He had deactivated his Blaze familiar's ability to conserve magical energy.

"Well looks like I need to get back into the game," he said.  He cut his finger and took out a piece of paper.  "Familiar of fire..."

Before he could finish, Angelo punched him in the face, rocketing him into a wall.  It cracked from the impact and he coughed, launching the blood in his mouth onto the ground.

"Dammit they're too fast!"

The two Muspelheim members charged him.  He jumped over them as they stabbed into the wall.

"I can't let them hit me with those lances," Thomas said to himself.  "I'd be done for."

"You can't conquer our love!" yelled Valerie as she flew up to and kicked Thomas in the stomach.

Thomas grunted as he flew upwards into the ceiling.  Angelo flew upwards with his Lance aimed for heart.  Thomas's eyes widened as he grew nearer.

"Angel Lance!"

At the last second he jumped out of the way as Angelo's lance broke through the ceiling.  Next thing he knew Valerie was descending towards him with her lance pointed towards him.

"Valkyrie Lance!"

Thomas had nothing to bounce off of this time.  He was completely airborne, with nothing to bounce off of.  But despite this, he smiled.

"Familiar of wind: Mercury!"

Thomas spun at high speeds blowing away Valerie into Angelo.  He then lightly floated to the ground, unharmed.

"What the hell?" said Angelo. "Your Familiar Empowerment requires a blood sacrifice to work.  How did you do that?"

"I don't need to draw the blood myself for the blood offering," said Thomas.  "The hits you were giving me drew plenty of blood for me to use."  He began to rotate very quickly.  "Speed Tornado!" He stopped his rotation launching a human sized tornado at the Angel Duo.  The two of them got stuck in it whirling them around causing them to collide into each other several times.  "That should've taken care of them."

Thomas began to walk towards the exit.

"Where do you think you're going!" yelled Angelo from behind Thomas.

Angelo and Valerie slowly got to their feet as there wings shifted from white to black.  A black cloak of magical energy flowed around them and fused together.

"You think that one attack can defeat our love!" shouted Valerie.

"It's time to show him our real power!"

"Angel of Death!"

"Valkyrie of Death!"

Their magical power began to overwhelm Thomas.  His body began to weaken.

"What is this?" Thomas said as he dropped to his knees.

"Now you will die!" they both called as they charged Thomas.

"Well crap."

Death From Above

Thomas couldn't get out of the way so he ducked to the ground, the lances just barely passing over his head.  He spun onto his hands generating some wind power.  "Tempest Leg!" He kicked them both in the face as wind surrounded his feet, but the damage was minimal and they managed to recover.

"Man what is that?" Thomas asked himself.  "I already feel drained and we haven't even been fighting for that long."

They began to strike in quick succession, giving Thomas barely any time to dodge.  Despite his speed increase from Mercury he still had no time react, they were moving way faster than before.  But then he realized, they weren't moving faster, due to his stamina drain he was moving slower.

"Palm Tornado!" Thomas made a small tornado in his hand and threw it at the two.

"Gabriel's Lance!" Angelo stuck his lance into the tornado dispersing it.  Valerie then flew over Angelo and stabbed Thomas in the shoulder, black magic seeped out of the wound as she forced him to the ground.  Blood oozed from the wound as Thomas's face contorted with pain.

"Looks like you're about to die," said Valerie.

The wound sapped what little stamina Thomas had left.  He could barely move.  Valerie removed her spear from Thomas's shoulder and aimed it at his heart.

"Wait darling," interjected Angelo. "Let's do it together."

Angelo pointed his lance at Thomas's chest as well.

"3... 2... 1...!" They brought their lances down.  Thomas had no way to dodge.  He was out of stamina, he couldn't possibly dodge it.  But when the points of their lances were one inch away from his chest, he reacted.

A great amount of wind and flames blew outward from his body, blowing away the Angel Duo before their weapons could make contact.

"What was that?" asked Valerie.

"I don't know?" replied Angelo.

They both looked at Thomas, him on his feet now, flames poring off of his body.

"I haven't gotten the chance to test this out yet," said Thomas. "Mercury Blaze Combo."

"What is this?" questioned Angelo "I thought Familiar Empowerment only allowed for the user to activate one familiar at a time."

"Actually that's a misconception.  Scorch Kick!"  Before they had time to react Thomas had already kicked both his adversaries in the gut with blazing feet, his fire strikes even more powerful from the wind of Mercury.  The two flew backwards, the armor they were wearing breaking into pieces.  "I'll finish this in one blow!"  Thomas jumped high in the air and began spinning at high speeds.  The fire he produced was augmented even further by the wind from Mercury.  He was surrounded in a giant cocoon of fire. "Scorching Spiral: Meteor!" Thomas rocketed at the two of them.  He was so fast not even Jason would've been able to stop him.  The attack made contact, grievously burning Angelo and Valerie.  They fell to the ground, defeated.

"Valerie," mumbled Angelo.  "Did we lose?"

"It would seem so," Valerie replied weakly.  "He conquered our love."

"I see," said Angelo. "I guess I'll see you above then."

Angelo and Valerie took each other's hands, and died.

Thomas deactivated his magic and began to walk to the exit.  Suddenly he stopped and coughed up blood.  The damage they had done, and energy exhausted from him combining two familiar's was beginning to take its tole.  His vision went blurry.  "Well at least I took out two of em for ya," he said.  He then passed out onto the ground.

Ultimate Impact Archer

"Dang this hallway is long," said Hayley while running through her chosen path.  The path eventually opened into a large space.  On the other side of the room was the exit.  Hayley began to run towards it when an arrow landed in front of her feet.

"Where do you think you're going?" said a blonde girl standing on the side of the wall.

"Who're you?" asked Hayley.

"Jacqueline Darner," she answered "the strongest female mage in Muspelheim."

"So I guess we really were right when we thought you kidnapped Alex," said Hayley.

"Oh you mean the Lunar Eclipse Eyes kid," said Jacqueline.  "Yeah we got him nice and cozy.  Master Surtr should be starting his experiments right about now."

"So I take it you don't want to just talk, do you?"

"My mission was to eliminate any intruders from Black Void.  So yeah."

Jacqueline knocked and fired another arrow at very great speeds.  Hayley managed to erect a barrier just in time to block it.

"Sorry, but as long as I have magical power you can't touch me," said Hayley.

"Hm," thought Jacqueline. "I could just wait until you run out of magical power from holding up that barrier, but that would be no fun.  Reequip!"

Jacqueline's arrow head turned purple and she shot it onto the wall behind Hayley.  She instantaneously transported behind Hayley.  Before she could notice Jacqueline shot another arrow.  Hayley extended her shield behind her, before the arrow made contact.

"So those purple arrowheads teleport you, don't they?" said Hayley.

"You catch on fast," said Jacqueline.  "That was my warp arrow.  But how fast can you move.  Reequip!" Her arrowhead turned large and green.  "Clone Arrow!"  She shot the arrow and it split into seven.  They each landed on different walls surrounding Hayley, creating several clones of herself.  "Omnidirectional Shot!" Each one of the clones let loose an arrow at the same time.

"No Weak Spots!" Hayley's barrier extended around her entire body and extended to a ten foot shell.  All the arrows harmlessly bounced off.  "Looks like you chose the wrong opponent."

Jacqueline knocked another arrow.  "Maybe so.  Reequip!" Her arrowhead turned black and heavy. "I don't usually have to use this arrowhead, but I guess to break through that barrier of yours I'll have to." She pulled back the string of her bow.  "Ultimate Impact Arrow!" She let the arrow fly.  It pierced straight through Hayley's shield, shattering it into pieces.  It would've pierced straight through her skull if she hadn't redirected the arrow with a barrier at the last second.  The arrow collided with the ground creating a large crater, and causing Hayley to fly forward.

"What the hell was that?" she asked.

"Incredible arrow strength combined with a high velocity shot," started Jacqueline. "In optimizes piercing power.  Nothing's ever been able to block this arrow."  She prepared another arrow.  "Die!"  She let it loose.

"Barrier Push!" Hayley created a barrier beneath her and pushed it off the ground, moving her out of the arrow's trajectory.  It crashed into the ground where she was creating another crater.  Jacqueline teleported behind her again.

"Ultimate Impact Arrow: Scattershot!" She shot an arrow that split into several smaller arrows.  Hayley dropped her barrier and fell to the ground, narrowly missing all the arrows.  "Clone Arrow!" Several Jacqueline's appeared around Hayley.  "Ultimate Impact Arrow: Omnidirectional Shot!" All the clones fired an arrow at Hayley.  Hayley looked up in fear as they were about to strike.

"Ultimate Impact Barrier!" Hayley forced a great majority of her magical energy into that spell.  The barrier came out from her body and intercepted all the arrows.  They sunk into it but were all stopped.

"What?" said Jacqueline as all the clones disappeared. "She blocked all the arrows."

"Permanent Press!" Hayley called forcing one of her barriers into Jacqueline before she could teleport.

"She's fast," said Jacqueline through gritted teeth.

Hayley walked over to one of the arrows and tried to pick it up.  "Man this heavy," she said not being able to lift it. "How do you shoot those?"

"My Ultimate Impact Bow is the only bow capable of firing my arrows," said Jacqueline.  "You shouldn't even bother trying."

"Fair enough," said Hayley erecting a barrier beneath her feet.  She created a barrier in her hand and concentrated it into a sphere. "Barrier Sphere!" she cried as she forced her sphere into Jacqueline's stomach, breaking through the Permanent Press.  Jacqueline coughed up blood and stayed stuck to wall before the Barrier Sphere dispersed.  She fell to the ground dead.

Hayley landed on the ground.  "Man that fight made me use up a lot of my magical energy," she said.  "But I still got out without a scratch."  She ran to the exit, not wanting to keep the others waiting.

The Withering Skeleton

Luke was running down his pathway.  "Come on where are you Alex," he said to himself.  He ran into an opened room, and stopped when he saw the grey skinned man. "You must be a member from Muspelheim."

"Yes I am," the man said. "I am Dead Skull."

"That's a weird name," said Luke.

"I lost my old name when my family died," said Dead Skull. "Master Surtr said I could choose any name I like.  This one seemed appropriate considering my unique abilities."

"Whatever just get out of my way," said Luke. "Unless Alex isn't here.  In which case I'll try to contact my friends and we'll leave."

