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Norvino Tales

Norvino Kingdom

Main Character

Twelve Royal Knights of Norvino

Norvino Tales Is a series of multiple stories of each knight that has sworn to protect the land they love and keep it safe from anyone that would attempt to take over it. 


Throughout the history of the Norvino Kingdom, many different tales of legend was passed down from citizen to citizen, each with their own tale of what the protectors of their homeland did, and how they were recognized because of their actions. These are the stories of the Twelve that swore an oath to both the Queen of the land, but to it's people as well.


Phantom and Arukana

Imperial Tension: Dark Secret

Phantom and Forest

Phantom and Howl


  • Twelve Royal Knights of Norvino: are twelve royal knights loyal to the Norvino Kingdom royal family, all of which hand picked by Queen Aivenna herself, to protect and serve the people of her kingdom. Each one has been given an item of the royal family and uses it in their quest to keep their home safe.
  • Queen Aivenna: Is the third queen of the Norvino Kingdom who protects and guides her kingdom to an age of peace and prosperity. It was her action that reinstated the royal knights after the original 12 died serving the kingdom in the days of her great-grandmother.


  • Anyone who has one of the Twelve Royal Knights is able to make their own Storyline in this series
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