Number 3: Asmodeus The Lustful

Celestial Spirit

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Lust Key



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Way of Combat

Take Over

Number 3: Asmodeus The Lustful is one of the Black Zodiac Keys and is currently in the possession of ......


Out of all the Keys Asmodeus her the most simple appearance. The upper part of her body is a skeleton, while the lower part are that of a female. She has a tattered over the top part of her body, as well as fishnet stockings on her legs. In addition to this, she has two red web like wings.


True to her name, Asmodeus is a very lustful woman. She will often attempt to breakup relationships in order to have fun, or work her way into it some how. Everything she does is for her own pleasure.


Like all the other Black Zodiac Keys, she does not remember her past and stating that she doesn't really care.

Magic and Abilities

Transformation: Transformation allows its Caster to change his or her appearance. While Transformation Magic is a deep and complex art, basic Transformation Magic is relatively easy for Mages to learn. Asmodeus is known to have a great mastery of this skill, she is able to transform into anyone even if she has limited contact with them. Allowing her a perfect transformation of the other person, in addition she is able to transform into animals.

Take Over: A form of magic that allows the user to transform into different types of creatures and spirits. Unlike others who have a form of Take Over, she does not. She is able to transform into multiple different creatures and spirits. Though her most notable trait is that she is able to turn any part of her body into the creature. Meaning she is able to turn her legs into a living Behemoth or her arms into snakes.


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