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"For those who seek ultimate art, let them stop searching because I have it and no one can take it."
— Maki about Nerve Rip

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Nerve Rip
Nerve Rip





Black Arts


Miki Morino

Nerve Rip (肝破, Kanha) is the Magic classified in the Black Arts. It is said that this magic is the one which gives the Mage the biggest desire for destruction and at the same time one of the most wild of Black Arts.


As mentioned, this magic belongs to a forbidden type of Lost Magic, to the Black Arts. To be able to use Nerve Rip, one must undergo trough the training that will change their life completely and force him to walk the path of solitude. This magic itself break's the user to his last breath if he isn't trained properly and not only that, but if he survives the mage that isn't trained to the fulest he will lose all his knowledge about all the things he knows as well as who he is. By training one's eternano gets distributed into five places inside his eternano channels. These are called Eternano Path's (エーテルナノパス Ēterunano Pasu) and is achieved only by training.

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