Chronicles of the Black Knight

Chapter 31

Cane ran down his path which opened into a large room.  He stopped when he saw his opponent.

"Victor Cras!" he called as he tried to punch him.  Victor quickly unsheathed his Vampire's Fang and blocked the attack.

"Hello Cane," said Victor "I never thought I'd find you here Cane.  I was personally hoping to fight Jason, but I guess you'll have to do.  You only seem like a one sword opponent."

"Bastard!" Cane went in for another punch.  Victor backflips er out of the way.  "El Drago!"  Cane shot a beam of energy from his mouth.  Victor blocked it with a horizontal slash from his blade.

"Definitely won't need two swords."

Victor ran towards Cane.  Before he could fire another El Drago, Victor stabbed him in the shoulder, forcing him to the ground.  "El Drago!" Cane unleashed a close range beam from his mouth again, but Victor jumped back before it made contact.  "I haven't eaten human flesh in about six months, but for you I'm willing to make an exception."  Cane began eating the stone from the ground, healing the wound in his shoulder.

"That's a rather annoying magic," said Victor.  "It can be used for healing and offense.  I'll have to take you down quickly then."

"Strength!" called Cane when he was done eating.  His muscles swelled in size and his shirt ripped off.  Victor charged him again.  Cane tried to punch him again, but he dodged, leaving a crater in the floor.  Victor did an upward slash, cutting Cane's side.  He danced around Cane, cutting him the entire time.  He slashed his back, arms, sides, hands, legs, everywhere but a vital spot.  Cane held back the pain through gritted teeth.

Victor moved away when he was done.  "100 Slash Blood Dance."  Cane dropped to his knees, blood dripping from his body, a look of absolute malice on his face.  "So, not dead yet?  I'll do you a favor and put you out of your misery."  Victor ran up to Cane, prepared for one final slash.  He did a downward slash across his chest, but the blade didn't cut him.  Cane had caught it with his hand.  Cane's hand bled from the cut the blade made.  "Let go you muscle bound freak!" called Victor as he tried to wrestle his blade out of Cane's hand.  Cane screamed a battle cry as he punched Victor in the arm, breaking it.  The attack caused Victor to let go of his sword.  Cane went in for another punch but stopped before he could make contact.  He grabbed the large gash on his gut and fell over, coughing up blood.  Victor stood over him, his Stygian Blade in hand.  "You broke my arm," he said annoyed.

"Now we're even," muttered Cane as he passed out.

Victor's arm had already begun to heal.  "Let's hope my next opponent is more powerful than he was."

Chronicles of the Black Knight
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