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Null Sense



Nani mo Kankaku


Physical Technique


Null Sense (何も感覚, Nani mo Kankaku) is a technique used by several strong mages to aid them in battle.


Null Sense is a type of physical technique that requires virtually no Eternano to perform. To use this technique the user must first cut off their thinking process. While in this state the users eyes become blank, showing no emotion whatsoever. By doing this they are free of all distractions as their conscience is locked away. It also greatly increases the speed of their reaction time. Since their brain is more or less cut off, any sensation they receive does not have to report to the brain for comprehension and instead the user will react immediately. While in this state the user is not mentally aware of their surroundings or even who they're fighting, but this also allows them to possess a greater physical awareness of the world around them without consciously knowing anything. While this technique is relatively simple to comprehend, only elite mages are capable of learning it as not many people have such a level of mental control to employ it to it's full potential in battle.


  • In the gif above, its the man with the sword using Null Sense, not the one with all the hair.
  • This technique was inspired by the "Gut Instinct" technique from Toriko.
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