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"We have no other choice, but to rule this entire world... It is our destiny, both mine and Genghis's... We are the only one, who are able to rule this damned earth!"
— Nick's belief as a member of Dragon Soul.

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Nicholas Evans



Nikorasu Ebansu


Isla Tormerena Third Pharaoh (砂塵荒嵐の島(イスラ・トルメレナ)の三代目・覇王(ファラオ), Isura Torumerena no Sandaime Farao lit. Third High King of Wild Sandstorm Island)
Underground King(地下の王者, Chika no Ōja)
Nike (ニケ, Nike)




Male Male


21 (X791)
26 (X796)


180 cm


80 kg


August, 16-17

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Professional Status

DragonSlayerOrgnization Dragon Soul

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Left Hand


Dark Mage

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Underground Fighter

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Tlalocisha (foster father, deceased)
Ereshkigal (foster mother, deceased)
Batel Ereshkigal (lover, deceased)


Earth Dragon Slayer Magic
Dragon Force
Dragon King Mode
Numbers Layered Magic Seal Style
Requip (minor)


Horus (天空神宝鉄騎笏(ホルス), Horusu lit. Sky God Royal Rider Scepter)

"Supreme and Lonesome King - with his life as a tragedy."
Lonesome Breaker

Nicholas Evans (ニコラス・エバンス, Nikorasu Ebansu) is a Dark Mage, a Dragon Slayer, who tends to become the world's new king. As a descent of throne and the future king, Nicholas was nominated to become the Isla Tormerena Third Pharaoh (砂塵荒嵐の島(イスラ・トルメレナ)の三代目・覇王(ファラオ), Isura Torumerena no Sandaime Farao lit. Third High King of Wild Sandstorm Island) in his childhood, however the story ended with the mass destruction of Isla Tormerena by the hands of Three Earth Dragons (大地竜の三人衆, Daichiryū no San'ninshū): Tlalocisha, Ereshkigal and Batel Ereshkigal. Nick survived something that was like a carnage covered in red-blood sand, and was left as the last known survivor of his homeland. Eventually, Nick was raised and trained under the wings of these dragons, alongside Batel, trained hard enough so he would be able to truly become the king of the world. As a result, Nick attained great and unbelievable power, yet attained his own psychological problems and burdens in life. As a true Dragon Slayer, who was taught under the wing of ancient Dragons, who easily gave him a mission of their killing, as his final trial, Nick is a First Generation Dragon Slayer that has the access to a bunch of different powers granted for him within his dragon blood flowing in his veins; he is known as a Dragon Slayer, who is able to utilize the power of Earth Dragon Slayer Magic, the wielder of the earth’s absolute might and its existence.

Because of the past, Nick is also known as the Underground King (地下の王者, Chika no Ōja), as he was involved in underground fight clubs trying to "cure" his insomnia and solve problems with his inner personality named as Nike (ニッケ, Nike), and was the most powerful fighter there. As his second name is referring to his fate to be the victorious in every aspect of life, Nick eventually met Genghis Breningoch and as a long-time friend of his, he became a part of Genghis's guild, Dragon Soul, in which only Dragon Slayers are allowed to be, and their purpose is to conquer the world and be its rulers, which accompanied Nick’s beliefs and goals.


Nick's Casual Attire

Nick's Casual Attire

Nicholas is a young man in his middle twenties. Lean and muscular, with almost no visible scars on his body, someone could joke around Nick’s appearance, describing him as a "handsome guy, about whom your girlfriend asked to not worry about". He is often described as the one, who has the Sun itself in the eyes, with him showing the king’s presence that couldn’t be unnoticed. Such impression simply caused by the color of his eyes, and, of course, because of how he looks at the others.

Due to his royal origin, it can be said that Nick represents the pinnacle of Tormerena’s native people: a tall man with strong physique, tanned skin caused by the arid nature and the blazing sun, amber-colored eyes with a striking gaze, and, of course, dark, almost shoulder-length hair. Nick has a tendency to actually "play" with his hair, as the length of his fringe easily allows him to either keep it in a free-way or swept back. He also has earrings in both of his ears; simple in design, they are made of gold and play the role of king’s accessories. Due to him being a Dragon Slayer too, Nick also has abnormal sharp canines and dragon-esque pupils, a feature that greatly complements his eyes.

Evans’ physical appearance couldn’t be unnoticed and is highly regarded by martial artists and, well, women. With him having a naturally strong body as a heritage from Tormerena, tremendous time working out it and, of course, literally draconian training and being involved in fights almost all of his time, he developed a body with great muscles, and it could be clearly stated that he is a powerful man in his prime. For those, who fight Nick, his body serves as a means of intimidation and respect, as simply by looking at it, they begin to understand that Nick is a man of action, not words. In short, there is a myriad of fallen in love women around him, albeit they fall in love with him from the one sight and he doesn’t bother himself with it. Despite being dragged into harsh and violent training sessions, as well as dangerous battles, Evans doesn’t have almost any scars on his body at all, something that he should be grateful to his heritage as a Dragon Slayer. Because of him being a Dragon Slayer, he also has a tattoo of a Japanese dragon, covering his left forearm completely.

In terms of clothes, Nicholas prefers some stylish attire, like fashionable shirts, trousers, and shoes. He prefers either black or white color, and it seems that he is fond of wearing a shirt with a waistcoat. He often wears his shirt half-opened, with first three buttons being unzipped, and having his sleeves rolled up. In addition to his casual style, he also wears a gold necklace and bangles on wrists – these accessories are a heritage from his homeland, which he actually should wear after his adolescence age came, as he became the Third Pharaoh of Isla Tormerena.

