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Future Telling

Eye Magic Caster Magic


Sibyl Members of the Van Siegfried Clan

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Oracle is a Caster Magic utilized by the Familiar Spirit Sibyl as well as mages who have a contract with her. Furthermore,Oracle is a form of Eye Magic.


This magic allows the user to read the lines of the future. At first, the user can only read a few seconds into the future. However, with enough training, one can see months, even years into the future. When in use, the user's irides take on a complex geometric pattern that is violet in color.


Despite this magic's capabilities, it possesses several weaknesses that hinder its usage.

  • Firstly, this magic requires large amounts of magical energy as well as a high degree of concentration in order to be utilized properly and efficiently.
  • Secondly, in using this magic the user is shown the lines of ALL futures, regardless of their relevance to the current situation or their likelihood of occurring. This limitation can only be overcome through extensive training in the use of this magic, learning through experience how to sift through the irrelevant visions.
  • Thirdly, the knowledge gleaned from this magic is only reliable in knowing what will happen in the course of the next few minutes, as the future is always subject to change and hardly ever retains one distinct sequence of events.
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