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Noxious Eyes
Parent Magic

Eye Magic

Noxious Eyes is an Caster Eye Magic spell. The spell causes a painful illness called Amnesiac Flu in those that look into the caster's eyes. The spell can target anyone that locks direct eye contact with the caster.


On activation, the eyes of the caster ripple between hideous shades of green, cyan, purple and black. Upon making eye contact with the caster while this spell is being cast, the target immediately falls terribly ill. The sickness, nicknamed Amnesiac Flu, causes the afflicted to fall uncontrollably nauseous. While in their nauseous state, the caster can say a very simple one word phrase about what the person knows, such as "You have never met ___," "You have never been to _____," or "I am not here." Once the phrase is said, the afflicted will vomit black sludge. After this, they will believe whatever was said for twenty-four hours. If they are provided with information that contradicts the implanted message, they will once again be nauseous. If this contradictory stimulus becomes too much they will vomit, alarming anyone familiar with the spell to the fact that the afflicted is currently under it's effects. The spell can be ended prematurely by medicine, curing spells, or vomiting due to contradictory stimulus nine times.

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