Nick's Battle Attire

Nick's Battle Attire

Because of his own tastes and philosophy regarding battles, Nick has alternative outfits, in which he engages in battles. Even though this kind of clothes wasn’t in use when Nick was involved in underground fighting clubs, now he wears it as a member of the Dragon Soul guild. His battle outfit consists of a tight black-colored T-shirt without sleeves, in which his torso muscles can be seen easily and black hakama-like pants. The other stuff which Nick wears is nothing but his armor, which allows him to fully engage in battle and protect his already strong and durable body. Even though it’s gold in color, this armor isn’t from gold, but from refined, stainless steel; this armor is worn on his shoulders, arms, and biceps, the lower part of his body and legs. Around his waist, there is a belt-like construct with protective parts on the sides, which also works as a weighting agent. Sometimes Nick can be seen with a coat on his body; the coat itself is white in color and has such length, that Nick easily can wear it as a hoodie to hide his appearance from nature aspects or unnecessary glares at him. Merely all of his armor has blue-like ornaments on it.


Nicholas has a very strange and complicated personality. He is a man, which identity and personality came through a bunch of different life situations, which are equal to too heavy burden. Having an immense influence from it, Nick was greatly affected because of the experience he learned through the course of his life. In the end, he became what he shouldn’t become at the beginning.

Initially, Nick displays what can be described as a normal behavior. He is calm, often focused on things around him, yet at the same time he does not give a single sign of being interested in what happens around him. He simply observes the outside world, learning what people usually do and not. From such behavior he became quite observant and a capable analyst, who is able to look through the real intentions of people, who surround him. His perception is developed to the point of seeing the true thoughts of people, even though they are not sure about it. He easily sees if somebody tries to manipulate him, lie or use, so he can in a quick pace make the man, who tried such stupid idea pay for that. With the charisma and cunning and psychological understanding, he always gets out dry from the situations, in which he was involved. His face does not show any signs of very emotional person; generally, Nick keeps his face in a calm demeanor, not giving the upper hand to his emotions. Nicholas is polite in conversations, always smiles and seems to be friendly. His natural charisma allows him to be the center of the company, using his life experience as part of the entertainment for everyone. In general, he is calm, disciplined, and often looks apathetic. In discussions, he respects the person with whom he speaks, carefully listens to them; however, if they are irritating him with their stupid behavior, he soon will be enraged. Nick is not fond of religion and government, looking on them with a part of irony and sarcasm. He truly believes that the human is the one, who decides what to do and what future they may have. Evans has a deep love for several things; all of them are not bound to each other - sweets, coffee, rain, silence. When these things are all combined into one, then Nick will be at his the most peaceful point of relaxation and will simply enjoy his pass timing. In contrary to this, he has a strange meaning of bad habits - if he wants, he does, but in general he won't touch it; he is interested in alcohol only when he has somebody he considers to be a good person, with whom he easily and peacefully can drink in a relaxing manner. Also, Nick allows himself to smoke occasionally; however, he is more interested in perfecting himself, both in physical and fighting means. Nick is the man, who nearly always needs freedom, like the inner, so outer. Because of this, he doesn’t involve in unnecessary violence and when his eye catches an act of this, he immediately stops it.

"I am the one, who will rule over the world. Remember it, kid."

— Nicholas's moto.
King's Demeanor

Nick's usual, king-like face expression

On the other side, Nick considers himself as a human, who in the end should rule over his own kingdom, his land, where he sees himself as the supreme king. The land itself is the whole world, which Evans has at his hands. Showing a big ego, going so far to call him as a future god and ruler of the Earth Land once, he tries to not disrespect the others and what he can reference to as gods, however, such trait is considered as unbelievable to others. He freely declares that he will become the king, who will rule over the humanity, despite any of fate with which he was brought to the world.

Such attitude came from his childhood when he was under the wing of his foster mother, a quite cruel and violent Dragon named Kira, who taught him his signature Magic and moreover, taught him what he calls a "purpose of life" and what it means to be in the real world. Because of such harsh childhood, Nicholas developed a strong mentality of a winner – he believes, that the one, who win, gets everything, while the one, who lose is a denied one, the one, who should fall on their knees before the winner. Yet, he somewhat managed to surpass even that level of self-created arrogance, as he considers that it is obviously, that only he must rule over the world, as the one, who went through all circles of Hell in order to achieve the power of a supreme king. For him, it is the tragedy, which he both accepts and hates greatly. In simple words, he may be described as the tired king, who is aware of his burden and fate as a ruler, yet he is the only one, who actually is able to completely understand this burden and take the throne for him. As the true king, Nick is sincere and does not have lying habits, as one of his calibers always need, to tell the truth to others. As the one, who must have those, who will obey him, he considers animals as better creatures, than people, because of what he loves them more. From his mind it can be discovered, that he thinks, that animals are simple creatures, which are able to show their innocent and sincere emotions, they do not lie to themselves and their hosts. As a human, Evans tries to keep himself at a bay and not lie to anyone, always going straight, even if this can cause problems. Because of mentioned features, it should be noted, that his mentality doesn’t show his overconfidence. On the contrary, because of it, Nick is able to consider other people as equal to him and not underestimate them, even though he thinks, that humans are worse than animals. He thinks, that everyone is able to become what they want to become, but anyways there would be people, whose destiny is already decided, like his or Genghis’s. The trait which easily is strange one, Nick is not interested in taking a leadership role, easily allowing Genghis to take this role instead – in such condition, Nick sees the latter as a ruler at the sun, while Nick is a ruler at night, hidden in shadows. He is not violent or arrogant – he simply accepts the real life as it exists.

