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Nanami Kimihara is a young girl who is fond of singing. She is Lunar's cousin and partner. Lunar is fond of calling her "Rosalie". She is an S-Class Mage of Silver Rose.


Unlike Lunar, she is more mature. She sometimes help Lunar escape the palace so that they can play together in their younger days. She is also very emotional.


Nanami is a 15 year old girl with rose hair and blue eyes. She usually wears a black vest with gold trimmings. She has a black skirt that reveals most of her right leg and a belt. Her shoes is black with gold trimming. Her guild mark is in the same spot as Erza's but pink instead of blue.

Magic Abbilities

Nanami can also control marine animals and water like Lunar but she can't breathe underwater. She plays the flute well, though.

Voice Magic is her primary magic. She can allure and distract opponents or even increase the level of her voice to almost physically damaging levels.


  • Sonic Scream: She can scream to increase the level of her voice to burst out enemies eardrums.
  • Magic Lulluby: Amaryl can sing a sweet lulluby to lure enemies into sleeping.

Arc of Time is a form of Lost Magic that Nanami uses.


  • Restore: Nanami restores inorganic items back to the state they were in before they took damage. This spell seems to be controlled through Nanami's right eye.
  • Parallel Worlds: Nanami produces numerous copies of her orbs in the air that all represent "future possibilities" or "parallel worlds" of her orb's path.



  • Lunar stated that she uses Maguilty Sense, but she doesn't.
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