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"Even if you beg for mercy, I won't listen!"

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Kanji 可憐蛇様人 (ナガ)
Rōmaji Naga
Additional Information
Primary Ability Magic
Located in Ishgar

Naga (ナガ (可憐蛇様人) Naga; Japanese for "Adorable Serpentine Beings"), also known as Lamia (ラミア (蛇姫) Ramia; Japanese for "Serpent Princess") are an all-female species of half-human, half-snake beings. They're relatively rare throughout the world and are primarily found throughout the continent of Ishgar. One of Fiore's more powerful guilds, Lamia Scale, are named after them.





Physical Attributes

Magic & Abilities


  • This race was okayed by User:Perchan.
  • A lamia is a creature from Greek mythology descending from the mythological figure of Lamia, known for her female upper body topping a serpentine tail and her habit of devouring children.
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