Returning to his childhood, Kira tried to transform Evans in a supreme being, whose radiance will be even shinier, than the Dragons themselves, the creatures, which are considered as the embodiment of ultimate power. Because of what Dragon expected from Nick, the boy, who is indeed the prodigy in his own right, he was pinned down by the weight of his own potential and expectations from others. Even more, as he proved himself as the one, who a quick learner and a capable student, the growth simply closed the truth behind Nick’s desires before Kira's eyes, so it put its own child into another, much cruel session of training and strict life. Trained and raised under the impression that he was to become the future Dragon King, the burden greatly affected Nick. At first, he even tended to the loneliness because nobody could understand him properly and he found his peace at it. As time passed, and a situation occurred before him and his parent, when he faced his final trial by killing Kira, a true Dragon Slayer was born. Dragon Slayer, who began to hate the loneliness and begged the god, if they exist, of course, to make him weaker. Even though the trial gave him a plethora of powers, as he bathed in the blood of Dragon, who taught him, the tragedy of killing his own parent, the only one close relative, dragged Nick to the depths of psychological trap and insomnia. His hatred toward the loneliness he felt in the world but often could not avoid because his sheer capabilities and past made him the higher, than others, ended up in an appearing of the feeling of envy – from the bottom of the heart he envied the weak and greatly wanted to be like them. His deepest desire of having somebody alongside him, standing on his ground as it was their own, eventually divided his personality into two different – in his body were concealed, two different persons, the one is what now could be called Good Nick, the other one – Bad Nick; as means of escaping from the solitude, such accident only dragged him into the despair even more.

"There are two guys in one body, pal… The first me, who you see before ya, and the second me, who wants to rip your throat with bare hands and eat your heart on his breakfast. Though, you decide with who you will fight."

— Nick reveals, that he has two identities in one mind.

As he traveled around the world in his own training session, he ended up with the new desire of fighting strong opponents, who may be able to free him from his fate of being at the position of a lone-wolf king. The desire was growing because of the influence from the second side which was born not long ago, so Nick became quite irritative at that time. Insomnia he had at that time, only gave him more problems and emotional breaks within this. Once, he reached the unknown place, which revealed to be an underground fight club, where he decided to stay, as he was able to not only practice, but try his abilities as the one, who would become a ruling person. From this point of his life, he again became full. With each fight, with each battle, his insomnia, and psychological problems left him. He was alone, with his other side, which only grew stronger because of such behavior. Nick again felt the grateful sides of the world; he found joy in being beaten up and fighting strong opponents, he again felt the thrill of life. His likeness of battles stays with him even now, as he greatly enjoys battles with strong opponents. This situation creates a disastrous quarrel between him and his second half, on the other hand. The Good Nick likes to have a good fight with his opponents – he seeks for ways of self-destruction, as he considers this as the only salvation of his life tragedies and means of his own progression. With his own hands and thoughts, he created psychological barriers, which allows him to be the one, who he is – the one, who wishes to gain even more power, yet at the same time the one, who conceals his strength in order to enjoy a fight for as long as possible. Evans likes fair fights when nobody interrupts him and his opponents, the thing he also does within the battles of his friends. He will interrupt it only in cases when he would be asked about his help. In fights, Nick tries to find a single reason to fight; when he has a central motif to battle with the enemy, he will engage in a brawl, while in other times he won’t move a finger in order to be dragged into it. Though Nick sometimes can be a violent fighter, he won’t fight an opponent, who is weaker than he is, or who is unable to continue their joyful encounter; Nick easily can go out at opponents, who are more powerful, than he is, the point which makes him shiver and quite excited. If the opponent has many injuries, then Nick simply will wait for his full healing, rather than ending up his life. He even will go as far as protecting this person, because he is the one, who will fight and, if necessary, end the life of his chosen target. He doesn’t kill his opponents or beat them to a state of a half-dead, as he doesn’t see any sense in such actions; in vice versa to the illogical cruelness and violent behavior, he will engage in battle, when somebody won’t stop beating already fallen fighter, who accepted his loss, just to be sure, that the balance of the fight is kept and that the unnecessary massacre won’t occur.

Nick Full Battle

Battle-worn Nick is grateful to his enemies, as he has a great joy of a fight

Nick is ready to show a great respect to those, who can defeat him or push him to his limits. Such thing occurred between him and Genghis, where he again felt the presence of loss, the life thrilling. That is why he decided to go after Genghis in order to reach his already made choice – to become a supreme king.