"No.  My master ordered me to kill you."

"Move!" Luke charged up magical energy in his mouth. "Destruction Dragon's Roar!" Luke shot his signature Roar Attack at Dead Skull.

Dead Skull kept a calm look on his face.  He held out his hand.  "Withering." The moment his fire touched Dead Skull's hand it dispersed into nothing.

"What the...?" Luke was taken aback.

"My magic, the Wither, has never been beaten before," said Dead Skull.  "It can drain anything on contact."

"Great," said Luke sarcastically. "Destruction Dragon's Bomb Fist!"

Luke covered his fist in flames and went for a punch.  Dead Skull blocked it with one fist, diffusing that too.

"Oh and my Withering can drain magic from the inside of your body too."  Dead Skull tightened his grip and began draining the magical energy from Luke.

"Destruction Dragon's Megaton Grenade!" With his free hand Luke threw a concentrated sphere of fire at the ground, exploding when it hit the ground.  The fire forced Dead Skull backwards, slightly singeing his arm.

"So judging from your reaction to that attack I'd say you can only wither attacks using your palms," said Luke. "Is that right?"

"You're very perceptive," said Dead Skull.  "Yes I need to use my palms to wither magical energy, but that doesn't matter.  I'll kill you regardless."

"He drained a lot of my magical energy," thought Luke. "But I think I have an idea.  Destruction Dragon's Bomb Fist!"  Luke punched the ground, creating a large explosion causing lava to spill from the floor. The inside of the building caught fire in some places, and Luke ate it, replenishing his strength.

"Very smart," said Dead Skull. "I thought all Dragon Slayers were impatient beasts, but you just might change my mind, but from what I can tell, you can't eat lava." Dead Skull began walking through the lava.  His hand outstretched towards Luke.

"You should be dead," he said.

"All Muspelheim members know Fire or Lava Magic," said Dead Skull. "How do you think we get in and out of here."

"I can't risk touching him," thought Luke "and I can't touch him while he's in the lava. I haven't gotten the chance to use these in battle, but I guess now's as good a time as any." Luke slipped a kunai knife from his right sleeve.  He exerted some of his magical energy, leaking his magical energy into the kunai.  He threw the kunai in front of Dead Skull.

"Your aim is terrible," he said.

"I wasn't aiming for you."  An orange magical seal appeared above Dead Skull. "Destruction Dragon's Magic Circle!" Luke made a claw motion causing an explosion of flames to descend upon Dead Skull.  He managed to wither some of the fire, but the rest still burned him.  Luke took out another two kunai and threw them in a circle pattern around Dead Skull.  "Destruction Dragon's Three Magic Circles!"  Three magic circles appeared, two to the side and one above him.  An explosion happened damaging Dead Skull greatly, he had no time to block.  Luke threw seven more kunai.  "Destruction Dragon's Ten Magic Circles!"  Three magic circles appeared on either side of Dead Skull.  One appeared in front of him, behind him, below, and above him.  They all went off simultaneously.

Dead Skull's skin was completely burned.  He stood with his knees bent, back bent backwards, his arms hanging by his side, smoke coming from his mouth.

"I developed those skills from watching Jason's Amaterasu," said Luke. "My kunai absorb any magical energy it contacts and doesn't discharge until I activate the magic seals.  But I guess you don't need to know that anymore." Luke began to walk by Dead Skull.

"Actually thank you for the information," said Dead Skull.  His body straightened, his skin turned black, and his eyes turned a glowing white.  "Now I just know I need to avoid those kunai." Eight sword shaped black tendrils came out of his back.  He unsheathed the two swords at his side.  "The real battle begins now!"

Ten Sword Style

"What the hell are you?" asked Luke.

"I'm the result of Master Surtr's experimentation," replied Dead Skull maniacally.

The tendrils on Dead Skull's back tried to stab Luke.  He jumped backwards to avoid the strike.

"Destruction Dragon's Megaton Grenade!" He threw a collected amount of fire from his hand at the tendrils.  It exploded on contact, but the tendrils pushed through the fire.  Luke grabbed one of his kunai and managed to block seven of the eight tendrils, but one managed to cut his arm.

"How do you like my Ten Sword Style?" asked Dead Skull.  "Eight on my back and two in my hands."

"Interesting," replied Luke holding his arm.  He ate some of the fire around him from the lava and healed his body.

"As long as you can heal your body like that I think it would be pretty hard to beat you," said Dead Skull. "I guess I'll just have to kill you quickly then."

Dead Skull charged Luke, while Luke managed to pick up another kunai.  Dead Skull struck with all ten of his swords, one after another.  Luke was barely able to keep up with and block them all.  Luke gave up ground getting pushed back.  Luke got one of his arms knocked out of the way while blocking.  Dead Skull went in for another stab, aimed at Luke's heart.  But he didn't panic, Luke smiled.

"Destruction Dragon's Eight Magic Circles!" Luke had led him into the circle of kunai he had made earlier.  Eight magic circles appeared around Dead Skull.  But Dead Skull smiled too.  The tendrils on his back sunk into every magic circle, disintegrating them.  Dead Skull went farther forward with his sword still going for Luke's heart.  "Destruction Dragon's Detonating Kunai!" A magic circle appeared below Dead Skull and blew him upwards, narrowly saving him from being stabbed.  "How did you do that?"

"My tendrils are magically conductive," said Dead Skull "as well as my swords.  So I can use my Withering through them to disintegrate all of your magic."

He jumped off the sealing, propelling him to the ground at high speeds.  He impaled Luke through his arms and legs using the tendrils. Luke let out a loud scream.  Luke tried to use his Destruction Dragon's Roar, but two of the tendrils wrapped around Luke's neck, stopping him from breathing.

"I could just strangle you to death, but that would take a bit long," Dead Skull took out his sword. "And I can't risk you escaping again."

Luke muttered something.

"What?" said Dead Skull.

Two magic seals appeared around Dead Skull.  In order to avoid the damage he stuck his six tendrils in Luke's arms and legs to wither the seals.  Although he still had the tendrils wrapped around his neck he rocketed himself forward with his magic and head butted Dead Skull, causing him to fly backwards.

"You forgot about the two kunai I had in my hands," said Luke breathing heavily.  "Now you're gonna die because of it."

Luke inhaled greatly, eating all of the fire in the room.  More fire came out of the hole in the ground and into Luke's mouth as well.  His body healed, but did more than just that. Luke's skin became scalier, his pupils became slits, and his canines became sharper.

"Destruction Dragon's Roar!" the explosion was far more potent than before, Dead Skull barely had enough time or space to dodge it.  "Destruction Dragon's Megaton Grenade!" Luke threw the fireball at Dead Skull, with him this time being caught up in its explosion causing him to fly backwards.  Dead Skull looked at Luke, who was now charging another fireball in his hand.  He was standing with his free hand aiming at Dead Skull "Crimson Lotus: Hidden Fire Form Exploding Dragon's Sword!"  Luke threw his fireball and it elongated into a sword shape of fire.  It collided with Dead Skull.  When the smoke cleared Dead Skull was still standing, his skin somewhat burned.

"I was barely able to block that in time," said Dead Skull. "It still really hurt though."

"Destruction Dragon's Megaton Fist!" At blinding speed Luke ran up behind Dead Skull and hit him in the back with both his fists.  An explosion went off causing him to fly forward.  As Dead Skull's grip loosened on one of his swords Luke grabbed it and it ignited with flames.  He then stabbed Dead Skull through the chest.  He coughed up blood as this happened.

"How...?" murmured Dead Skull.

"It's simple," said Luke "I used Dragon Force, the fire around this place is very powerful."

"You are most certainly a worthy opponent," said Dead Skull. "By the way, I lied before when I said my power's never been beaten.  Victor Cras is far more powerful than me."  Dead Skull's skin turned back to normal.

"I'm sure Jason can take care of him," said Luke.  Dead Skull closed his eyes and died.  Luke picked up Dead Skull's swords.  "I think I'll keep these."  Luke walked out of the room after eating more fire.  "I think I'll need Dragon Force for what's up ahead."

One Sword

Cane ran down his path which opened into a large room.  He stopped when he saw his opponent.

"Victor Cras!" he called as he tried to punch him.  Victor quickly unsheathed his Vampire's Fang and blocked the attack.

"Hello Cane," said Victor "I never thought I'd find you here Cane.  I was personally hoping to fight Jason, but I guess you'll have to do.  You only seem like a one sword opponent."

"Bastard!" Cane went I for another punch.  Victor backflips er out of the way.  "El Drago!"  Cane shot a beam of energy from his mouth.  Victor blocked it with a horizontal slash from his blade.

"Definitely won't need two swords."

Victor ran towards Cane.  Before he could fire another El Drago, Victor stabbed him in the shoulder, forcing him to the ground.  "El Drago!" Cane unleashed a close range beam from his mouth again, but Victor jumped back before it made contact.  "I haven't eaten human flesh in about six months, but for you I'm willing to make an exception."  Cane began eating the stone from the ground, healing the wound in his shoulder.

"That's a rather annoying magic," said Victor.  "It can be used for healing and offense.  I'll have to take you down quickly then."

"Strength!" called Cane when he was done eating.  His muscles swelled in size and his shirt ripped off.  Victor charged him again.  Cane tried to punch him again, but he dodged, leaving a crater in the floor.  Victor did an upward slash, cutting Cane's side.  He danced around Cane, cutting him the entire time.  He slashed his back, arms, sides, hands, legs, everywhere but a vital spot.  Cane held back the pain through gritted teeth.

Victor moved away when he was done.  "100 Slash Blood Dance."  Cane dropped to his knees, blood dripping from his body, a look of absolute malice on his face.  "So, not dead yet?  I'll do you a favor and put you out of your misery."  Victor ran up to Cane, prepared for one final slash.  He did a downward slash across his chest, but the blade didn't cut him.  Cane had caught it with his hand.  Cane's hand bled from the cut the blade made.  "Let go you muscle bound freak!" called Victor as he tried to wrestle his blade out of Cane's hand.  Cane screamed a battle cry as he punched Victor in the arm, breaking it.  The attack caused Victor to let go of his sword.  Cane went in for another punch but stopped before he could make contact.  He grabbed the large gash on his gut and fell over, coughing up blood.  Victor stood over him, his Stygian Blade in hand.  "You broke my arm," he said annoyed.

"Now we're even," muttered Cane as he passed out.

