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Orient Solid Script



Tōyō no Kotai Moji


Holder Magic


Yoshi Vamiro

Orient Solid Script (東洋の固体文字 Tōyō no Kotai Moji, lit, Solidified Body Words of the East): is a Holder Type Magic utilized by Yomazu and other mages.


Like Solid Script, the caster can create words in the air which are transformed into various effects. Unlike Levy, Yomazu has demonstrated being able to use the said Magic to a more offensive degree to the point where it can invoke devastating effects to both his opponents as well as the immediate environment. Another difference is that Yomazu writes his words in kanji and manifests them with the aid of the sword that he carries. It appears that the younger generation of users of this Magic's kanji can vary in colour.


Yomazu's Spells

  • (防ぼう): is a spell which allows Yomazu to create a defensive wall of kanji which is highly durable as itremained intact after being hit with Gajeel's Iron Dragon's roar.
  • (轟 ごう): This word creates a deafening sound that drowns out all other sound making it nearly impossible for the enemy to hear anything else. Can be cancelled out with "Silent"
  • Kan (貫 かん): This word creates a beam of energy, which pierces the target set by the user.
  • Kasha (加沙 カシャ): This word allows Yomazu to use his Dark Sword Narukami spell.
  • Zan (斬, lit. "Beheading"): This word creates a giant air blade which is strong enough to cut Gajeel's Iron Dragon Scales.

Nazam's Spells

  • Kiru (切る): This word requires him to hold his hands outwards in a meditating position and some black kanji appear through the middle of the object and when he clicks his fingers the kanji slashes the object in two.
  • Nawa (縄): Nazam creates several kanji in front of him and ropes shoot out of the words and bind the target.
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