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The Night Spider Guild

Lashav Magherdo



Purpose and Formation

Lashav Magherdo originally formed this goup to ruin Fairy Tail's reputation. To do this many of the members go around impersonating the Fairy Tail Guild committing various crimes and evil deeds. However they have also declared war on The Dark Saints. As a demonstration for his hatred of Fairy Tail Lashav created the Four Rules four joining his Guild to be in complete contrast to the three rules for leaving Fairy Tail.

The Four Rules For Joining Night Spider

  • You must disclose all information and secrets concerning any and all of your former guilds.
  • You must use any and all former clients and contacts for the benefit of Night Spider.
  • Forget your former guild members they must be completely dead to you.
  • To finally cement your place in Night Spider you must kill a former guild member or comrade in front of your new Night Spider allies.


Night Spider was formed by Lashav Magherdo while he was in prison along with his new teacher The Dark Master. The Dark Master used Lashav's anfair banishment from Fairy Tail to warp his mind so that he'd make a guild that was truly the complete opposite of Fairy Tail in every way.


The Dark Master (Founder)
Lashav Magherdo (Leader)


Prison Liberation


Behind the Scenes

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