Victor's arm had already begun to heal.  "Let's hope my next opponent is more powerful than he was."

Rematch of the Year

Jason and Luke's paths intersected.

"Hey long time no see," said Luke.

"Yeah," said Jason.  "I've just been running around here trying to find Alex.  I see you're in Dragon Force."

"Yeah, I ran into this dude named Dead Skull.  He really gave me a run for my money, but I got these cool swords out of it."

"At least you got to do something, I've been running around doing nothing."

"If you had to fight that guy you wouldn't be saying that."

The two ran into an opening in the hallway.  They stopped when they saw a person in a heap on the ground.

"Cane!" they both called.

"Jason Gaebolg and Luke Gandor," said Victor.  "The two strongest members of Black Void."

Jason gritted his teeth.  "You'll pay.  I'll make you all pay!" Jason's magical aura blazed around him, growing in size every second.

Hayley ran into the room as well.  "Jason?"

"Hayley I want you to take Cane, and get out of here," said Jason, not taking his eyes off his target.  "Get him healed, and if you run into Thomas get him out too."

"But what about you two?" asked Hayley.

"We can handle this from now on.  Thank you for your assistance."

Hayley placed a barrier under Cane and lifted him off the ground.  She started to run with the barrier following behind her, but she stopped.  "Kick all their asses guys."

"Will do."

And at that she left.

"How futile," said Victor.  "Even if they do survive there's no way the two of you alone can save Alex."

Luke unsheathed the swords he kept on his back.  "Do you want any help?"

"No," interjected Jason. "You go on ahead and save Alex.  I'll handle Victor."

"Are you sure?" asked Luke.


"Do you want to use my power this time?" asked Mephiles.

"We lost Alex because I was too stubborn to let you give me your power," answered Jason.  "I thought I could beat him without it." Jason's eyes turned black, and his magical aura reached its peak.  "But now I know that we need to defeat him no matter what."

Luke tried to run by Victor, but he was stopped by the latter.

"Where do you think you're going?" he asked as he tried to cut him.

Jason appeared in front of Victor and blocked with Black Shield.  "Your fight is with me."  Jason punched Victor in the face with his Black Rocket, causing him to fly back into a wall.

"Beat him Jason!" called Luke running into the next hallway.

"That one hurt more than the last punch," said Victor wiping the blood off of his face.  "So judging from the fact that four out of five of you made it here, I'd say that I lost two of my companions.  Now let's see, Luke had Dead Skull's swords, so he probably killed him.  But Hayley, I have no idea wether it was Jacqueline or Angelo and Valerie.  Thomas probably got killed though, considering the fact we haven't seen him yet."

"That's not possible," said Jason.  "No one from Black avoid can get killed by someone from Muspelheim."

Nice eyes by the way" interjected Victor.  "I guess this is your true power.  I didn't get to see it last time because I was in a hurry.  But there's nothing stopping me this time."  Victor unsheathed his Stygian Blade.  "Wind Blade!"  He sliced the air creating currents of slicing wind.  Jason used his Black Shield to block the strikes, but they left cuts on it.

"I take it we both were holding back in our last battle," said Jason.

"I didn't even need to get close to you to kill you before," said Victor.

"You couldn't even kill me close up."

"We'll see about that.  Wind Blade!" Victor sliced his swords creating another sword of wind again.

"Black Bullet!" Jason shot his two bullets from his fingers blocking the Wind Blade.  Jason began making hand signs.  "Amaterasu: Formula 10!"  A magic seal appeared above Victor.  He used his Shadow Bar Armor's speed boost to dodge the spell, which left a crater on the ground.

"Blood Cyclone!" Victor sped by Jason trying to cut him, but Jason managed to avoid it.

"Black Rocket!" Jason attempted to use a propulsion powered kick to hit Victor, but he blocked with the Stygian Blade.  "Black Chain!" Jason wrapped his chains around Victor's arms and pulled him towards him.  He kicked Victor in the gut slamming him into the ground.  Victor quickly got back to his feet and used the Wind Blade again.  Jason used the Black Shield to block it.  He landed on the ground and lost track of Victor.

Victor appeared above Jason.

"Blood Cyclone!"

"Black Blade!"

The two attacks collided, a brief clash.  After a few seconds the Victor's swords broke into pieces.

The Sun's Spirit

"No way!" shouted Victor.

Jason hit Victor in the face using his Black Rocket, causing him to fly several feet away. Victor wiped fresh blood off of his face.  He looked at the hilts of his shattered swords.

"Never in a million years would I have thought anyone could break my swords," said Victor as he dropped his hilts.  "I haven't had to use this sword in a battle since I joined the guild.  Reequip!" A large sword materialized onto his back.  It was huge, about Victor's height.  He unsheathed it slowly, it was an orange red color.  Slowly fire began pouring off of it.  "This is my ultimate blade!  The Sun's Spirit!  Forged from the magma of this volcano itself!  You will not beat me!"  He held his sword in a sort of batter like stance.  "Fiery Wind Blade!"  He sliced his sword through the air creating a red wind.  Jason could feel the heat of the wind and didn't even attempt to block it.  He jumped out of the way, watching it melt its way into the wall.

"Fire that hot will be dangerous," said Mephiles.  "Let's try not to get hit."

"You state the obvious," said Jason.  "Black Bullet!"  Jason shot two Black Bullets at Victor.

"Fiery Wind Blade!" The two attacks collided, canceling each other out.  Jason rocketed forward using Black Rocket.

"Black Blade!" Jason tried to strike from above Victor.  Victor moved his blade above his head, and the magical blades melted straight threw it.  Jason couldn't mask his face of astonishment.

"Now you die!" Victor tried to bisect Jason, but Jason activated Black Rocket and flew upwards, narrowly avoiding it.

"Black Bullet!" Jason shot again, but the attacks melted upon contact with the blade.


Jason propelled himself backwards and skidded on the ground.  "This is gonna take up a lot of energy," he said as he cupped his hands.

"Are you sure you really need both hands?" asked Mephiles.

"We can't risk it, this sword is melting my magic."  Black darkness magic collected in his cupped hands.  "9000mm Black Cannon!" Jason shot a large beam at Victor.  It was ten times his size.

Victor prepared his sword.  "Sword Sol!" He cut the beam in half, dissipating it.

"He cut right through your most powerful attack!" exclaimed Mephiles.

"It's that sword," said Jason.  "Its heat allows it to cut through anything, even magic."

"What're we going to do?"

"Well for starters the 9000mm Black Cannon isn't my most power attack."  Jason began making hand signs.  Magical circles appeared around Victor, three on each of his side's, and one above and below.  Victor looked around him, confused on the spell's effect.  "Amaterasu: Formula 100!" The explosions went off around Victor repeatedly.

"A normal man would've been killed by that spell," said Mephiles.

"But we're not dealing with a normal man, we're dealing with Victor Cras."  Jason did a backflip, narrowly dodging Victor, who had put on his Snowflake Armor.  Jason punched him in the face and proceeded to pummel him with a barrage of punches, all of which he had imbued with Darkness Magic.  Victor sliced in front of him with Sun's Spirit, forcing Jason back.  Victor equipped his Shadow Bar Armor and prepared another Fiery Wind Blade.  Jason tried to move but noticed his feet were frozen.  "When did he get me?"  Jason looked at Victor as he unleashed his Fiery Wind Blade.  "Do you think it'll work?"

"No point in not trying."

Jason made a finger gun.  "I hope this works.  Black Bullet Six Shooter: 6 Shots!"  Jason fired six Black Bullets from his finger.  It was in such rapid succession all the shots seemed to come out simultaneously.  They broke straight through the Fiery Wind Blade and through Victor's sword, perforating it with holes.  It broke in two.

Monster Soul

Victor looked at his sword in astonishment.  His perfect blade had been broken.

"A barrage of pinpoint shots so powerful no magic can defend against them," said Jason panting.

"Unfortunately you lose the ability to use magic in the used arm for five seconds," said Mephiles.

Victor stood dumbfounded, his fist shaking, then he started laughing.  "You broke my Sun's Spirit too.  Wow!  No one's ever pushed me this far before.  I'm glad I met you Jason, I thought I'd never get to use this again."  Victor's skin turned green, his muscles bulged, but his armor simply fit itself around him as his body slowly built in size.  His eyes turned green, and two bolts came out of his neck.  He was easily seven feet tall.  "Monster Soul!"

"Is that a Take Over spell?" asked Jason to Mephiles.

"It must be, but I've never seen anything like it."

Victor charged at blinding speed.  "Shocking Bolt!"  His fist cackled with blue lightning as he punched the ground were Jason was standing.  He was barely able to dodge in time, breaking free of the ice using Black Rocket.  "This form is usually a lot slower, but due to my Reequip's armor, I'm just as fast as I was before!"  Victor grabbed Jason by the neck and slammed him into the ground, shocking him as he went down, and created a crater on impact.  "Die!"  Victor brought down his lightning covered fist.

"Black Bullet!" Jason shot Victor in the stomach, slowing his fist long enough for him to dodge the strike and break free.  Jason gained some distance.  "This forms a close range fighter."

"Right let's keep our distance," said Mephiles.

"You know I haven't gotten in a fist fight in a while," said Jason.

"If we die it's your fault."

"I know." Jason coated his hands in black darkness magic.  Victor coated his in lightning.

"Shocking Bolt!"

"Black Rocket: Darkness Stream!" Jason shot a black stream of Darkness Magic from his elbow to propel his fist forward.  He matched Victor's power as their fists collided.  "More!"  The stream grew larger as he began to take the upper hand.  He overpowered Victor causing him to fly, crashing into a wall.

"I guess it's going to take more than brute strength to beat you," said Victor.  He coughed a little and got up, reverting to his normal form.  "Time to show you my next form.  Monster Soul: Vampire!"  His skin turned pale, and his eyes red.  His canines elongated into fangs.  He Reequipped into his Snowflake Armor.  He put his hand on the ground.  "Flash Freeze!" The ground quickly froze, covering it in a thin layer of ice.  Jason began to slip, almost falling over several times.  Victor charged during one of these moments of imbalance.  Jason launched himself back with Black Rocket and flew into the air.  Victor jumped and flew after him.