As Evans developed a second personality that twists on the original one in times of his underground fighting, they decided to divide them into two different people. This personality first manifested after the death of his dragon parent. The second personality showed extreme arrogance and does not tolerate those who belittles or defies him. He states that those who serve him or earns his respect can look him in the eyes, while others must bow to him. The second personality, which was called by itself as Underground Nike, is a dramatical change within Nick's persona. Cold-hearted, a bit calmer, than before and not giving a single clue about anything, but himself - this is only beginning of Nike's story. He uses his perception and psychological knowledge in order to put people around him down, to be the one, who indeed is the ruler of everything. When he first appeared in the underground, he was shown with an extremely intimidating and condescending personality, looking down on his opponent and eventually beating him down, almost leading him to attain a true peace via R.I.P. tombstone. Nike views himself as almighty being in every life aspects and becomes very violent when anyone disobeys his commands. He was able to control the whole fight club in which he was alone, as he quickly gained respect and fear among the others, as he fought with great rampages of fury. The real reason why the second personality was created, was due to the simple feeling of fear, as Nicholas being alone was very afraid of his power and his fate as a lonesome king, who won't be able to find somebody equal to him; the amount of pressure his life had put on him and the death of his foster mother, who taught him from the very beginning to strive for absolute excellence, ended up in creating a sample of absolute king, the one, who is able to do everything, who always is great and magnificent, and as in some deepest corners of his heart Nick desired for it, Nike's personality was born. In the fight he doesn't act like his first personality - while Nick tries to really enjoy the fighting with his opponent, acts fair and ends his movements when the opponent isn't able to make a single move, Nike fully obliterates his opponents, bringing them to the verge of death on occasions. In order to take what he wants with brutal way, Nike easily can beat all teeth of the person he fights or simply break their arm or leg. In battles he is very serious, determinate and savage fighter, who every time needs a victory - it is the obligatory for him, as he doesn't have any choices, but to win. Moreover, his confidence in his actions is often accompanied by his main goal, because of which he actually appeared - Nike serves as a protection mechanism for Nicholas, as this side was awakened because Nick felt himself very lonely and couldn't hold the great burden of a ruler alone. Nike will do anything to protect his first side, as he considers this option as his main, his purpose of life. Yet, at the same time, Nike shows even bigger ego and god complex, than Nick has. When he appears, he displays a sight of a predator, the one, who is truly the leader of the pack - the one, who has the crown on his head. Nike always appears, when he considers, that Nicholas is in danger, of course, by his own admission. And he becomes very angry, when somebody delivered grievous wounds to his first personality, which drives him crazy and leads him to stop relying on his personal violence countermeasures; simply because Nick attained damage, Nike probably will tear off the arm from his enemy in exchange of that because nobody has the right to touch Nick. Even though he is more selfish, than Nick, he accepts him as his own king, and the king of the world in future, but not himself. Because of the fact that he has never faced defeat before, the meaning "victory" is something that Nick and Nike will have anyway. The title of King of Underground is something very special for Nike, as he takes it quite serious; the title itself describes the whole scene of Nick's life and his fate, his achievements, and power, all of these mustn't be taken lightly.

"The Underground King becomes the friend of the Heat King… Quite interesting, don’t ya’ think?"

— Nick becomes the part of Dragon Soul Guild.

After meeting Genghis Brenigoch, they had an encounter in the fight club. After that, ending all of their rounds in the tie, Nick was freed from his second personality, taking all of its traits and completely dominating it. After becoming part of his guild, Nick's theories about their invocation became strong and unshaken – they were born as those, who will save the world from its current state, to sort the current holder of a broken humanity; as a result, they should rule, while those who dare to oppose them in a slightest must be obliterated by their might. Quite loyal to those, who Nick considers as his friends, because he is careful at choosing them. He is always caring and would fight back for them, do their favor and etc. In order to protect his friends, he will become the menace for everyone, who dares to touch them. Nicholas usually encourages his friends and close one, giving them different tips and solutions for everyday situations; he considers Dragon Soul as his family and likes to fight alongside them, caring a full deal for them. He believes in their strength and themselves, having an unshakable faith and certain respect to all of his comrades. On the other side, when somebody dear to him dies, Nick tends to survive it in silence, rather than showing his tears or emotions. Once, when somebody died within fight club, when he wasn’t at the place, Evans commented that there was nothing he could do about it, yet he promised to avenge his fellow comrade. When somebody dies or is going to die, the notable affection occurs, so Nick is able to attain enough motivation for keeping fight and giving all of his, even at the cost of his own life. But even at this part, he is able to spare the life of the one, who he gave a huge battle a minute ago, as he doesn’t consider revenge as a good motivation for killing anybody.



Soon, Nick met Genghis Breningoch at unknown underground fight club in the past. As Nick was the actual champion of this environmental place, Genghis decided to test his own skills, after what he had an honest bare hand-to-hand combat with Nick. Even though it ended up in a tie, both of them were impressed not only with their fighting performance, but their behavior. After the fight, Nick asked Genghis for a conversation in a bar, when the latter discovered that Nick is a Dragon Slayer, who seeks out for purpose in his life, yet, he didn’t manage to attain it. Because of this, Nick went to the different fight clubs, because "he cannot cancel his fate as the future king of the world". And as he met Genghis, he thought, that he may become the king of the world alongside the Vermillion Dragon Slayer. As it was abandoned to use any kind of Magic in the club, Nick asked Genghis for another brawl, now on a magical field, and Breningoch agreed. After they had a prolonged combat, they again end up in tie, after what, Genghis invited Nick to his guild. After that time, both of men were involved in many live situations, where their trust were challenged, yet, it wasn’t shaken and for now, both considered each other as the one, to whom they can tell their the most secret things.



