Name Niwatori
Kanji コケ
Race Human
Age 19
Gender Male
Unusual Features Scratches on arms
Professional Status
Affiliation Koma Inu
Occupation Mage
Team Fractal Regiment
Personal Status
Relatives Father and Mother
Magic Ice Make


Wears a white scarf and black jacket and black pants and is not tall nor is he short. Has a black pair of glasses that constantly get dirty and have scraches on them. Young and not very strong, has scraches on his arms from his time at the dark guild.


He is mostly shy and quiet but when you get to know him he loosens up and becomes friendly. Will protect anyone and anything even if it means his death. Loves adventure and traveling to new place for culture and food. Always cold no matter how hard he trys. Always sleeping and spends most of his time in his bed or his room.


Born and lived it Iceberg where he learned magic and trained with his father. Later when he was older Niwatori left to seek adventure and learn more about lands. He joined a Dark guild where he served for many years then left to keep traveling and searching for a place to call home. soon he joined Koma Inu and thats where he stay currently.


The Collectors

Magic and Abilities

Ice make Dome- A giant dome of ice surrounds Niwatori that protects him from Attacks and other dangers.

Ice-make Prison- Traps enemy in Prison of ice

Ice-make Weapon- Makes a weapon out of ice and what ever weapon hits it freezes.

Ice-make shield- Giant Shield of ice in front of Niwatori.

Blizzard- Freezes what ever is around him in thick ice

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