"Black Blade!" Jason slashed at Victor, but he blocked it.  After holding for a few seconds, he noticed that Victor blocked with his fingernails.  Victor knocked the blade back and sliced Jason's cheek with his nails.  Jason used Black Rocket to punch him, but Victor blocked the attack with one hand.  "Your blood is mine!" Victor pulled Jason in close and bit his neck, his fangs sinking farther and farther into his flesh.

"Mephiles do something!" screamed Jason, although it was very strained from the holes in his neck.

"He's trying to take your blood," said Mephiles. "Luckily I occupy your blood."

Victor removed his fangs and coughed up Jason's blood, now colored black.  "What was that?"

"Trust me Victor no one should ingest my blood," Jason put his hand to Victor's stomach. "4500 mm Black Cannon!"

Victor was blasted back into the ground creating a small crater.  The icy floor erupted underneath him.

"Ya know sometimes I forget how lucky I am to have you as a partner," said Jason.

"You'd probably be dead right now if I wasn't," said Mephiles.

Victor got back to his feet.  "I guess I'll need to unveil the full power of this form."  He swelled in size, his skin becoming covered in brown fur, leathery wings coming out of his back, and pointy ears coming out of the top of his head.  He became a giant bat creature.  He flew back up to Jason.  Jason blasted himself forward trying to match Victor's power. The two collided.  Suddenly Jason's body began to vibrate.  He coughed up blood.  He lost his momentum causing Victor to overpower him.

"What was that?" asked Jason.

"My full vampire form can cause vibrations using supersonic blasts," answered Victor.  "You can't touch me without hurting yourself, but I don't even need to get close to you." Victor let out a high pitched screech.  Jason grabbed his ears and screamed in agony.  Blood came from his ears, eyes, and mouth. He dropped to his knees.

More and More Monsters

"Mephiles... help," gurgled Jason.

"You got it buddy," he answered.  The blood from Jason turned black again and swirled around Victor.  "Blood Needle!"  Several spikes jabbed through Victor, impaling him through his arms, wings, and legs.  The screeching stopped.  The needles exited Victor with him falling to the ground, several holes throughout his body.  The blood reentered Jason, patching up the damage left on his body.

"How did you do that?" said Victor, reverting to his regular form.

"We can't risk revealing our secret," said Mephiles. "The true power of my Blood Body Curse can't be known."

"You're right," said Jason.  "Thanks for the assistance though."

Victor slowly got back to his feet.  "You broke my swords and bested my first two Monster Soul forms." His eyes took a more malefic form.  "I'm done playing around."  Fur sprouted from his body.  His mouth elongated into a snout.  His teeth sharpened.  He became more doglike overall.  "Monster Soul: Werewolf!"  Victor curled into a ball and began bouncing around the hall.  "Wolf Ball!"  His velocity increased the more he bounced, and he barreled at Jason, crashing into his torso.  Jason gritted his teeth as he was forced into a wall.  Victor continued to bounce around preparing to strike with another Wolf Ball.

Jason put his arms together.  "Ultimate Weapon Construct: Nox Barrier!" Jason erected a massive shield in front of him, blocking the strike, but leaving a crack.  Victor fell to the ground, reverting to his human form again.

"Damn that barrier," said Victor.  He got back to his feet.  Blood from the top of his head streaked onto his face.  He wiped it off and looked at it in utter rage.  "Monster Soul: Lagoon Beast!" His skin turned into green scales, fins appeared on his head and protruded through his armor on his arms and legs, his pupils increased in size, and gills appeared on his neck.  "Black Lagoon!" The room flooded with murky water in a matter of seconds.

"This is like Torafusa's Curse, Tenchi Kamei," said Mephiles.  "Except the water doesn't seem to damage you just by being in it."  Black blood leaked from one of Jason's earlier wounds and hardened over his mouth, allowing him to breath.

"Thanks," said Jason.  Suddenly a scaly fist appeared out of nowhere and hit Jason square in the jaw.  He flew over to a wall colliding hard.  "He's got the advantage.  We're in his element as long as this transformation's active.  Black Shield!"  Nothing happened.  "What?"

It must nullify other magic," said Mephiles.  "A very good precaution seeing how we even if you could use water or lightning magic you couldn't in this water.  Fortunately I don't use magic, so let's see what we can do about that."  More black blood leaked from Jason's body, covering his arm.  "Blood Armor!"

Another fist came out of the murky water.  Jason lifted up his arm to guard his face, but before it made contact Victor changed trajectory and punched him in the gut.

"You can't cover more of my body in that armor?" asked Jason.

"Hey this is made from your blood," retorted Mephiles.  "If I made it cover your entire body you'd die of blood loss."

"Fair enough."

"Depth Charge!" Victor began swimming into Jason at rapid speeds, making sure to avoid his face mask and arm.  He hit him several times, fast and hard.

"He's too fast for us to block him."

"Then we won't.  Blood Needle!" Spikes protruded from the armor impaling Victor through his chest and arm on one of his runs.  Blood leaked out of his body as the room began to empty of water.  Victor reverted to his normal form and fell backwards onto the ground.

"That wasn't easy," said Jason.

"You were powerful by yourself," said Mephiles "but now that we're working together we're practically unbeatable."

"I still have one form left," said Victor slowly getting to his feet.  Holes perforated his Shadow Bar Armor, but the wounds were almost gone.

"You just can't put this guy down," said Jason.

"Requip!" Victor changed into a green armor.  "This is my Halite Armor.  It's my strongest armor, impervious defense in conjunction with soul crushing offense."

"I've heard of this material," said Mephiles.  "It is very powerful, but very difficult to make tools out of it, only about ten suits have ever been made in history, one of my previous host has a suit.  The wearer's strength is increased tenfold while wearing it, and due to the strength of the material you can't leave a scratch on it."

"Monster Soul: Boogeyman!"

The Boogeyman

Victor's body collapsed into itself, leaving no trace.

"Where's he go?" asked Jason.

"No idea," said Mephiles.

"Is he invisible?"

"If he was I'd be able to sense his magical energy."

"Fair enough.  So did he run away?"

Without warning something hit Jason in the face.

"No I did not run away!" said Victor.  His voice sounded more raspy now.  "But you won't be able to fight back now."

Another blow to Jason's stomach.  He skidded backwards.  He dropped to his knees spitting up blood.

"What had enough already?"  Another blow to the side of his head.  "I'm just warming up!"

"His punches are a lot harder than before," said Jason.

"It's that armor, he's still wearing it."

"Well how do we stop him?" Another blow to his face.

"Wait, what was that?"

"What was what?"

"I saw something for a second, try to look at where one of these blows are coming from."

"Easier said than done," a strike to his leg.  He looked at the area as soon as it happened.

"Just as I thought, he's not in here."

"What do you mean he's not in here?  Of course he's in here."

"No he's not, he's been switching between dimensions.  The reason we can't see him, and I can't sense him is because he's been opening and closing portals to another dimension.  It's faint but I can see the holes he's been opening, they let off a small magical signature."

"Great, but how does that help me?"

Suddenly Jason's vision turned black.  He could see everything's outline, but it was still black.

"Magical energy appears blue."

A small amount of magical energy appeared in front of him.  He blocked a fist and caught it.  He pulled as hard as he could and pulled Victor out of his dimension.  He appeared as he did before, but with green, scraggly skin, and pointed ears.

"How did you beat my ultimate form?" He yelled.

"Well this eyes aren't just for show," said Jason, referring to his Demon Eyes.

Victor reverted to his normal form and charged Jason.

"I'll kill you!"

"Black Shield!" Victor punched the construct, breaking it into pieces.  The attack continued into Jason's arm, colliding with his Nightingale Armor, and cracking it's.  "He cracked the Nightingale Armor."

Victor punched Jason again in the gut, continuing with a barrage of punches, leaving more and more cracks in the armor.

"Black Rocket: Darkness Stream!" Jason propelled his fist forward, covered in darkness magic.  Victor easily caught it.

"That won't work anymore."  He began to squeeze, cracking the armor's wrist guard until it shattered into pieces.  "This armor gave you your epithet, correct?  The Black Knight.  You've had this since I met you.  Well now you know, my armor is superior!"  He punched Jason in the gut, completely shattered his damaged armor.

"Why didn't he open up with this," coughed Jason.

"You must've really worked him up," said Mephiles.

"It would seem so."  Jason rose back to his feet.  Bloody, but not beaten.  "Even 12 Shots probably wouldn't leave a scratch on him.  Let's use that move."

"You sure? we haven't exactly perfected it yet."

"Positive."  Jason stood with his arms out to the sides, with his body facing away from Victor, his right arm facing him, and his left arm out behind him.  He held his hand up as if to aim.

"What's that supposed to do?" said Victor.  "You can't leave a scratch on me!"

Magic began to collect in Jason's hand.  "Let's make a wager then, if you can take this attack you can kill me without any retaliation," Jason began.  "But if I win, you die.  Ultimate Weapon Construct: 100 Caliber Elephant Gun!" Jason shot a large shell shaped projectile from his hand.  Victor made no attempt to move, his armor was the ultimate after all.  The shell tore straight through his stomach without the least bit of resistance, leaving a large hole where most of his organs use to be.  Victor dropped dead, with no time to say any last words.

"Looks like I win," said Jason.  He walked over to his broken Nightingale Armor.  He kneeled beside it, cherishing his lost tool.

"I'm sorry Jason," said Mephiles. "I wish there was something I could've done."

"It's fine, I don't need it," said Jason.  "Let's go save Alex."

Team Hayley

Hayley was running with Cane's barrier in front of her like a stretcher.

"Did I go the right way?" she asked herself.  She ran into another opening where she saw three bodies.  Two were angelic beings holding hands, the other...

"Thomas!"  She ran over to him and checked his vitals.  He was still alive.  "Alright Thomas you're gonna be alright."  She put another barrier under Thomas and ran both of her friends out of the guild hall.


Thomas and Hayley ran through the jungle, being chased by a giant panther.

"Now would be a pretty good time for you to use your Familiar Empowerment," said Hayley.

"You and I both now that it takes a long time to finish the ritual," said Thomas.  "Why don't you use your Barrier Magic?"

"Because every time I do that this happens!" Hayley projected a barrier behind her and the animal simply barreled straight through it.


The giant panther lunged.  It appeared as though it was about to kill them, when suddenly a creature slammed into the panther from above.  It spit out blood as its internal organs were ruptured and bones broken.  It then went lax, the panther had died.  The creature that had done the deed rose to its feet on top of the panther.  It was a young blonde man, with no shirt, and ripped pants, covered in blood.  He voraciously began to devour the panther he had just killed.