Nicholas wields Horus

Horus (天空神宝鉄騎笏(ホルス), Horusu lit. Sky God Royal Rider Scepter): Horus is Nick’s signature weapon. Based on several things, and taking on the form of the scepter, which was a treasure tool in Isla Tormerena and was passed from generation to generation, from the previous lord to the next, this item was given to Nick at his ninth birthday, when the biggest tragedy of his life occurred. Later, in order to become stronger and make some use from what was left from his past, Nick discovered, that somehow he was able to transform it into Magic Staff (呪文増の魔法杖(マジック・スタッフ), Majikku Sutaffu lit. Spell Augmenting Magical Rod), which greatly enhances the initial capabilities of Nicholas as a Mage. Anyway, after several experiments, Nick greatly worked on it as a blacksmith, with the help of his Dragons Triad and their tools, so that he developed a completely new creation of Blade Blacksmith, magic that allows one to use unique methods in order to create various weaponry from given materials and the user's magical power. Because it's commonly stated that weaponry forged from this magic are much more powerful than weapons forged through other means, Horus is a real threat in hands of even an average Mage, while the master in his own right will completely destroy the large amounts of his enemies with relative ease. As Magic Staves work as a container for those Mages, who aren’t able to use the Magic from their bodies, Nick is the opposite case; he is already a strong Dragon Slayer with literally enormous quantity of Magic Power, and Horus greatly enhances his initial base, raising it onto the new level.

Horus is a unique weapon, which serves as a mix between Magic Staff, Dragon Blade and overall enhancements from Blade Blacksmith. Horus is made out of an ethernano-reinforced wood which makes it exceptionally durable, being incapable of snapped in half purely by accident while keeping it sturdy enough to ensure that it can handle the backlash of casting powerful spells without any rest while also absorbing copious amounts of ethernano. Unlike any other form of Magic Items, Magic Staves do not have a base hit percentage, nor can they be avoided by conventional means. While most Magic Staves are multi-use, being simply a magic-channeling weapon for the user to harness to bolster their power, Horus is a close combat-orientated Caster Staff (キャスター・スタッフ, Kyasutā Sutaffu), an offensive-based Magic Staff, the one tuned to cast offensive magics, such as the Elemental Magic and other magic which can be used to put enemies to sleep, nullify the enemy's spells and etc. As a Dragon Blade-based weapon, Horus is an extremely powerful staff that forged from Dragon Materials (竜語鍛件, Ryūgo Tanken lit. Draconic Forging Items), things, that are primarily related to the Dragons; it is made from Dragolith element (工芸の竜水晶(ドラゴリス), Doragorisu lit. Dragon Crystal of Crafting), a special ore which can be obtained in dragon caves only and the Flesh of Dragons, to be more concrete, three Dragon Scales from every dragon in Crust Dragons Triad. All of this makes Horus is even more powerful weapon that it can be considered. As the one could say, Horus can be called as the Dragon Earth Blade (大地底の聖竜剣(ドラゴン・アース・ブレード), Doragon Āsu Burēdo lit. Sacred Dragon Sword of Great Earth Depths) too.

As Magic Staff, Horus is a Magic Item, which somewhat allows the user to attain a form of Holder Magic. Magic Staff is a more "traditional" form of magical weaponry, having been utilized by ancient-era magicians even before the time of the Black Wizard. With the discovery of magic being less a force that magicians can channel with the help of their weaponry as a "terminal" and more a unique particle that can be utilized through a special organ in the magician's body and from there divided into several categories, Magic Staves soon fell out of favor with the general populace; though a few die-hard "old-style" magician remain, even in the present time; due to how he tends to respect his past and the traditions of his family, Nick was also trained by his fellow Dragons’ Triad in its utilization, becoming somewhat an old-style Mage in the end. Magic Staves, like all ancient magic weapons are a category of weaponry referred to as "magical energy-driven weaponry" (魔力駆動兵器, Maryoku Kudō Heiki); as old-style magicians would utilize them as a medium from which to channel the ambient ethernano saturated within the environment, with the staff stabilizing these energies so that the mage is capable of casting powerful spells without any risk of backlash.

Magic Staves, in order to be harnessed to their full potential, require a very close interoperation between the mage's brain and the staff, as both have to be attuned to each other upon the staff's first activation and regularly recalibrated to ensure optimal performance as the mage becomes stronger and stronger – these tests are done via synchronizing the "Magistone" (魔石, Maseki), a primitive form of Lacrima attached to the Magic Staff and the mage's Magic Origin so that the Magic Staff knows the upper limit of absorption of the mage's Magic Origin and thus can filter anything which is above it outwards in order to ensure constant safety yet still retains incredible power as the Magic Staff directly strengthens and accelerates the mage's magic output due to the Magistone draws in ethernano faster than a magician could do so normally. In essence, the Magic Staves served as "computers" that could take over tasks that the human brain cannot handle efficiently enough, such as recording and reproducing the spells that the mage has cast- they can generate magic for a variety of purposes.

Interestingly, at the "beginning of magic", soon after humanity discovered the arcane, Magic Staves could only be utilized to harness a form of Magic Seal-based combat, as spells of all shapes and sizes were accompanied by Magic Seals (魔法陣, Mahōjin), which were visible manifestation of ethernano being collected by a mage when casting a spell- effectively limiting a mage to being capable of forming their Magic Seals in the atmosphere, enabling them to induce a wide variety of effects by utilizing their Magic Seals for all sorts of purposes such as elemental spells and other effects. Only when the discovery that magic could be split into two categories- magic generated from the body, and magic which could be generated through an item was made did mages begin to utilize more "advanced" types of magic and Magic Staves fell out of favor for a large percent of those capable of utilizing it; citing "unnecessary complication" and "impracticality" as a common reason why they switched to the far simpler magic-based martial arts which was near ubiquitous from that point onward.

