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Name Nero
Kanji ネロ
Rōmaji Nero
Race Exceed
Gender Male
Height 45cm
Weight 2kg
Eyes black
Unusual Features stripes
Professional Status
Team Team Axel
Partner Axel Drakon
Personal Status
Marital Status Single
Alias Stripes
Magic Aera

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Nero(ネロ,Nero) is an exceed, member of Hydra Head and best friend of Axel Drakon.


Nero has the form of a small cat with his tiger-like fur,orange with black stripes the tip of his tail is black.He uses an armor not to heavy that has holes for his ears,and a sword that changes size.He aalso changes his armor for blue trousers  with a belt.He's guild mark is located on his back.

When he is on battle form he grows taller and gets a muscular body better for fighting however this consumes his magic.While utilizing Aera  he may fly,Two white wings grow from his back.


Nero's personality resembles that of a child, both his thinking and his attitudes and quite innocent in all aspects. He loves adventures and spend time with Axel being very energetic and cheerful. Although emotionally touchy as it often gets easily depressed and sad. although his biggest fear are dogs. 

Despite his childish attitude, Nero can be serious when he wants and is able to adapt to the most extreme situations showing his great knowledge of magic in combat being supported by Oliver in his battles. 

Like other members of the guild, Nero is extremely loyal to Axel and his comrades and no doubt protect and honor his name.


Nero was one of the hundred eggs sent from Edolas sent by Queen Shagotte.Axel found him in a lab and took the egg with him.The egg hatched when Axel got to a town.When Nero hatched out of the egg he considers Axel a brother,and both of them developed a brother like relationship.

Magic abilities

Battle form:Nero grows a humanoid body and turns stronger with a muscular body he uses it to battle his opponents that are strong.

Aera:Like all exceeds he has aera the magic that allows him to fly If he uses it for a long period of time his magic drains.

Commish quickie tai fu by mutant serp-d62ames

Nero's battle form

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