"Mmmmm," he cooed.

"Ummmm," said Hayley tentatively.

"Oooooh other people!" said the blood soaked man jumping off his kill.  "I haven't gotten to taste you yet."  Blood dripped from his mouth as he walked over to Thomas and Hayley.  "I wonder what you taste like?"

"Wait why would you want to eat us?" said Thomas.

"Simple, I love meat.  I eat meat.  I want to taste all the meat."

"Well in that case we can take you to a place where you can eat all kinds of meat."

"We can?" asked Hayley.

"Of course," said Thomas.

"Really?" said Thomas giddily.  "Wow I finally get to taste people!  First let me finish eating my panther."  He quickly dug into his giant feline.

"Hey can you leave some for us?" said Thomas.  "We need some to prove we killed this thing for our job."

The three walked into the guild hall.  The only thing left of the panther was a rather large fang.

"Oh boy people!" cooed Cane upon his entry.

"Who's this boy?" asked the guild master.  Members of the Dark guild began to eye him suspiciously.

"Oh this is Cane," said Thomas.

"We found him and he saved us from the panther," said Hayley.

"You two needed assistance to complete your job?" said the guild master angrily.  "I have half a mind to excommunicate you both from the guild."

"Thing is we don't like how you've been treating us," said Thomas.

"And Cane here really likes meat," said Hayley.

"Do I get to eat now?" asked Cane.


"Yay!" Cane tackled the guild master and tore out his throat with his teeth.  He continued to eat the still bleeding man.  "Delicious."

"Hey!" guild members began to run over to stop him.

"Would you mind?" said Cane.  "I'm eating!" Cane shot a beam of energy from his mouth killing three of the guild members.  "Can I eat them too?"

"Eat as many of them as you like," said Hayley.

The three of them walked out of the guild hall, Cane was drenched in blood.

"You couldn't at least have left a few subordinates for us Cane?" said Hayley.

"You're the one that told him he could eat as many as he likes," said Thomas.

"Yeah, but I thought he'd fill up sooner than that!"

"I'm sorry if I disappointed either of you," said Cane sadly.

"It's ok Cane we can just start over," said Hayley.  "We'll be in a group all of our own.  We'll be Team Hayley!"

"Team Hayley?" said Cane quizzically.  "Why Hayley?"

"Just go with it," said Thomas.

"With our powers combined we'll be unbeatable!"

Legacy of the Fearful Eyes


The doctors ran out of the hospital room, fear having completely taken over them.  Ray ran into the room upon this.

"Delilah what's wrong?" he asked.

"Nothing it's just the baby," she said covering it's eyes.

"What's wrong with our child?"

"Nothing he's completely healthy.  It's just..."

"Just what?"

She uncovered his eyes revealing his red eyes with black sclerae.  If it wasn't thanks to their heritage they would've attempted to flee the room.

"His name's Alexander," said Delilah.

"Alexander," repeated Ray.  "He's inherited the magic that we thought was lost to us."


"Come on Alex!" called down a girl running up a hill.

"Slow down Malory!" Alex called back.  The two finished running up the hill.  Alex panted heavily.  "You know I'm not as physically active as you."

"Shut up and take off your sunglasses," responded Malory.

"But if I do that won't I scare you?"

"Oh come on, It doesn't work on Doomkaisers."

Malory slipped off his sunglasses revealing his red eyes with black sclerae.

"So why did you take me out here in the first place?" asked Alex.

"Well your eyes are very powerful," began Malory, "but the fear they can instill and the Eclipse Beam can only get you so far.  So I'm gonna teach you magic."

"Really?  What kind?"

"Isn't it obvious, the only thing I can teach you."  Shadows leaked off of her body and danced around her.  She recalled them into her body.

"Wow!" exclaimed Alex. "You're gonna teach me that!"

"Offensive and defensive," responded Malory.  "Our family invented this magic in order to stop enemy movement and establish eye contact, but it evolved over time gaining more uses.  Us Doomkaisers without the Lunar Eclipse Eyes use it more offensively, but you can probably find a better use for its original purpose."

"Thank you so much!" Alex latched his arms around his older sister.

"Hey let go!  You know I don't like being touched!"


Alex was walking home with Malory after their training session.

"You're even better than me at using that magic now," she said.

"Thank you," said Alex happily.

They were approaching their home when they saw that the door to their extravagant mansion, had been broken down.  Malory and Alex ran through their front door.  They ran through the house, following all the carnage that the intruder had wrought.  They ran up to the bedroom and through the door to see their parents, bloody and beaten, by a man all in black.

"Shadow Snare!" called Malory stopping the intruder in his tracks with her shades.

"Eclipse Beam!" Alex shot two scarlet beams from his eyes piercing through the man's chest.  Malory released her shadows and the man dropped dead to the ground.

"Are you okay?" asked Alex running up to them and kneeling beside them.

"Yes we're fine," said Ray, "thanks to you."

"Why would someone attack you guys?" said Alex.

"Actually there was something," said Delilah.  Everyone's attention went to her.  "He was asking for you Alex."

Alex looked over at the assailant, a black hole shape was tattooed onto his arm.  "I think I've heard of that design, it's Black Void."  Alex got to his feet.  "I'll track them down, and make them pay for this."

"Alex it's suicide!" cried out Malory.

"Maybe for one of you," he interjected, "but I have these."  Alex pointed to his eyes.  "I'll find out why they were chasing after me, and I'll take them down.

Fire Giant Nether

Alex woke up laying down, facing up.  He tried to get up, but found it impossible.  He looked around to see himself strapped to an operating table.

"I see the anesthesia wore off," said a man in a white lab coat.  "Looks like we'll have to put you under again."

"What're you doing to me?" said Alex weakly.

"We're trying to figure out how to extract your eyes."

Alex was mortified.

"You see your eyes are unique, only a Doomkaiser is capable of wielding their powers.  Even if properly extracted we won't be able to plant them onto any person in Muspelheim, otherwise it just kills them, and if the eyes aren't transplanted into a usable host within ten minutes of being extracted the eyes just wither away.  They require a strong source of magical energy to keep them working properly."  The doctor readied a syringe.  "Fortunately I believe I figured out a way to remove your eyes and implant them into any host.  I'll need to try it out first, so for now I'll only be taking one."  Alex summoned his shadows but they just receded back into his body.  "That won't work, the straps suppress magical energy."  He injected Alex with the syringe.

"No!" he cried.

Suddenly a sword went through the doctor's chest.  He dropped to the ground.

"Sorry we're late Alex we got a little held up," said Luke.  "What did he inject you with?"

"Just an anesthetic," he answered.  "I'll be out but I'll live.  They wanted to take my eyes."

"Well we won't let them do that." Luke cut off Alex's restraints as he lost consciousness.

"Well you may not let us, but we're still going to do it," said a malefic voice behind Luke.  He whirled around to see a man in a beige cloak with the hood covering his eyes.

"Who're you?" Luke asked.

"I'm one of Muspelheim's top two mages, the Fire Giant Nether," he answered.  "And you're the infamous Luke Gandor, Black Void's resident Dragon Slayer, and heralded Dragon of Destruction."

"I never liked that nickname."

"Really?  Then I'll call you it the entire time we're fighting, Dragon of Destruction."

"Destruction Dragon's Roar!" The cascade of explosions exited Luke's mouth, barreling straight for Nether.  He made no attempts to move.  He held out his hands in front of his and the flames just went out.  Luke was taken aback by this and charged fire on his fist.  "Destruction Dragon's Bomb Fist!"  Before the punch even made contact, the fire extinguished and Nether caught his fist.

"You couldn't have picked a worse opponent than me," said Nether as he punched Luke in the gut, causing him to fly backwards.

"How's this possible?" Luke thought to himself. "I'm in Dragon Force, nothing should be able to stop my fire in this state."

"You're probably wondering how I'm nullifying your magic," said Nether. "My abilities allow me to change the oxygen levels in the air, and what does fire need to survive?  That's right!  Oxygen!  Right now all I'm doing is smothering your fires, but I can do worse as you can probably imagine."

"Well if that won't work," started Luke, "why don't we try these?"  Luke unsheathed his swords.

"Those are Dead Skull's," said Nether, "so you are the one killed him.  To think Dead Skull, one of our brightest and most powerful mages, was beaten by the likes of you."

"Yeah well I'm more powerful than I look." Luke charged at Nether, igniting his swords.  As he got closer to Nether, the more his flames dwindled, he swung his sword at Nether, although the flames had already died, the sword didn't lose any of its sharpness.  Nether was forced to dodge every swing.  He quickly backed up, gaining distance between himself and Luke.  Luke quickly threw ten kunai in a circle around Nether.  "Destruction Dragon's 10 Magic Circles!"  Ten magical seals appeared around Nether and went off simultaneously.  The fire encompassed Nether, leaving him unseen.  "Gotcha!"

The smoke cleared.  Nether stood still, completely unharmed.

"That was close," he said. "I barely had time to smother the fire."  Nether quickly snatched up all of Luke's kunai and threw them at various points in the room.  Luke charged Nether once more.  "Gas chamber!" Luke stopped dead in his tracks.  He gripped at his throat, unable to breath.  "Like I said Dragon of Destruction, I'm the absolute worst opponent for you to have faced.  What you're experiencing right now is the feeling of suffocation.  I just love the look people get on their face as they realize they can't breathe."  Luke turned to run away, he received a brief second of relief. "Oh no you don't." Nether set off a kunai near Luke, causing the oxygen-less space to encompass him once more.  Luke was gasping for air once again.  "Die!" Nether cried in ecstasy.  Luke dropped to the ground.



The dragon flew across the skies.  He had black scales, with an orange spot pattern, and black scales protruding in a line from the top of his head down his back. He had large spikes on the bottom of his wings, and sharp talons. He smelled something on the ground.  He flew towards it immediately and landed beside it.  He found it in the ruins of a city: a human baby, and it was crying.

"Why hello little one," said the dragon.  "You're lucky I was the one that ran into you, any other dragon would've just eaten you for food."  He gingerly took the baby into one of its hands.  The baby stopped crying and smiled.  "Acnologia must've been through here.  You look about one year, two months, and fifteen years old.  Don't worry, I'll look after you.  My name's Fragor."


