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Naomi Vent
Name Naomi Vent
Race Human
Birthday June 17
Age 13
Gender female
Eyes green
Hair light green
Blood Type A+
Professional Status
Affiliation Six Wing
Occupation Guild mage
Personal Status
Magic Seith Magic

An orphan girl taken in by the Six Wing Guild


Naomi is a young girl of short stature with the vibrant green hair and eyes. She normally dresses in white clothing with comfortable running shoes.


Naomi is an incredibly friendly and optimistic person. She assumes the best of everyone and always believes a bad situation can be made better. She is also somewhat gullible and tends to take people at their word even when it is obvious they are untrustworthy.


Naomi was found in the woods outside of town passed out and malnourished when she was 10 years old. Whatever her past is before this is a mystery even to her as she has no memories from farther back than a month before she was found.


Naomi usually keeps a collection of carved wooden figurines on her person for use in her Seith magic.

Magic and Abilities

*Seith Magic - Naomi practices Seith magic. Though capable of subjugating wandering spirits Naomi makes a point of trying to work with the spirits rather than subjugate them so she only uses spirits which she has convinced a willingly work with her.

  • Human Possession - Naomi can employ three spirit possessed figurines at a time for her human possession magic. Naomi can only use three at a time as she only has three spirits "working" for her.
  • Animal Possession - Naomi can use Animal possession but because of her distaste for subjugating spirits she has limited usage of this magic as she will only use animal spirits which she is convinced are working with are of their own will.
    • Spells. Rabbit spirit - Naomi imbues her legs with a rabbit spirit to increase her agility.


Naomi is based off Marona from Phantom brave.

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