Nick, in general, uses Horus in several cases. First of all, he will use it in order to fight his opponent with a weapon, tending to also utilize an armed combat; then, Evans would use Horus to enhance his already impressive and strong spells within his Earth Dragon Slayer Magic or simply when he doesn’t want to show off, he will utilize Numbers Layered Magic Seal Style. As Evans had this staff from his childhood, he greatly utilizes it in his fights, making different combinations between brute, physical attacks and magical-like, creating Magic Seals in order to catch his opponents off guard and make other successive attacks. Moreover, its form allows him to literally catch his enemies by their necks and bring them down to their knees, so that they would be able to see their king in his full glory. Beside this, the form of Horus allows saving Nick’s life in different situations like falling from the height with catching edges of something and etc.

  • Enhanced Magic Seals: in addition to its attributes, Magic Seals which were created by Horus are enhanced, even though they do not change their appearance, when they’re casted. This allows Nick to quickly augment his performance and strike his enemy down in quick succession, without tiring himself and attaining better control over his spells, because his enormous Magic Power greatly influences his Magic Seals.
  • Dragon Blades mechanics

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Ways of Combat

Advanced Hand-to-Hand Combatant: One of the most fearsome and powerful traits that Nick is able to show, is his skills in hand-to-hand combat and martial arts prowess. Including his great physical development, Nick’s tremendous knowledge of fighting arts and ways of combat were acquired with the help of time spent on training sessions. It was inevitable for Nick, as a future successor of Tormerena’s Dynasty, to be properly trained in the martial arts since his early childhood up to the time of his nation’s demise, something that was done for the sole purpose of him becoming a worthy and powerful pharaoh of Tormerena. His knowledge of royal martial ways, renowned as the most dangerous and powerful on the whole Isla Tormerena, is also boosted by him being a Dragon Slayer, a type of unique people that use combat-oriented magic in order to replicate the dragon’s capabilities and kill the latter. Because Dragon Slayers’ essence lies in the capability to inflict damage to Dragons, and often they’re considered to be similar to Dragons, but in human bodies, they need to possess an extremely trained body and being tutored properly in ways of combat; Evans was trained with harsh methods, and was capable of delivering unpredictable, strong and fierce attacks, all of which marks that Evans was a threat to anybody who wanted to harm him since his young years.

Nick came through a lot of rigorous training and tutelage from many masters of this field and became the master too. As a person who managed to spend most of his lifetime in battles either for having fun, to enjoy an encounter with strong opponents or simply to survive, Nick’s knowledge of martial arts is enormous and can be easily considered as priceless. His fighting manners, styles, and arsenal represent a complex system of observation, analysis and taking the needed countermeasures, what allows effortlessly outmaneuvering and defeating any opponent that Nick possibly can meet, be it a simple disarming or intention to quickly take down the latter. His ways of combat are complex not only because of his impressive and vast knowledge over different fighting stances and techniques that demand to turn the body into a weapon but because of his approach to a fighting. Nick’s combat prowess lies in arduous and almost endless training sessions and his attempts to literally absorb his enemies’ behavior, fighting style, movements and tactics. Nicholas fought many opponents in his life, and every time he meets a worthy opponent, he tries to learn a lot from them, simply in order to become more powerful. His expertise allows him to easily engage in a fight with large numbers of people from the opposing side, fight enemies with a much large complexion that creates that is seemed to be a big gap between Nick and his enemy, as well as fighting armed opponents with his bare hands. The pinnacle of his fighting prowess could be considered the fact that he is the only known participant of After-Death Cage, the deadliest fighting club known on the Giltena’s territory, eventually becoming its Underground King, the strongest fighter in the cage.

The fighting style that Nike displays is an all-round style that allows him to take a balanced position in a fight; a big contribution from this grants perfect attack-defense position, from which he can attack opponents and protect himself equally, and defeat the opponents with the help of a striking barrage comprised of different punches kicks, elbow and knee hits, even headbutts, all done either in a quick succession or simply with precise, strong, but a few moves. Even more, Nick’s tendency to engage directly in a harsh and frightening manner allows him to not simply protecting him, but using counterattacks almost immediately, as he acquires new damage and wounds; moreover, he himself stated that his counterattacks appears on a sub-conscious level and thus he usually relies on his sharp reflexes to bring his knowledge to its limits. His observation skills allow him to utilize not only the body as his main weapon, but also the environment to have an upper hand, and obviously, all small openings or miscalculations his enemies could provide him with. Nike’s record is taking on more than thirty strong opponents in the After-Death Cage, without the magic utilization at the same time, defeating them in less than five minutes and not even breaking a sweat. Nick’s own fighting philosophy is represented within his fighting style and battling prowess, as he himself considers that when the fists are clashed, only then the one can truly understand the nature of his opponent and the very nature of battle. In a fight, Nick tends to be quite unpredictable. Having huge fighting experience and the knowledge of almost three different fighting styles, Nick complements his assault with a chaos-like form that is essential for him. He prefers to utilize different tactics when he fights; his chaos-like fighting is a result of his own life and the reflection of his experience, as he mixes his strict ways of fighting with the uncontrollable and unpredictable moves from the street. Nicholas’s mastery allows him to easily break any weapon in his enemy’s hands, be it wooden stick or even a large sword made out of stone or steel. Nick is a walking-deadly-fighting machine, a man, who able to not simply defeat, but indeed seriously harm and even kill an individual due to his enormous strength. When utilizing his Magic, it is clear that Nick becomes even stronger, as he is able to clad himself in earth armor and deliver greatly empowered strikes, or for instance, use Magic Seals in a way that he will increase his overall physical traits in several times, thus again, delivering greatly empowered attacks and damage.

