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One Thousand Blades Crescent Cut



Ichi sen burēdo mikadzuki-kiri

Parent Magic

Sword Magic

Parent Item



Markus Hotaru

One Thousand Blades Crescent Cut (一千ブレード三日月切り, Ichi sen burēdo mikadzuki-kiri): Is a powerful close range Sword Magic spell that requires fast hands, deadly sword skills and impressive Eternano manipulation. It's a spell that easily clear a small room of enemies or shatter defences through sheer persistance and number of impacts.


The Thousand Blades spells are famous within the Crescent Archipelago Sword Mages simply for it's purely for it's effectiveness against tightly pack enemies. to use the mage focuses his/her's Eternano into the blade and their strength into their arm and begins to swing fusiously at their opponant(s) allowing them to shred anyone in their way, but couldn't move through the enemies to attack more. Many users of this spell would focus elements into the attacks as well allowing for a ranged side of the spell sending shards of rock or balls of fire at the enemy causing similar damage when they just couldn't make their way to the enemy's location.

Markus however adds some intresting twists to the spell. First being the angles he can launch the ranged version creating a rain of magic blades that rain down on the opponant(s) but leaves him entirely unharmed but his attacks. Another is that he can charge through groups of enemeis while using this spell creating a barrier of blades as he charges through the enemies' lines and reaches his goal.

A serious drawback of this spell is based around the strength of the sword used. If Markus uses a sword made of regular metal or poor quality metal, the blade will shatter within seconds but if he uses a brilliant quality sword like those he can summon with his requip he can continue the sword as long as he can.

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