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Naked Mummy

裸の包帯男 (ネイキッドマミー)


Neikiddo Mamī


Naked Mummy mark


Sakair Lasaar

S-Class Mages

Samya Baazar Connar Milisk





Naked Mummy (裸の包帯男, ネイキッドマミー, Neikiddo Mamī) is a small light guild that has members that mostly specialize in Guns magic.


The exact location of the Naked Mummy Guild is unknown. However, the headquarters are located in a ruined town, surrounded by various stone houses, steps and archways that are all clearly damaged, and apparently still deteriorating. The structure of this now-rotting town's buildings is quite simple and flat.[3]
Naked Mummy HQ

Naked Mummy guild hall, in disrepair

The main headquarters of the guild appear to be an ordinary building which is rather well-maintained, compared to the other ones. The building is double-storied, having windows on the top and bottom floor, as well as an entrance at the front. Inside, the furniture consists of things like a pool table, wooden crates and barrels. Due to the lack of chairs. the crates are used to serve their function.


The guild was founded at the same time as the well-known Fairytail guild. It's size used to be significantly larger, member count almost reaching 1,000. After the disbandment of Fairytail, nearly 900 of it's members disappeared, in what is now known by the members as the "Great Vanishing" The current guild master is a weary old woman named Sakair Lasaar, who is a kind soul who is always looking to expand her beloved guild.


Members Rank Status
Sakair Lasaar Guild Master Active
Ritaro Kabu Mage Active
Samya Lasaar S-Class Mage Active
Connar Milisk S-Class Mage Active
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