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Due its wide landscape Neo Arcadia is home to a few guilds. While there power in terms of best or strongest often find themselves in a state of flux. the rankings appear as so based on the guild notable members and mission completion rate. It is reported that as of now the Brazen Bull has the strongest mages. However this census of strongest was last taken five years ago. One years prior tpo the arrival, of Raido, Kaname, and Raizo, whose strength could possible put them as the number one guild in Arcadia. During the Neo Arcadia Guild Wars where the four top guilds were heavily embroiled in combat and competition numerous battles among them broke out within the varies districts. Each guild turning on each other and often doing battle among the job's prize money and even while on various missions. During these conflicts nearly all of the guilds took major damage among their ranks among the power system as each battle weakened them, their credibility and reputation being hurt. The conflicts were so out of order that the entire council structure election needed to be redone in order to regain the state of solace the country once enjoyed. However, no guild took a hit as Nemean Lion. In X791 their guild hall was destroyed by the Dark Guild Chaos Flux which led to yet another guild war in the battle over their iconic airship in a grand battle and raid for a new home. Much later after this Nemean Lion would lose 4 of it's top members for differing reason which dealth a decisive blow to their title of strongest guild. A rank and rite now held up by the upstart Hyakki Yagyō which rose to power in the wake of Lotus Wind's losses in the guild conflicts. Hyakki rose to power by remaining neutral and exempt from the battle of the top guilds. Quietly gaining resources, influence and stronger members.

Guild Hall Name Completion Rate City of Origin
Hyakki Yagyō 89% Kimotama District
Nemean Lion 84% Calbania District
Remnant Knights 82% Ruminoa District
Lotus Wind 79% Kimotama District
Brazen Bull 81% Elysium District
Fenri Wolves79% Calbania District
Maximum Steel ?? Ruminoa District
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