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The organization Olympic Torch (五輪聖火, gorinseika) is a group of 24 founding members who each have joined for their knowledge, power, and help they have contributed to the Kingdom of Fiore. While generally located in the said location, they have many branches including in the likes of the slavery-ridden Bosco, Xyzariel and many more kingdoms wherein they contribute to their well-being of their society; hence it is labelled as a Legal Guild, recognized by the council for their contributions and acts they have committed to enhance and greatly improve the well-being of the citizens of the entire world. Each member has a label of a Greek Letter, the leader being Alpha.


Olympic Torch prefers to stay out of battles, especially those which could reveal their secrets and presence. Their whole theme is secret, so most don't know of their existence. Olympic Torch's strength level is, therefore, unknown, but the few who do know of them suspect they're extremely powerful.


Symbol Name Occupation Reason Status
Alpha Α α OpenLeaderUnknownActive
Beta Β β OpenGuild AceUnknownActive
Gamma Γ γ OpenScientistUnknownActive
Delta Δ δ ZorraScientistKnowledgeActive
Epsilon Ε ε Bard SampsoniteScientistInspirationActive
Zeta Ζ ζ Azyln MikamuraMage/HerborenPowerActive
Eta Η η OpenDoctorUnknownActive
Theta Θ θ OpenResearcherUnknownActive
Iota Ι ι OpenArchaeologistUnknownActive
Kappa Κ κ OpenArchaeologistUnknownActive
Lambda Λ λ OpenTeacherUnknownActive
Mu Μ μ OpeneTeacherUnknownActive
Nu Ν ν OpenDouble AgentUnknownActive
Xi Ξ ξ OpenUnknownUnknownActive
Omicron Ο ο OpenUnknownUnknownActive
Pi Π π OpenUnknownUnknownActive
Rho Ρ ρ OpenS-Class Mage/Griffin HeartSkill and StrengthActive
Sigma Σ σ/ς OpenUnknownUnknownActive
Tau Τ τ OpenUnknownUnknownActive
Upsilon Υ υ OpenUnknownDouble AgentActive
Phi Φ φ OpenUnknownUnknownActive
Chi Χ χ OpenUnknownMuscleActive
Psi Ψ ψ OpenUnknownUnknownActive
Omega Ω ω Dolos ApateCircus PeformerFriendshipActive



  • Olympic Torch was the spawn of an amazing idea the author had while researching the Greek Aplhabet for fun. It was partially inspired by the Young Justice Series as well. Some of the Members share similar traits with Greek God(desses) or Greek Mythology.
  • By having Olympic Torch be a Helping Organization, they can pool in money easier.
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