  • Royal Sandstone Fist Style (古砂漠王修羅術(ロイヤル・サンドストーン・フィスト・スタイル), Roiyaru Sandosutōn Fisuto Sutairu lit. Ancient Desert King Fighting Arts)
  • Dragon Race Fist Style (帝竜戦士修羅術(ドラゴン・レース・フィスト・スタイル), Doragon Rēsu Fisuto Sutairu lit. Imperial Dragon Warrior Fighting Arts)

Physical Development

Dragon Slayer Altered Physiology

Assorted Skills

  • Child Prodigy
  • Keen Intellect
  • Highly Perceptive Combatant
  • Expert Rider

Magical Abilities

Numbers Layered Magic Seal Style

Dragon Slayer Magic

Earth Dragon Slayer Magic (大地の滅竜魔法, Daichi no Metsuryū Mahō) is a type of Caster Magic, which falls under the category of Lost Magic and a form of Dragon Slayer Magic, which revolves around the utilization of the element of earth, its different forms and additional attributes in order to slay dragons. This kind of Magic is known for its great and highly dangerous capabilities, and renowned as one of the most powerful types of Dragon Slayer Magic, which exist; a trait, which shows the might of not only the one of the basic elements, the earth element, but also how versatile a Magic can be. The strongest earth-based Dragon Slayer Magic, being the ancestor and great-parent of merely all modern types of similar to it Earth Dragon Slayer Magics. Considered as something similar to its actual successor, Cavern Dragon Slayer Magic which was utilized by God Serena, one of the most powerful Mage of his time, Earth Dragon Slayer Magic easily outstands its cavernous counterpart and is able to easily outstand its counterparts like Metal and Sand Dragon Slayer Magics, as the one, which all came from the earth element and related to it in this or that way.

Nicholas is known as the most powerful user per the present time, but his power is renowned to be on such level, that he is considered as the most powerful user of Earth Dragon Slayer Magic even in terms of the nearest past and future periods of time, the one, who will be the strongest for an enormous amount of time due to his vast knowledge, experience and unlocked features exclusive only to his persona, all in all he can be described as the Dragon in the Human Body because of this.

Earth Dragon Slayer Magic is a sub-type of ancient Dragon Slayer Magic, which can be utilized only by Dragon Slayers. This magic allows Nick to transform his physical body into a Dragon's, granting him various characteristics, that are typical for these mighty flying lizards; in case of Earth Dragon Slayer Magic, Nick attains the capabilities and features of the Earth Dragons, the mightiest of terrestrial-type Dragons, which were living on the Earth Land in the past. Earth Dragon Slayer Magic allows Nick to create, produce and manipulate the element of earth, obviously, however in his case he is able to generate not a single element of earth, but also the earth crust, rocks, soil and even the earth-based byproducts like minerals, metals and sand to some extent, or how history says, the element of planet. In general, people refer to planet as a heavenly body, which exists in the outer space in amount of nine eight members and flying around the sun, however, considering it like a special object of observation. As the Earth Land, in other words, the World is easily considered as the planet, it also can be said, that on the highest levels of mastery, Nick is able to manipulate the power of the planet on which he lives with relative ease, making his surroundings his special, the simpliest, but the strongest weapon out of his others. He can create earth and transform it into different forms like soil, mud or stones, almost copying the four fundamental states of matter, but making it in earth-based version. It is easy for him to produce a highly-advanced earth and rock element from his body, like partially, so entirely, using it and objects created from this material from any part of his body, which can be used in melee combat or for other purposes. This magic grants Evans the ability to change parts of body or the entirety of it into rocks and other earth-based things, which can be shaped in a number of forms for different purposes. Such development makes this magic quite versatile, not only on the scale of its elemental counterparts, but maybe the entire squadron of Magic. Of course, as this trait is must be at this Magic, the element incorporated is different from a standard, well, Magics based on the concepts of Earth, planet and its crust, having a myriad of incredibly heightened capabilities and properties. This magic relies around the use of earth element for both offense and defense, and moreover, for supplementary utilization, with Nick being capable of creating a wide array of weapons from his body to attack the opponents both in close range and from a distance; in order to increase the defensive power of his own body, Nick is capable to cover his body with his own element, eventually ending up in both drastically increasing of defensive power and heavily boosting offensive power, a post-effect caused by concentrating the earth element within the body. In addition to its differences with usual types of Magic with similar concepts and basics, the element produced by this branch of Dragon Slayer Magic is stronger than normal one, and is capable of rendering a bunch of physical assaults useless. Not stopping on that, Earth Dragon Slayers also show that not only generation and manipulation are their powers – they are able to completely decimate the ground in an explosion of stones and rocks, leaving the immediate terrain in disarray; in other words, they are capable of destroying the entire landscape in order to completely crush their opponents, moreover, do such thing in matter of seconds, beating Cavern Dragon Slayers fair and square.

