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Welcome! Welcome one and all to the official S-Class trials of Nova! If you are a fellow mage of Koma Inu, I invite you to place your challenges below. If not, I invite you to sit back and enjoy the stories as they come out. This method is a bit unconventional but was created due to certain circumstances. So enjoy and let the games begin.

Scorpius's Challenges

Umi's Challenges

Zero's Challenges

For Zero's challenge, it will be a simple task, though it by no means does that imply it will be easy. Nova must go to the Desert of Fiore and hunt down the legendary super swine, Buta. It is a ferocious beast that dominates the scorching sea of sand with it's Earth Magic. Nova must defeat the beast and bring back one of its tusks as proof.

Tojima's Challenges

Aiden's Challenges

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