As Saeko is holding their hand while taking their first steps into the guild Komu Inu they are greeted with a warm smile."hello you must be new travelers is that right?"said young woman with her brown hair in a ponytail with a nice warm smile across her face,my name is Samarra Inari what's yours? "my name is Saeko rosei and this is my partner "as saeko points to her spirit."Well we all welcome you to Komu Inu and we are happy to have you here."said Samarra.Just then as Samarra walks away two very handsome men walk towards saeko "Hello my name is Aiden"he was wearing a green shirt with a turtleneck and baggy shorts that were tucked into his boots."And this here is Scorpius"Aiden puts an arm around Scorpius smiling"Well hello there new comer"he says with a smile as I notice the scorpion tattoo on his arm"hey Scorpius nice tattoo you got there"says saeko"its not really a tattoo it's really my birthmark"I never seen anything like it so cool!"this is my partner also one of my celestial spirits"as saeko points to them"It's very nice to meet all of you but I cannot keep my gate open forever so I must go"they start to sparkle and saeko hugs them before she goes to the celestial spirit world she then disappears."Well we'll leave you to wander around the guild and talk to some member see you around saeko"Scorpius walks off and Aiden goes to sit on his favorite couch in the lounge.Saeko starts to walk around the guild curiously and accidentally bumps into a man,as Saeko looks up she blushing as she has never seen someone so handsome but Kendra told her not to get into any romances so she took a step back"Uh hi there my names Arthur"said Arthur.He had dark brown hair and piering blue eyes"M-my names Saeko"says saeko shyly.As saeko and Arthur talk two girls approach them one with dark red hair and the other with a pale red"My name is Nova and this is Dakota"as nova puts an arm around Dakota they both smile."it's very nice to meet you all I hope we can be very good friends"as saeko says it with a smile"We'd love to make a new friend!"says Dakota and Nova.Everyone that saeko met gets near her and says"Welcome to Koma Inu saeko"everyone smiles."I'm home..."as saeko says with a smile.

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