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Transformation Magic



Oni Magic (鬼魔法, Oni Mahō) is a high level Transformation Magic used by Orion, Guild Master of the Dark Guild Leviathan's Eye.


To activate this magic, the user must first form several tendrils from their body that bear forked ends. Using these tendrils, the user absorbs the life force from anything around them, be it sentient or not, and converts the energy into fuel. Upon absorption of a sufficient amount of energy, the user begins to transform into a child-like form resembling an Oni from ancient mythology. Although appearing seemingly harmless, this form is known to be Orion's trump card. 

Upon killing an opponent with this Magic, the user is able to absorb their soul and mold it into thunder. The soul thunder that has been absorbed from the surrounding area is stored in the Oni's horns, causing it to pulsate with a bright light that can be fired off in massive blasts, causing tremendous damage. Those struck by the thunder of this magic, if they survive the initial strike, will have their body's muscle movements fall under Orion's control unless they are able to inflict a severe enough mental pain to themselves in order to break free. 

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