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Noreen D'Agostino
Noreen D'Agostino
"Never-Lost Noreen"
Name Noreen D'Agostino
Race Human
Age 31
Gender Female
Height 5'9
Weight 135 lbs
Eyes Dark Brown
Hair Brown
Blood Type O
Professional Status
Affiliation Orion's Belt
Occupation Maritime Huntress
Team Valles Marineris Crew
Partner Marlynx
Base of Operations Orion's Belt Guild Hall
Personal Status
Marital Status Single
Alias "Never-Lost Noreen"
Magic Archive

Noreen D'Agostino is a mage, maritime huntress, and a member of the Orion's Belt Guild. She is known within her guild for her use of Archive Magic, but what she is truly famous in the guild for is being Marlynx's second mate and having the ability to put up with his abrasive personality. She is the second in command of the Valles Marineris as well as the crew's chief navigator.




Magic and Abilities

Archive: This rare form of magic enables Noreen to transfer information to-and-fro other people. Using this magic, Noreen can communicate with all of her crew members at once, informing them of any mission plans, directives, battle strategies, and changes thereof. She also uses Archive Magic as a means of navigation and so, it is also used to chart the course which the Valles Marineris is to follow. Noreen can also track the position of monsters near and far, though the tracking is more stable the closer she is to the monster. She also has access to weather forecasts through this magic.

Requip: Because Noreen operates on a ship, she is often unable to keep a distance away from a monster as one would expect and Archive magic user to do. As a result, Noreen learned how to use Requip magic and does so to summon various firearms as a means of offense and defense.

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