"Nothing. The true feeling of nothing is truly good. You wouldn't know that great and free feeling."
— Noumi Kamishiro

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Noumi Kamishiro



Kamishiro Nomi)


The Despair




Male Male


Year X765

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Dark World Dimension Guild
Kamishiro Clan

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ShadowHunters1Logo Shadow Hunters
Crime Sorcière SymbolCrime Sorcière
Grimiore Heart Symbol Grimoire Heart

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Independent Mage



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Requip: The Knight
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Spear of Dark Chaos

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Noumi Kamishiro (能美神城 Kamishiro Nomi) is a Independent Mage, was previously a Assassin of the Shadow Hunters, former member of the Grimoire Heart and the Crime Sorcière guild. He is currently the guild master of the Dark World Dimension Guild and the owner of the Underworld Deck.


Noumi is a muscular young man of average height with a slightly tan skin tone, long gray hair, gray eyebrows and blue eyes. As for clothing he has wore a white and blue tuxedo with a red string tie attached with a gold button.


Noumi is a bold and brave young man who is willing to win at anything. Serious and harsh, showing little respect for his opponents in battles even to his own team and guild, Noumi can become quite ruthless though out fights. He is shown to have tried to gain more power then he already has, going on a dark power-hungry strike personality. Not caring about anyone or thing, he has no mercy to his allies or enemies, keeps attacking his enemies until they are destroyed to the ground in complete pain. He enjoys watching his opponents suffer. Noumi even points out that all worlds not just this one there living in is made of hurt, and that fighting others is all about dealing with pain and inflicting pain on those who are weak.

Later after being defeated for the first time in his life, Noumi becomes very wise, calm and collected, with a deep respect for his opponents. He changes his ruthless attitude to polite, soft-spoken intellectual and deeply depressed.

Magic and Abilities

Requip: The Knight (換装 ザ・ナイト Kansō Za Naito): Requip is one of Noumi Magic he often uses. It is a type of Magic that allows him to swap weapons, armor and clothes at will.

Card Magic (魔法の札, マジックカード, Majikku Kādo): Card Magic is a type of Holder Magic which revolves around the use of Magic Cards, which can produce a variety of effects, such as generating elements, and even seemingly living beings.
Steel Knight Cerberus

Steel Knight Cerberus "card"

  • Steel Knight Cerberus: Noumi summon one powerful monster by just throwing the one card down or calling its name with the card in his hand. Steel Knight Cerberus is a white 3 headed dog wearing heavy armory and weaponry, each head has unique traits. Cerberus' center head acts all "arrogant", the right acts as everthing is a "joke" and the left acts like a "wise" man.
  • Chaos End
  • Darken Electricity: When thrown, dark electricity shocks the target making them paralyzed for a few seconds.  
  • Darken Explosion: Throwing at a target the card explodes making huge amount of impact.
  • Darken Fire
  • Possession Card: The card is thrown at a target and then is fused with the host. By using the mind, Noumi can control the target making it do whatever he wants it to do. He is only able to use this card for a certain amount of time before the card itself releases its host.
  • Teleportation Card: Allows Noumi to teleport to a far distance.
  • Smoke Card: The card is thrown on the ground were it explodes into gray cloud of smoke giving Noumi a chance to escape a battle or give if a upper hand.
Genzo Eye (源蔵 Genzō): A unknown form of Magic Eye. Noumi has the ability to see the souls
Noumi Kamishiro with Genzo Eyes

Noumi's Genzo Eye

of humans.

Underworld Deck: A bunch of forbidden Card Magic that is said to have came from the underworld itself and souls in each card.


Masquerade of Shadows (影のマスカレード Kage no Masukarēdo): Noumi wears a black and silver rob with a black belt tied around his waist. The rob comes with a mask decorated with red as the noise part, blue gem at his forehead and wing like around his eye holes.

Masquerade of Shadows

Masquerade of Shadows

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