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Night Blood Guild 2
Night Blood Guuld



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S-Class Mages

Dimitri Crimson
Athena Nights


Dark Guild


Dark Moon Peak


The guild is located in Dark Moon Peak. It is a disclosed location that uses ancient magic to keep that area always at night time.


The building is a dark castle that was abandoned long ago. Now it is used by the dark mages that exist there. This is a perfect spot for gathering dark mages.



The Night Blood Guild wants to find very powerful and ancient artifacts and take all the magic in the world and turn themselves into gods of magic.


  • Attack any guild as much as you want.
  • Cause Mayhem! Don't hold back!
  • take the mages and take away their magic. If not possible, then copy their magic and add it or your own.

Guild Rules

  • you must be able to have certain magic to handle like Shadow Magic, Poison Magic and the like.


Combat Capabilities

The night blood guild sacrificed their hand to hand combat to maximize their magical power. They armed themselves with Magical Weapon Enhancement Gem, Magic Type Enhancement Bracelet, and Magical Enhancement Bracelet their magic power. They even posses Tome Magic .


Mayhem of Magic

Guild Master

The guild master is Dark. He is called dark because he only uses Darkness Magic and Shadow Magic. Also, he discarded his true name to hide his demonic change and increase in power.

Members List

Name Rank Magic Status
Keith Kings Mage Ring Magic Active
Athena Nights Mage Tome Magic Active
Talas Mage Bracelet Magic Active
Sanos Mage Tome Magic Active
Yenos Mage Tome Magic Active
Trayes Mage Bracelet Magic Active
Samuel Sin Mage Tome Magic Active
Drake Eren Mage Draconian's Extremity Left
Razore Mage Ring Magic Active
Zetana Mage Rune Magic Active
Barozo Mage Rune Magic Active
Bryan Rave Mage Bracelet Magic Active
Beat Jagger Mage Wand Magic Active
Breaker Mage Ring Magic Active
Bridget Edge Mage Wand Magic Active
Chaos Blackedge Mage Tome Magic Active
Dragon Smith Mage Bracelet Magic Active
Wolf Woods Mage Ring Magic Active
Edward Yin Mage Card Magic Active
Sally Saw Mage Summoning Magic Active
Marcus Terra Mage Rune Magic Active

Spells Of Choice

Rune Magic

Boosters of Choice

▪ Magical Enhancement Bracelet

▪ Ultimate Enhancement Bracelet

▪ Magic Type Enhancement Bracelet

▪ Ultimate Magic Type Enhancement Bracelet

▪ Ultimate Magical Type Duo

Guild Spell

Demonic Descent - a guild spell that turns people into demons temporary.

Night Pandemonium- a guild spell that manipulates the power of darkness of the night. This magic allows the guild to use the dark power of the night to strengthen its members and gives them a dark boost of power. This only works at night.

Night Shield - a guild spell that uses the darkness of night to created a dome of darkness magic and shadow magic for protection. Only used at night.

Guild Weapon

Magic Eater Sword- a sword that has the ability to absorb all Eternano and all Magic as it stores it into the sword.

Night Tome - a magic tome that was created long ago to manipulate the laws of the night and the supernatural with it's vile powers.

Night Saber- a blade of pitch blackness. Said to be created by a many Infusions of darkness. Said to reach its full power by the full moon.


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