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"It's best if you keep your nose out things, young prince. It'll prevent you from getting hurt in the near future. Take the warning to heart, lest you regret it later on." — Gilvan Astraius
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One-Banner Unison
One-Banner Unison



Wan Banā Yunizon


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Arturia Pendragon

One-Banner Unison (友愛の頂点·強族の常親交(ワン·バナー·ユニゾン), Wan Banā Yunizon; lit. "Pinnacle of Camaraderie: Strong Band of Undeniable Friendships") is considered to be the "special case" amongst its brethren, as its one of the few that truly doesn't belong to an aspect of the Supreme God; in fact, it's an example of his creations and how far they've come since their conception. Thus, it's counted as one of the Ancient Magics of the Thirteen Otherworldly Virtues — representing Emotion (情, Jou); it's noted to have the potential to surpass the other members of the group by a large margin, having the most potential. It's alternatively called Unity Magic (結束魔法, Kessoku Mahō), due to its overall effects.

It's considered to be more of an ability, rather than an actual magic, due to it being constantly active — reacting to the emotions of its user and the bonds between them and others; however, it's classified as a Caster Magic for convenience's sake and an Ancient Spell — existing around the same time as its brethren. For some reason, it's counted as a Subspecies Magic — its principles being similar to Unison Raid and Combination Magic respectively.

This magic's current owner is Arturia Pendragon, the man who values friendship and camaraderie above all else, in lieu of certain events in his past, and the current incarnation of the White Knight (白馬の騎士, Hakubanokishi) — a mythological hero known for his various deeds on behalf of humanity; these two traits make him the most suitable candidate for the magic's possession. Apparently, he's able to invoke its effects upon a whim, turning him into one of the most powerful characters in the Heroic Chronicles series.


"When humanity stands together, anything can be accomplished! Don't underestimate the power of bonds!"
— Arturia upon employing the magic against a powerful foe.


  • If one couldn't tell, this was based on the spell card, United We Stand, from the Yu-Gi-Oh! trading card series.
  • Ironically, this magic shares the same purpose as Ardor — a concept belonging to the the Sun Trilogy, specifically Daybreak, authored by Per. In her words: "As you can guess, the Ardor power is a snarky way of describing the tendency of protagonists to become stronger through seemingly nothing more than sheer force of will. It isn't a power itself." This is further emphasized, as the main character of the aforementioned series, Tsuruko Sejren, practically lives and breathes on said substance — the main source of her victories, godly achievements, and the like through the continuity of said series.
  • In a way, this magic is the author's snarky reference to the various asspulls accomplished by most of the characters in the canon series, making them more Sue/Stu than any other known series, something commented by many readers on an international scale.
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