Luke ran through the cave to meet with Fragor.

"Hey dad!" called Luke running up to him.

"What is it Luke?" said Fragor.

"I did it!  I did it dad!  I did it!"

"Slow down Luke, what did you do?"

"I mastered the Crimson Lotus: Dragon King's Charged Shell!"

Fragor looked at his son in amazement.  "That's incredible!  I've mentored several Dragon Slayers in my years, but not one of them managed to master that spell."

"Well can I show you?" Luke asked giddily.

"Of course you can."  Luke began charging his magical energy up in his hands and mouth. "Well not in here!  You'll ruin the cave!"

"Oh yeah, I forgot!"  Luke quickly ran out of the cave, Fragor following closely behind.  He stopped at the entrance.  "Crimson Lotus!" He began charging up his magical energy into his hands and mouth.  "Dragon King's Charged Shell!" Three large shells of fire rocketed from his mouth and hands and fused together forming one large shell.  They exploded in the air after a while.

"Excellent work Luke!" exclaimed Fragor. "You truly are a prodigy."

"Thanks dad!" Luke jumped onto his father, hugging him tightly.  Fragor smiled at his son.  This would be the last day he would see him.

Luke woke up.  He had fallen asleep, tucked in under his father's wings, but he was gone now.

"Daddy!" Luke called.  "Where'd you go?"

He thought something, but the thoughts didn't feel like his own.

"You will not see him again.  You must venture out into the world, and use the skills you've learned to find and join a guild.  In these guilds you will find true camaraderie."


Luke walked back into the guild, carrying a large lizard-like creature.

"Is it alive?" asked the guild master.

The creature groaned.

"Yes sir," answered Luke.

"Perfect!  We can always leave these kinds of things to you Luke.  Go on and put it in the zoo with other monsters."

Luke had joined this dark guild fourteen years ago, after his father had left him.  They were very willing to accept him due to his Dragon Slayer Magic.  He thought he had found his comrades.  He placed the lizard in a cage, located under the guild hall, surrounded by several other creatures.

"Sorry guys, but it's the master's wishes," said Luke, "but I got a nice surprise for you guys." Luke took out a small capsule and pressed a button on it.  Several large platters of meat came out of them.  He quickly put one in each of the cages.  "Bon appetit."  Luke went back up the stairs.

"Hey what's that in the sky?" called a member of the guild.

Luke looked outside to see several strange objects in the sky.  They started to glow and something went off.  Luke grabbed his head in pain.  He suddenly started feeling a migraine.

"It is time," said a voice inside his head.  It sounded oddly familiar.  Suddenly out from Luke, a large dragon appeared.  It looked just like his...

"Father!" cried out Luke, he was on the verge of tears.  "You were inside of me the whole time?"

"Yes my son, now I'm sorry but I must leave you again.  I must destroy Face."

Fragor began to fly off, but a chain snagged around his leg.

"I don't know where you got it from, but good job Luke," said the guild master. "You got us a dragon too!"

All the members began to snag their magical chains around Fragor.

"Leave my dad alone!  Destruction Dragon's Roar!" Luke attacked several of the mages.  They let go of their chains allowing Fragor to break free.

"Thank you my son," he said as he flew off.

"That's it Luke you are excommunicated!" yelled the guild master.  "All you guys, let's kill him!"

They began to close in.

"Destruction Dragon's Minefield!"

Luke carried all of the cages from the basement of the ruined guild hall.  "I guess I went a little overboard.  He unlocked all the cages, allowing the creatures to escape.  "Goodbye."  Luke began to walk away from the destroyed building.  "Looks like they weren't my friends after all.  I'll find those comrades someday, but now I'll need some time to learn to trust people again."

Destruction Dragon Unleashed

Luke summoned a magical chain and wrapped the chain around the kunai nearest to him.  He filled it with his own magical energy overriding that left in by Nether, allowing him to breath again.

"I used to be a part of a dark guild that specialized in capturing monsters," said Luke.  "I was the best at it.  From what I can tell there's a certain range in which you can activate your magic.  If I'm out of that range you can't kill me."

"Really," began Nether, "but you can't attack from a range, I'll just smother your fires, and if you try to get in close I'll smother you, you can't touch me!"

"Did you seriously forgot about the chains I just showed you."

Luke expertly moved his chain cutting Nether on the shin.  His leg buckled.  He created nine more chains connecting to the rest of his kunai, once again replacing the magic left by Nether with his own.  He slashed the chained kunai in front front of him, carving up Nether's right side, and again with the left.  He continued to do this, Nether slowly backed up, trying to stay out of range, but Luke wouldn't let him. Nether dropped to his knees, blood spilling from his wounds.

"I guess I underestimated you," said Nether.

"I won't do that again." He put his hand on his hood.  "I'm not quite as good with this as my brother, but it should be enough to kill you with." Nether removed his hood, revealing pupils made of fire.  "Oxygen Bomb!"

Something invisible hit Luke in the chest, causing him to fly backwards into a wall.

"What was that?" he asked.

"My eyes allow me to send blasts of magic at my opponent by looking at them, although the pupils may be somewhat misleading.  I specialize in air magic, so that was a blast of air into your gut."  Luke tried to cut him with another kunai, but Nether looked at it blasting it away.  "You can't beat me, just admit defeat.  If you get in close I'll rob you of oxygen, if stay far away I'll blast you with air.  You can't win!"

"You know you're way to overconfident," retorted Luke.  "I really didn't want to use this, it's a little hard for me to control.  I haven't used it in battle before, but I guess I'll have to this time."


"Hey you!" called a man behind Luke.  He had just freed the animals.  "You're Luke Gandor, the Dragon of Destruction, right?"

"Yeah," answered Luke.  "Why do you care?"

"I'm an Earth Dragon Slayer and I challenge you to battle."

Rock-like scales covered Luke's forearms, blue flames ignited around them.  Luke inhaled greatly.  "Meteor Dragon's Roar!"  A stream of rocks, surrounded by blue flames, was fired from Luke's mouth.  When they entered Nether's zone the fires were extinguished, but the stones continued to go.  Nether repelled some of them using his eyes, but the rest still barreled toward him.  They pummeled Nether forcing him backwards, and as they collided they exploded on him, forcing him backwards and he crashed into a wall.

"That's impossible," groaned Nether.  "You have a dual element mode?"

"Courtesy of an Earth Dragon Slayer," said Luke.  "Meteor Dragon's Megaton Stone!" Luke collected the flaming earth in his hand and threw it at Nether.  He managed to dodge but the force of the explosion sent Nether forward several feet.  He noticed he was flying in the direction of Luke and smiled, reactivating his zone.  Suddenly he noticed, Luke was gone.

"Where did he go?" Nether was still flying forwards in mid-air.

"Meteor Dragon's...!" Nether looked behind him to see Luke holding two large flaming meteor's, one in each hand.  "Kuipter Barrage!"  He entered Nether's zone causing the flames on the meteors to extinguish and Luke to start suffocating.  The meteor's still collided with Nether however, crushing every bone in his body.  He no longer had the strength to maintain the zone and Luke could breath again.

"I'm sorry master," Nether murmured, "I failed you."

Nether dropped to the ground, dead.  His eyes still wide with fear and sadness.

Fire Giant Watcher

Luke stood over his defeated opponent.  He dropped to his knees, exiting his Meteor Dragon Mode.

"Man that thing is hard to maintain," said Luke.

"I though it was," said a voice.  "I could tell just by looking at you."

Luke looked at the blonde man entering the area.  Like Nether his eyes were flames.  "Great another one.  You must be Nether's brother."

"I am Fire Giant Watcher," he answered.  "I see everything that gives off heat, my magic eyes allow me to do that."

"So I take it you won't rob me of oxygen."

"No that was Nether's specialty, the two of us actually work better as a team.  To think someone like you can kill the second and fourth most powerful members of our guild, under master Surtr."

"What do you mean?" asked Luke.

"The Muspelheim guild mates are ranked based on capability and power," explained Watcher.  "As a pair Angelo and Valerie West, the ones killed by your friend Thomas Manor are ranked sixth.  Jacqueline Darner, despite being our strongest female mage, was ranked fifth, until she was defeated by Hayley Barker.  Dead Skull, the one you happened across, was ranked fourth.  Victor Cras, another one you probably know, was ranked third.  And finally Nether was ranked second."

"So what are you ranked?" asked Luke.

"Isn't it obvious, I'm ranked first."

"I was hoping you wouldn't say that."  Luke charged Watcher with his swords unsheathed.

"Ordinarily I'd have a slight disadvantage against you, but in this case you're too tired from your fight with Nether."  Watcher punched him strongly in the gut, easily dodging Luke's initial attack.  "You'll go down easy."  Watcher delivered several swift blows to Luke, crippling him.  Luke passed out on the ground.  Watcher picked up one of Luke's swords.  "This should do."  He lifted the sword up above Luke's body and brought it down.  Before he could make contact, his arm stopped.  Shadows were wrapped around his arm.  "I see you've awoken Alex."

Alex had his arms out, the shadows he created stretchered from his arms.  "Your fight's with me now."

Watched kicked Luke over to Alex and dropped the sword.

"How do you expect to defeat the strongest member of Muspelheim?" asked Watcher.

"I'll figure something out," responded Alex.  He uncovered his eyes.

"Your eyes won't work on me," said Watcher "I can switch my vision between visible light and infrared."

"Well that'll make things more difficult.  Shadow Slash!" Alex shot forward sharp shadows from his hands.  Watched jumped backwards, but the shadows on his arms kept him from going very far.  He looked at the shadows and they erupted in flames.

"So your eyes allow you to erupt anything into flames that look at," said Alex.

"That's right, I am the ultimate protege of our master."

"You keep talking about your master, who's he?"

"I need not explain my master's goals, if you beat me then you may ask him yourself."  His eyes glowed.  Alex jumped out of the way just in time for the flames to miss him.

"So you can use your eyes to shoot flames out of your eyes," said Alex.

"Yes, my brother and I could both use this magic," said Watcher.  "Usually he would increase the oxygen levels in the air and my fire would be even more powerful, but now he's dead.  And it's all his fault."  He pointed at Luke.  "I will avenge my brother's death."  His eyes began to glow again.  Alex jumped in the way blocking the flames with his shadows.

"If you want him you'll have to go through me," he said.

