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Ocean Wave
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Ocean wave is a spell that has three drastically different ways of using it which are to take control of the ocean's waves, to create a wave anywhere on the ocean or on the coast when the water is still and finally to create a wave of ocean water even deep inland. When using it to create a wave inland, it is commonly used without an existing water source but is still relatively powerful and effective and works the same as the wave created by Aquarius though it isn't quite as large, only about the size of a normal mid strength wave however, when using a water source such as a salt water lake, the wave's maximum size drastically increases porportionally to the volume of water of the body of water being used. A body of water can also be used with an already created wave to further increase it's size and strength, something that happens naturally when using it on or near the ocean. Manipulating an existing wave is the trickiest method of using this spell however, mostly because the distance between where it starts to form and where it will be stopped determines it's size and strength and the farther away this spell is used from the caster, the more magic energy is required and the more difficult it is to keep it going long enough to get the wave formed so it can continue on it's own if necessary.

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