As a Earth Dragon Slayer, Nicholas has his physiology changed and enhanced, the one which suits the Earth Dragon's. It should be noted, that as this kind of Magic is indeed an ancient one, Nich has a plethora of not usual attributes of Dragon Slayers, but on a heightened level - he is totally invulnerable to his own element and the element of earth in question; his lungs become capable of spewing the earth particles, rather than usual rock, which grants Nick an opportunity to greatly shock and catch his possible opponents off guard; such feature, however, is controllable for him, as he may utilize a rocky whirl as a breath attack instead. His skin gains a protection against the earth as scales of Dragon, as now even the mountain isn’t able to move or crush Nick at all. Moreover, he has the ability to consume external sources of earth element to restore his body to a healthy state and regain his reserves of strength; there is a possibility to consume any type of earth, which makes Nick able to bypass the initial elemental requirements for recovering process. As Evans is immune to the earth, it means, that he is immune to most types of earth, soil, stone and other similar things due to the capability of nullifying its-based attacks by literally chewing and eating them. Yet, Nick isn't invisible, as he cannot eat the created by him element to reinvigorate himself; as there are some other Slayer Magic’s types exist, for example, God Slayer’s, their element is considered as of a "higher" caliber, than Dragon Slayer's one, so in order to consume such divine earth, Nick must do a self-nullifying of his Magic Power, which will grant enough room to consume and even use such kind of earth eventually. But, as it is obvious thing, such process is known to be quite hard and therefore damaging for the user, if they will try to do it; even though in raw power Nick is able to stand equal in battle with Earth God Slayers, he is weak at such point as their higher element, so as any of Dragon Slayers, he needs to go through the same processes of surpassing the superior Slayer Mage in question.

The element of earth, which is incorporated in this Magic is different from standard meaning of earth element. The generated element of earth can be manipulated in a wide variety of way, for instance, creating different weaponry like sharp swords, hammers and mallets or in a similar way, creating armory for making an increase in their defense and, as addition to it, in offense too. With the capability of changing the properties of the earth under their feet, Nick is able to create pillars and protrusion of different shapes and forms, or even totally crushing the earth beneath the legs, resulting in the creation of new surroundings, caves and even the underground systems and mountain – all of these simply indicates how strong a Mage can be with such Magic in theory, yet Nicholas already reached even higher levels of such tremendous power.

As for Earth Dragon Slayers, there is a quite rare possibility of taming the other earth-related elements exist. Even though they must control only the earth element, the user in particular can attain such level of power, that they will be able to manipulate already existed forms of elements like metal, sand, etc., even though it is considered as impossible feat. Of course, such process occurs within the special sub-abilities of a Dragon Slayer, however Nicholas serves as an exception, as he was able to alter his element by using other sources of Magic. As there are several ways to master and increase the power of Earth Dragon Slayer Magic within the several phenomenon of "upgrading" the user's element with the utilizing of outside sources like chemical elements and/or reaching the new forms of the initial element. This usually results in achieving specific Mode, with which Dragon Slayer can got the upper hand in the battle. In case of Earth Dragon Slayers, these phenomenon are known to be Mineral Mode, Sand Mode, Crystal Mode and finally, the Geonquer Mode, each corresponding to the specific side of the earth nature and also befitting the description of mention alternation of the Earth Dragon Slayer’s element. As the earth element is already a boundary for all of named elements and is the source of it, the user is able to learn how to properly change their element into them to some level. Also, as the phenomenon of Dual Element Dragon Slayer Magic is occurring, Earth Dragon Slayers are capable of achieving it, even if they already have an enormous power from the very beginning. On the other side, there are several ways of, again, altering this hard and time-taking process, altering the main core of their power to the point of achieving a replication of power which can be gained through a Dual Element Dragon Mode, the main benefit Nick was able to reach. As in theory it considered, that with earth-natured element Dragon Slayer Magic users are granted with different achievements as their element can be a part of a plethora of different bipolar elements, such as lava, mud, dust, etc., Nick can simply add a usual Elemental Magic to their element and use it in conjunction; as he is able to perfectly make it, it only shows his development and mastery in Magic further, not only as a Slayer, but also as a magician in question.

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Nick's approximate stats are:

Indomitable Will


Creation and Concepts


  • Nick is supposed to be the first earth-related Dragon Slayer in Dragon Soul guild, as the author noted that there were no earth-based Dragon Slayer and decided to make a one. Yet, at time Midori Hayashi appeared first as Terra Dragon Slayer, so formally, Nick is the second one. For now, Nick is again the first, and the only one earth-related Slayer.
  • Nick's appearance is based off of Rider from Fate series, whose real identity is Ramesses II (ラムセス二世, Ramusesu Nisei), the third pharaoh of the Nineteenth Dynasty of Egypt. The moment of sovereign is represented in Nicholas' actual title of Isla Tormerena's Third Pharaoh.
  • Nick is fond of knitting.
  • When he has free time, Nick likes to play chess and reed books.
  • Nick is a very good dancer.
  • Nick's usual regimen consists of sleeping, working out, usual working routine and breaks to have a food.
  • Nick's theme song is Thousand Foot Krutch - Phenomenon.
  • The author considers that Nick is somewhat similar to Donquixote Doflamingo in terms of personality and powers; yet, they are completely different men, as Doflamingo considers himself as the only one ruler of everything, and Nick sees his position as a ruler as kind of his life tragedy rather than the axiom.
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