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Located In Eurasia, Alcatraz (enslaved)

The Nomads (遊牧民 Yūbokumin?), otherwise known as the Celts (ケルト Keruto?) are an semi-nomadic humanoid race of carnivour fox-like anthropomorphs originaly from Alcatraz before being enslaved by the Archerian Empire. To escape enslavement some were able to migrant to Eurasia and ever since been travelling and making an living being nomads. Due to their appearance, many places ostracized them, being trated as either second-class "citizens" or viewed as animals and commonly hunted their fur and tails. In grave danger of extinction, king Arthur Britannia was made aware and would help the Nomads by defending them and guiding them to an abandoned village in the Mid Ring. The village with help from Arthur was able to be refurnished and transformed it into a refugee for the Nomads to live in and escaping potential death by poaching and hunts, the town's guard lead by a Knight of the Round Table.

Biology & Appearance


Nomads are a vulpine-canine humanoid race known for their tough fur and destinctive naturally-occuring patterns across their bodies. They're been described as omnivores, though further research suggests that they're in fact more on the side of carnivore structure. As being fox-like they're shape have fox characterstics on their limbs and facial structure with an snout, distinct skull and long ears. Their body is structured to be indeed humanoid and is part of the demi-human collective, with at least 3 thumbs on and one opposable thumb on each hand for object manipulation. Due to how they're physically structured, they can go on all fours and essentially sprint faster then whe they stand on two legs.

Common features of the nomads is consistent to their animalic cousins of the fox in their size and physical stature. Nomads as shown, are relatively small beings being the average height of 70.95cm (2.32ft) for the females. Their dental information is different depending on the nomad subtype but most typically are around I 3/3, C 1/1, PM 4/4, M 3/2 = 42 including the molars which will add up to 48 teeth. They also have carnassial which suggests they're more carnivore then omnivore.

Life Cycle

Society & Culture



Trivia & Notes

  • Physically represented and based on the vulpera.
  • Alternatively named after the Celts.