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Oliver Kynatson
Name Oliver Kynatson
Kanji オリバーキナストン
Rōmaji Orivā Kinasuton
Race Human
Birthdate 20 May
Age 33

Male Male

Height 1.71 meters
Weight 55kg
Eye Color Purple
Hair Color Dark Brown
Blood Type B
Guild Mark Location Hand
Unusual Features purple eyes
Professional Status
Affiliation Imperial Fang
Occupation Mage
Base of Operations Imperial Fang Building
Personal Status
Status Alive
Marital Status Single
Relatives Unknown
Alignment good
Magic Water-Make

Arc of Time Elemental Martial Arts

Weapons Water-Make weapons

"So gentleman, shall we?"
— Oliver before a fight

Oliver Kynatson(オリバーキナストン,Orivā Kinasuton) is the guild ace of the guild Imperial Fang been its most prominient member after the guild master Cyrill Aleksi. He is known better as Water Demon because of his proficient use of Water-Make and learned Arc of Time.


Oliver is a man of  pale skin fair height and well build, he has abs, muscles and triceps this is due to his daily excersice, Oliver has a great physique uncomparable to most mages and so is he's magical power.  Oliver has brown spiky hair that goes all directions and purple eyes this is his most noticeable feature. He's main attire consists of a black suit with a black shirt underneath he wears black shoes. This shows how much he likes dark colors.


Despite his serous look, Oliver is a funny, friendly and happy person. But the word that can mostly describes him is a calm person that has a love for manners. Oliver talks a formal way always using formalitites such as gentleman or lads. Oliver is very protective of his guild defending it from any stranger that tries to attack it or do something evil with it. Out of that Oliver is alway trying to help people that can't defend themselves. This shows his strong sense of justice. Also Oliver has a good experience about magic knowing many kinds of strange magic battling many strong dark mages, destroying guilds and through his experience of the quest he does. That consist of 10 year quests. Although he is still very active in the guild. Also Oliver has figurative way to talk mayority of the time using quotes to people. 


Magical Abilities


Static Water-Make

Water Make: Sword:

Water Make: Spikes:

Water Make: Guantlet

Water Make: Scythe

Water Make: Boomerang

Water Make: Chains

Water Make: Hammer

Water Make: Drill

Water Make: Shield

Water Make: Armor

Dynamic Water-Make

Water Make: Sea Dragon

Water Make: Wings

Water  Make: Tiger

Water Make: Lions

Water Make: Eagles

Water Make: Robot

Physical Abilities


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