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Nearó Necrotic Curse
Necrotic Curse

Eshi Jūhō







Necrotic Curse (壊死呪法 Eshi Jūhō): is a Curse that causes living cells will start to vaporise, this goes for all living cells from beings such as Human, Demon or Nature.


A Curse that breaks down cells by vaporisation them, causing excruciating pain as the destruction of a cell is in the process. It'll corrode with your cells from the moment you're touched, similar to a virus, spreading rapidly and multiplying as it thrives on living cells. It requires living cells to survive on, and will die shortly after the destruction of the weapon, or if the affected cell is removed from the rest, making it unable to spread further and thereby killing it. As the virus will simply spread to living cells, it's possible to change its course by making it target other cells instead of you if your options were to be slim. If the weapon were to be destroyed, it can repair itself through absorbing living cells by simply touching them, but its broken shards are no longer cursed and can be used to reverse its effect in the same way that it was caused. Not only that but water can seemingly slow down its rapid process, yet this would also mean more pain to the affected area.


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