"How very noble of you."  He blasted him again with flames knocking him back and eradicating the shadows.  "I'll just finish our fight first, then kill him."

Alex summoned some more of his shadows. They barreled straight towards Watcher.  He burned them again simply with a stare.

"Those shadows can't do anything to me," said Watcher.

"We'll just see about that." Alex covered his arm in shadows and charged at Watcher.  He prepared to blast Alex with his Fire Eyes again, but something grabbed the back of his head and pulled it back, causing him to shoot flames into the sky.  Alex had snuck some shadows around behind him and grabbed his head.  "Shadow Strike!" Alex decked Watcher in the side of the head using his shadows, causing him to fly several feet back.  "Well at least that trick works on you."

"I underestimated you," said Watcher, getting back to his feet.  "I won't do that again."

Hyper Nova

Watcher looked at his arms, igniting them in flames.

"Hey I thought the point was to hit me, not yourself," said Alex.

"My skin is immune to fire thanks to my magic," said Watcher.  "I can ignite my body by lighting the oils excreted from my skin on fire."

Watcher charged Alex at blinding speeds.  He tried to punch him, but Alex narrowly dodged.  He began to sweat from the heat of his punch.  Watcher followed up with a flaming roundhouse, having spread the flames to his leg.  Alex blocked with his shadows, but they quickly burned into dust and Alex took the full force of the kick.  His shirt was lit on fire due to the heat, and it seared his skin.  He flew backwards writhing in pain.

"It hurts doesn't it?" said Watcher.  "That was my Nova Kick."

Alex steadily got back to his feet, gripping his burn.  "Eclipse Beam!" Alex shot a beam of scarlet magic from his eyes.  Watcher crossed his arms in front of him.  The force from Alex's beam threw him backwards.  They managed to somewhat protect him, but the flames on Watcher's arms were extinguished from its power.

"No one's ever extinguished my flames before," said Watcher.  "Not with water or flame manipulation.  Only Nether could do that."

"Well I'm full of surprises." Alex shot another Eclipse Beam.  Watcher jumped out of the way of his beam doing a spin dodge and kicked Alex in the face.

"You're still out of your league," said Watcher.  "You're quite too young to be challenging someone of my caliber."

"Are you sure about that?"

Shadows came from the ground and cut Watcher on his face and shoulders.  He backed up so he didn't take the full brunt of the attack.  He still bled.  A look of anger flashed across his face, but he quickly recollected himself.  Alex shot forward his shadows towards Watcher.  He ignited his arms on fire again and punched at them, but the shadows dispersed around the punch, forming several fists, each of which punched Watcher.  He flew backwards and once again flashed a look of anger.

"He's using strategy as opposed to brute force," said Watcher to himself.  "I guess I'm more used to dealing to those that fight using power."  The flames on Watcher's arms began to spread to the rest of his body.  "He's beginning to make me mad." Watcher's eyes glowed.  "Hyper Nova!"  A sphere of flames enveloped Alex.  He began to sweat, but it evaporated from the heat.  The flames intensified.  He couldn't escape.  "Now die!"  A large explosion occurred.  "And that's that."  Watcher looked over at Luke's unconscious body and started to walk over to it.

"I'm not done yet!"

Watcher turned to see Alex still standing, he was unharmed.

"But how?" Watcher asked, his composure dwindling.  "You were in the center of my most powerful attack."

"Want to see how?" asked Alex.  Watcher completely lost his composure and wildly charged Alex.  "New Moon!" All of the flames from Watcher's body, and all the light in the room were absorbed into his eyes.  It was completely black, Watcher couldn't see anything with his infrared vision, it was like all the heat in the room has been absorbed as well.  He did see one thing however.  Brimming with heat and power, was a pair of eyes.  Alex's eyes.  "Super Eclipse Beam!" A large beam came from his eyes, drilling Watcher in the chest, severely burning him.  He dropped to the ground as the light returned to the room.

"I learned how to absorb light with my eyes about six months ago," said Alex.  "Although I can't hold it in for too long or else I'll suffer damage to them."  Watcher attempted to switch back to infrared.  "Lunacy!"  Watcher felt the instinctive emotion of fear before he could activate his eyes.  But this fear was much greater than the usual fear the Lunar Eclipse Eyes created.  Watcher vomited, he just couldn't take it.  He had to get away, cowering away, afraid of what was to come.  He started to hallucinate, seeing multiple Alex's, their eyes looking more sinister than before.  "Now that you're affected by eyes, I can finish you off.  I haven't gotten to use this in a fight yet, but I'll give it a go.  I'll show you the spell I was taught by Jason Gaebolg."  He made a face of the utmost intimidation.  "Katsu!"

Master Surtr

Jason ran through the hall.  "I hope Alex and Luke are alright."

"Don't worry about it," said Mephiles. "They're powerful, they should be fine."

Jason ran into the room.

"Katsu!" Watcher was blasted with a speed of light blast.  The incredible burns left on his body were greater than any fire he had ever created.  He slumped to the ground dead.

Jason looked around, he saw Luke unconscious on the ground, and another body nearby, completely crushed.  Alex began to fall, but Jason ran up to him and caught him.

"Hi Jason," he said.

"You did it Alex," said Jason, "you beat him, and you mastered Katsu."

"It wasn't that hard, all I had to do was to get him to look into my eyes." He smiled, but it quickly disappeared.  "Did I ever tell you why I decided to join Black Void?"

"No, I don't think you have."

"I wanted to destroy you from the inside," Alex frowned.  "One of your members, had a job to kill me, and he hurt my parents.  I was so mad I hunted you guys down, so I kill all of you.  That's why I accepted your offer, so I could find out more about you to take you down.  But then, you all changed, you showed me, you weren't all such bad guys, and was a part of your family now."

"I'm glad to hear that," said Jason.  "Can you walk?"

"Yeah," Alex said as he got back to his feet.

"Good, I want you to take Luke and leave."

"What are you going to do?"

"To make sure they don't come back for you."

Jason, these two were the strongest members of this guild, under their guild master.  If they almost killed us, I'd hate to imagine how powerful their master is."

"It doesn't matter how powerful he is, or how much damage I've already taken, I will beat him."  Jason continued running down the corridor.

"Good luck."

Jason walked into the hall.  It was a large throne room with a black carpet stretched all the way to the red throne with black spikes.  All the way were black torch holders that were lit.  Sitting on the throne was a very tall and large man.  He had dark skin, with his red Muspelheim guild mark, a volcano, on his Adam's apple.  He wore tattered red pants, with no shirt.

"Hello," he said.  "You must be Jason."

"You must be Surtr," answered Jason.

"I am, the guild master of the Muspelheim guild.  Judging from you being here, Watcher and Nether must have fallen."

"I'm sure you know what I'm here for," Jason activated his Demon Eyes.

"I do."

Jason created his Black Blades and charged Surtr.  Surtr grabbed a giant black Zanbato sword that was next to his throne, roughly seven feet long, and swung downwards.  The two attacks collided, breaking Jason's Black Blades.  He rolled out of the way before the blade cut him in two.

"I'm a lot stronger than you think boy," said Surtr.  "In order to train all of the young ones you just fought, I needed to instill loyalty and respect into them.  And the only way for me to do that was through power."

"Black Bullet Six Shooter: Twelve Shots!" Jason shot twelve Black Bullets from both hands, almost simultaneously.  Surtr blocked them with his sword, it not even being scratched.

"Watcher told me about the side effects of that spell," Surtr punched Jason in the gut at rapid speeds, before he even got the chance to react, sending him flying back.  "It seems like a risky move to use that on so early in our fight, especially considering the damage you took from Victor."

Jason spat out blood, his ability to use magic had returned to his arms.  "I'll manage.  4500mm Black Cannon!" He shot a large blast of darkness magic towards Surtr. Surtr swiftly moved around it.  He followed through with his momentum and quickly closing the gap between him and Jason.  He made an upward slash with his sword.  Jason activated Black Shield.  Surtr easily cut through it slicing him across the chest, although the Black Shield had softened the blow.  He fell to the ground, clutching his chest.

"I personally thought that the strongest mage in Black Void would pose more of a challenge," said Surtr.

"Bastard!" called out Jason.

"Jason are you alright?" asked Mephiles.

"Well I'm not dead," said Jason.

"He's picking us apart and he hasn't even used any magic yet."

"You can pitch in any time you like." Jason rolled onto his back.  Surtr brought down his sword.  It skidded off his skin, now covered in black blood.

"Blood Armor!"

Jason rolled out of the way and got to his feet, before Surtr could strike again.

"That's a strange power," said Surtr.  "It's not Magic, Curse power maybe?  But you used magic earlier, so you can't be a demon...  I know a demon's inhabiting your body."

"He figured us out," said Mephiles.

"Then I guess we really can't let him live now," said Jason.  "Amaterasu: Formula 45!"  Jason made the proper hand signs, creating several magic seals around Surtr.  They detonated leaving him in a spherical shockwave.

The Fire Giant

"Did we get him?" asked Mephiles.

The smoke cleared showing Surtr unharmed with only minor burns.

"Guess that answers that question."

Surtr's skin began to glow. "I know that only one of us will be making it out of here alive, so I think it would be wise to not hold back." Fire exploded around him.  It twisted and turned transforming him into a large fire clad beast, with horns coming from the sides of his head and curling downwards.  His sword seemed less massive as Surtr had grown another five feet in height, making him fifteen feet and one inch.  The sword itself was now coated in fire.  He roared at Jason, the heat from the air causing Jason to sweat.

"Well that's different."

Surtr swung his sword downwards.  Jason jumped out of the way narrowly avoiding it.  The whirlwind Surtr had kicked up caused him to fly to the away from the area of impact, but he tucked and rolled back onto his feet.

"This is some strong magic," said Mephiles. "Almost makes me wish I chose this guy as my vessel all those years ago."

"Shut up Mephiles," responded Jason.  He cupped his hands readying his next attack.  Surtr began his next strike.  "9000mm Black Cannon."  He blasted Surtr's sword away, knocking him off balance.  "Black Rocket!" Jason propelled himself forwards and upwards with the streams of darkness magic from his feet.  He covered his entire body in darkness magic as he flew forward.  "Darkness Stream!"  He crashed into Surtr's stomach.  Jason followed through with the attack, forcing Surtr to the ground.

"Well that was easier than I thought," said Jason.  "I'm also surprised his body's still physical."

