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Nature Magic Type: Animal

自然界 魔法・種類:動物


Shizenkai Mahō Shurui: Dōbutsu


Caster Magic


Tywin Landstorm

Rob Stark

Stannis Braveon

Tyrion Landstorm

Nature Magic Type: Animal (自然界 魔法・種類:動物, Shizenkai mahō Shurui: Dōbutsu) is a type of Caster Magic that allows the user to transform into an animal species they may control. It is one of the two types of nature magics, the other being Elements. The user can attain a human hybrid or complete animal form at will, increasing their physical capabilities.


The animal variation of Nature Magic allows the user to be able to transform into a single animal species, and receive any physical traits the chosen species may have. This type of magic provide two basic forms, a complete animal transformation and a hybrid form of both human and the chosen animal. More skilled users can attain the hybrid form, greatly increasing their proportions and physical strength. The hybrid form has been shown to greatly increases all physical abilities, allowing users to surpass any average individual's strength. Users attain all animal traits, adding to their abilities, such as claws or sharper teeth, provided by carnivorous animals. This makes them more adept for close combat, even helping some users discover new fighting techniques. According to Tywin, Animal Nature Magic amplifies the natural body functions more than any other existing magic. Although there are no specific spells for this type of magic, it has many animal variations which are divided into different categories.

List of known Categories

  • Jaguar
  • Leopard
  • Tiger
  • Lion
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