Number 4: Leviathan The Envious

Celestial Spirit

Hair Color

Blueish White

Eye Color


Professional Status
Key Type

Envy Key



Personal Status


Way of Combat

Snake Magic

Number 4: Leviathan The Envious is one of the Black Zodiac Keys and is currently in the possession of ......


When it's power is used or it is spoken to, Leviathan/the user takes the appearance of a tall grey skinned woman. She has long blueish white hair, four long horn like hair objects. She wears blueish white feather like skirt that reaches to her feet. One of her most notable features are her single clawed scaled feet. The second feature is the multiple snakes which are curled around her right arm and neck. The third feature is her tail which is made up of multiple snakes which seems to more on it's own at times. I addition to theses features, she also sports two blueish white wings.


Like her name states, Leviathan is often very envious to the point she will attempt to kill them after she has taken what she wanted. This is usually done is a brutal way. Like the other keys, constant use of her will cause her personality to consume the user.


Like all the other Black Zodiac Keys, she does not remember her past and stating that she doesn't really care.

Magic and Abilities

Mimic: This Magic allows its user to mimic another Mage's Magic and utilize it as if it is their own. The specific mechanics behind Mimic are as of yet unknown; it's unconfirmed what the user has to do in order to copy other's Magic or how many types of Magic they can have at their disposal at a given time. When she is returned to the key, the user doesn't keep the Mimicked magic, though she does.

Snake Magic:


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