Oración Seis

六魔将軍 (オラシオンセイス)


Orashion Seisu




Dark Guild


Earth Land

The Oración Seis (六魔将軍 (オラシオンセイス), Orashion Seisu) was a Dark Guild comprised of six incredibly powerful Mages. It formed a third of the Balam Alliance. Soon after they're defeat by the hands of Fairy Tail, the six mages were arrested and later imprisoned in a high security prison. Later on, they were transferred to Fiore's most secure prison for the country's most dangerous and vicious criminals. However, during their time in prison, the former Guild Master, Brain died at some point, while another member, Hoteye, was later let out for "good behaviour", leaving only four members left.





Name Rank Team Status
Midnight Guild Master None Active
Cobra Mage None Active
Angel Mage None Active
Racer Mage None Active
Hoteye Mage None Defected
Brain Guild Master None Deceased


  • Rave, one of Hiro Mashima's previous works, also features a group named the "Oración Seis".
  • All of the Oración Seis members' names are codenames.
  • The Oración Seis' crest is formed by the characters "六マ", the Kanji for "six" and the katakana "Ma", which means "Demon". Thus, the members were also called "The Six Demons".
  • Hiro Mashima stated that "Oración Seis" was only a codename for this nameless guild, but with the closing on the deadline and lack of a better name, he decided to go with the same name.
  • In the anime, all members of the Oración Seis, except Brain, appear in Erza's flashbacks during the Tower of Heaven arc.
  • In Spanish, its name translates to "Prayer Six", and each member incidentally has a "prayer" which they reveal after they are defeated.
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