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"Brothers stay together no matter what"
— Nero to Zero Blader

Zero Blader
Nero 1
Name Nero Blader
Kanji ネロブレイダー
Rōmaji Nerobureidā
Race Human
Age 19, 24 (X791)
Gender Male
Height 5'9 ft
Weight 143 lbs
Eyes Red
Hair Teal Blue
Blood Type Unknown
Professional Status
Affiliation Fairy Tail
Previous Affiliation Grimore Heart
Occupation Wizard
Team Team Blader

Zero Blader

Sora Taniko

Personal Status
Status Alive
Marital Status Single

Ala Blader (Father)

Mother (Deceased, Unknown)

Zero Blader (Brother)

Raven Blader (Sister)

Rose Blader (Younger Sister)

Sora Taniko (Sister-In-law)

Anika Blader (Neice)

Alias Blader (ブレイダー, Bureidā)
Magic Staff Magic
Weapons Blader Staffs (ブレイダースタッフ, Bureidāsutaffu)

Nero Blader (ネロブレイダー, Nerobureidā) is a former dark mage. He is an expert in using his magic and is the second oldest out of all of his siblings. He is also the younger brother of Zero Blader and the Older brother of Rose Blader and Raven Blader.


Nero Appearance

Nero's appearance

Nero wears deep ultramarine full body tights covered in Runic protections. He has teal blue hair and red eyes. He isn't as handsome as his brother but he does have the looks. He a Hawaiian shirt and black pants when he is out. Nero's guild mark is located on the back of his neck.




  • Blades Staffs ( ブレードスタッフ,Burēdosutaffu): Blades Staffs are dual staffs that are capable of deflecting any magic but can't deflect God or Dragonslayer magic. The Staffs were one of Zero's family possessions, it was the only thing he has left of his parents. The staffs are ancient and so it has lost magic that was used to fight off evil.


Staff Magic (スタッフマジック, Sutaffu majikku): Nero's signature magic along with Zero, which he has mastered. It allows him to channel magic into his Blades Staffs and turn the magic into powerful attacks. The magic allows him to deflect and absorb some magic.

  • Staff Ray: After channeling magic to his staff, he can shoot a red ray at his target. He can control the ray by moving at any direction which inflicts a lot of damage if more than one ray is fired.
Nero attack 1
  • Speed Attack: Nero can attack at fast speed but no one would know he even move until after he attacks. He slows down time for a moment then attacks.
  • Nero attack 2
    Magic Absorb: Nero can absorb magic with his staff but it can only be possible if he concentrates hard enough, fail to do so would cause him to take a lot of damage. If successful, he can deflect the persons magic back at the person or a target.
    Nero speed
  • Super Speed: Nero has the ability to run very fast to do attacks or dodge attacks by others. It can only be used for a short while before he runs out of magic.



  • Nero's appearance is Lancer from Typemoon and all credits goes to the authors and creators of said character, for all their hard work.


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