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Myra is a tall, slender, elegant young lady with blue eyes and black hair. She wears a blue and black komono with long sleeves and almost always caries a parasol with her.


Lazy, sleepy, unenthused, emotionless. All of these have been use to describe how Myra carries herself. She seems to hate fighting or doing anything. Despite being the second strongest of The Seven Sins she is ranked seventh because of how she acts. Being known as "The Sin of Sloth" what would you expect though?


Myra and Kyra are twin sisters and are both god slayers, they both joined the 'Children of the Underworld" at the same time and quickly moved though the ranks to be placed among the sins, the seven strongest members of the guild an the only ones who's names are known other then the master and her second in command.

Magic & Abilities

  • Enhanced durability
  • Second Origin
  • Immunity to cold

Myra is an ice god slayer, and as such can eat, use, and manipulate ice in a variety of ways. As a god slayer her ice looks black.

Spell list

  • Ice God's Bellow: A classic slayer attack that shoots the element out the mouth, in this case ice spikes
  • Ice God's Blizzard: A snow variant of the bellow
  • Ice God's Claw: An attack with ice covered clawed hands
  • Ice God's Paladin: Myra makes a ice figure that holds a shield, it can take hits for her.
  • Ice God's Armor: Myra covers in a hard ice armor to protect herself.
  • Ice God's Slumber: An ice mist that brings a pleasing cold that makes those hit sleepy.
  • Ice God's Spines: Myra hits the ground making ice spikes go out from her that spread from a line to many lines in a inverted cone.


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