"It's not over yet, I'm still sensing that his magical power is in use."

Surtr disappeared.  "What?"  Jason began looking around for him.

"A big body is harder to move," said Surtr unseen.  "It's slower and easier to hit.  I think this will help me out more in battle."

Suddenly Jason was decked in the face.  He flew backwards crashing into a wall.  Surtr had shrunken down to his original seven foot tall size, but his fiery appearance from before had remained.

"You are a hard guy to put down," said Jason.

"I could say the same about you," said Surtr. "Not even Watcher, the strongest of my children could knock me over in my giant form."

"Well I can honestly say that you're giving me a workout.  I haven't had to work this hard in a fight since I was a kid training with Master Hades."

"Hades huh, the former master of the dark guild Grimoire Heart.  He was a legend.  It was a shame he was killed by Zeref."

"I know, I want revenge." Jason shot several Black Bullets at Surtr.  He blocked all of them with his sword.  Jason created a new set of Black Blades and charged Surtr.  He swung down like before, but this time the blades wouldn't break.

"It's like he's gotten stronger the entire time we've been fighting," Surtr thought.

He broke the collision, knocking Jason off balance and collected a large mass of fire on his fist.  "Fire Giant's Fist!"  He punched Jason in the chest causing him to fly across the room with a large burn.  "You require your blood to be drawn in order to activate your Curse.  I'll just burn your wounds shut when I make them, you won't be getting any extra help from that demon."

"Well he's got us figured out," said Mephiles.

"This won't be like our fight with Victor," said Jason.  "He didn't know about our abilities.  This guy knows us inside and out, and he's far stronger than him too."

"You're right," said Mephiles. "I'm not actually sure if you can beat this guy."

"We'll just have to wait and see."

Sun's Minions

Fire began dropping off of Surtr.

"I think that I'll see how well you fair against these before you take on me," he said.  The fires swirled around creating five people-like, fire constructs, roughly the size of Jason.  "Fire Minions.  Each minion has about as much power as me, but much less magical energy. If you can beat them you can continue our fight."

"Sounds like fun," said Jason.  "I'll kick their asses then your's."

They all came upon him at once, each delivering a powerful punch, launching Jason backwards.  He flew into a wall cracking it.

"Maybe this won't be as easy as you thought," said Mephiles.

"Black Bullets!" Jason shot five bullets at his adversaries.  Each one was pierced, but they all remained standing.  "They must be unable to feel pain."  Jason activated his Black Blades and charged at the minions.  He sliced at one of them but it easily dodged the attack.  Another one of the minions came from the left and kicked Jason in the side.  He sliced at that one but it jumped backwards, and Jason struck from behind.  They continued to assault him, Jason trying to retaliate, but the minions eluding and attacking him.

"Maybe a direct attack isn't the best idea," said Mephiles.

"Yeah probably not," panted Jason, backing away from the minions.  Jason began weaving hand signs.  "Amaterasu: Formula 36!" Several magic seals appeared around the minions as they sprinted towards Jason.  A explosion went off forcing them all into the ground.  They spring back to their feet as if nothing had happened, but there were now spots of their body where the fire had faded, leaving holes.

"Nice spell," said Mephiles, "but it didn't really do much."

"We need to destroy them completely," said Jason. "Otherwise they'll just keep coming." Jason began making more hand signs but before he could finish, the minions were already upon him.  He stopped and held out his hands in front of him.  "Amaterasu: Formula 2!"  He blasted them all backwards. They quickly got up and continued their charge.

"Maybe you could try Katsu," suggested Mephiles.

"That requires my opponent to be intimidated," said Jason.  "These things don't feel anything."  Jason prepared his next attack.  "We can't let them get to close or else I won't be able to fight back.  4500mm Black Cannon!" Jason shot a large black blast from his hand.  Four of the five minions managed to dodge, but one was caught it the attack.  Its body became scattered across the battlefield, it having been destroyed.  The rest of them closed in.

"That giant blast seemed to work," said Mephiles.

"Yeah but what about the rest of them," said Jason backing away from the minions.  He created a Black Blade and cut a minions head off.  Despite the lack of this usually vital body part, it still functioned efficiently and decked Jason in the jaw.

"So we do need to completely destroy the body to stop them," said Mephiles.

"Obviously.  Black Chain!"  Jason impaled a minion with two chains, and flung it into another minion.  He quickly made hand seals.  "Amaterasu: Formula 5!"  He blew another one after getting too close, receiving a giant hole in its stomach.  The last one got through, hitting Jason in the face with a fiery fist.  Jason retaliated with a Black Rocket, slamming it in the gut.  The all took turns, one would manage to get a hit in, but then Jason would retaliate.  More and more of their bodies withered away, but at the same time, Jason became more and more tired.  They descended upon Jason, all four striking him at once, sending him flying back.  They cornered him.  Jason didn't have the power to keep fighting.

"More!" yelled Jason. "I need more power!"

They began to close in.

"But Jason that much power could kill you," said Mephiles.  "It's not like it's magic, this is Curse Power."

"Just do it!"

A black updraft of energy surged around Jason, blowing away the minions and incinerating them all.  Black markings formed around the side of his face, his aura even stronger than it was before.

"Now the real fight begins."

Second Stage

"You can only maintain this power for five minutes," said Mephiles. "After that, your body will begin to tear itself apart for every minute you continue using this power."

"It'll be enough," replied Jason.

Jason disappeared, moving so fast Surtr's eyes couldn't keep up.  He punched him in the gut, his fist imbued with Darkness Magic.  Surtr flew backwards, stopping himself by forcing his sword into the ground. He skidded to a halt.  Before he could counterattack, Jason was already upon him. He punched him in the face forcing him crashing into the ground.

"Where did all of this power come from," thought Surtr.  "Is he still drawing on the power of that demon?"  He managed to spot Jason this time.  He stopped his next attack with his sword and punched Jason with a burning fist.  This only served as a minor wound however.  "I wasn't quite prepared for this increase in power, but I think I'll manage.  Surtr made a large bullwhip out of flames.  "Flame Whip!"

Jason screamed in pain as the whip was wrapped around his body.  "Black Chain!" Jason impaled Surtr in his arm.  They both yanked on their constructs pulling each other into one another.  They each were kicked in the gut, separating themselves, and detaching themselves from their respective restrictors.  They both got back to their feet. Jason held out one hand in front of him.  Surtr did the same.

"9000mm Black Cannon!"

"Fire Minions!"

Surtr summoned hundreds of minions to take the blast for him, but they were all by the force of Jason's new cannon.  The blast continued, although somewhat softened, and dealt monumental damage to Surtr.  He flew backwards into a wall, his body making an imprint.

Jason cupped his hands around his eyes as a sharp pain traveled through them.  "Has it been five minutes already?"

"Just about," answered Mephiles, "you'll need to finish this quickly."

Surtr got back to his feet.  "No... No!  I can't lose... I must avenge... My children!"  Surtr charged wildly at Jason.  His sword surrounded in flames.

Jason took a special fighting stance.  His hands surrounded in darkness magic.  "Demon Eyes Fist!" Jason struck Surtr in his sword arm.  It went numb and he dropped his sword.  Jason hit him several more times, each time, Surtr lost feeling a part of his body.  "These eyes allow me to see everything, especially where your pressure points are."

Surtr dropped to his knees, panting.  He had a look of absolute hatred on his face.  He flew at Jason with the fiery wings on his back.

Jason created a Black Blade, but it continued to grow in size until it was the length of Jason's arm.  "Ultimate Weapon Construct:" said Jason, "Erebus Reaper!" He sliced Surtr, blood spurted out from several fresh cuts all over Surtr's body.  He fell backwards onto the ground.  He gasped for air, exiting his Fire Giant form.  "You'll never touch Alex again."  Jason walked over to him, his Demon Eyes receding.

"Four minutes, fifty-nine seconds," said Mephiles. "That was cutting it a little close."

Surtr looked up at his killer.  He felt weak, knowing he would lose consciousness from the blood loss any second, then die.

"I'll never get to find it," he murmured.

"Find what?" asked Jason.

"The world of infinite power," said Surtr.  "Those eyes, the Lunar Eclipse Eyes were the key."

"What is this world of infinite power?" asked Jason.  "Could this power be used to kill Zeref?"


Destruction of Muspelheim

Alex sat at the top of the volcano with Luke, Hayley, Thomas, and Cane.

"Don't worry Alex," said Luke.  "He'll be fine."

"If anybody can beat that Surtr guy it's our guild ace," said Thomas.

"Well I'm glad you think so too," Jason walked out of the volcano, greatly injured, but alive.  He was holding Surtr's giant zanbato sword.

"Jason!" Alex ran over to him and embraced his master.

"That Surtr guy won't be bothering us again," he said patting his protege's head.  "So can all of you make the walk back?"

"Except for Hayley we're all beaten up pretty bad," said Luke, "but we should manage."

"Great, when we get back I have a few calls I want to make."

The remaining members of the Muspelheim guild returned.

"What happened here?" they asked.  They wandered around their guild hall, finding the bodies of Valerie, Angelo, and Dead Skull.  Even the bodies of the Fire Giants, Nether and Watcher, and their master Surtr.  "Our top mages have all been slaughtered!"

"Captain Odin we have the whole complex surrounded," said a Rune Knight with short black hair and light skin.

"Excellent," said the captain.  "Begin bombardment of the Muspelheim guild hall, anyone that escapes the initial attack, kill them as the exit the rubble.  We're ending this guild once and for all.  I should remember to thank Black Void for that tip they gave us.

"A toast!" called Jason, "to the return of our most beloved comrade!"

The Black Void members called out in joy.  Luke had cooked a delicious banquet to celebrate this event.

"Our guild's name once represented a black hole, an infinite void of darkness that devours all light.  But since Alex joined us, now it represents the pure energy that expelled from the black hole.  Black Hole is the guild of redemption!"

The guild hall roared in excitement.

"Are you going to tell the yet?" asked Mephiles.

"Not quite," answered Jason. "We'll need more power first.  We can't let them know of the power resting in Alex's eyes."

Jacqueline pulled Victor's limp body with her, the only one she could save. She cried, her family had been taken away from her.

"I can make the tears go away," said a voice from behind her. She turned to see a silhouetted figure. "I can bring him back for you."

Chronicles of the Black Knight Arcs
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