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Opal Star







Phobos Valhalla

The Opal Star is a magic object, in the property of Phobos Valhalla. Are a magic jewel, with mystic porpeties. 


The Opal Star is an oval gem that shines almost constantly. She has a pink tone, mixed and co dark green mazul. In addition, she also has laguns yellow and a bright white edges. He formerly was attached to an oval area of ​​iron, attached to a chain and can therefore be used as a medallion by Phobos. Mias afternoon, he shall use the Opal on a gold bracelet.

Powers and Abilities

Clayvorance Sights

The Opal Star gives the user the power to spy the future. He sees important scenes of what's going to happen, and alerts the user with them before it happens.

Physical Aging Retarted

The Opal Star retards the effects of physical aging, so that the user's age becomes slow. As example, Phobos has 18 plus years maintains the physical age of a child. It can also be said that the mind is not impaired, even with the actual age continue to move forward.

Conection With the Sapphire Star

The Opal Star has a special connection with the Sapphire Star. One can find other where they are. One can also turn the powers of the other if they are too close. According to Phobos, if one was destroyed, the other to self-destruct.



According to the legend of the creation of the Seven Stars, she was third star to be created. Like other stars, the legend of its creation, it was dropped from the night sky. She was the multicolored star: Every evening, she changed color. It was deposited all Hope.


Prologue arc

Before the invasion of Phobos in Black Star, she gave him a vision that he would destroy the guild and come out unscathed. However, just before the battle against Ceres, she showed him buried. After that, the battle against Ceres begins.

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