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Name Owened
Kanji N/A
Rōmaji N/A
Race Human
Birthday September 21
Age 21
Gender Male
Height 165 cm
Weight Unknown
Eyes Red
Hair Green
Blood Type A
Unusual Features None
Professional Status
Affiliation Unknown
Previous Affiliation Unknown
Occupation Dark Mage
Previous Occupation Cruedlis
Team None
Partner Unknown
Base of Operations Unknown
Personal Status
Relatives Unknown
Marital Status None
Alias Unknown
Magic Wind Magic

Owened is a Dark Mage working for Crudelis.


Owened is a large, stocky built man with a short stature. He wears rather concealing clothing; being mostly green in colouration. He has short, blonde hair as well as a long beard. He also possesses piercing red eyes.

Personality and Traits

Owened is a man who has no morals; and he prefers to do things that assist him- much like his boss, he treats his guildmates like pawns and will use them if the situation needs so. Outside of using people, he is a highly unpleasant individual to talk to- and several of his guildmates have found it incredibly difficult to hold a proper conversation with him without feeling the need to punch him in the face. It should also be noted that Owened has a fetish for younger girls, especially those who are pre-pubescent.



Magic and Abilities

Wind Magic: Owened has a fair amount of skill in Wind Magic.

  • Wind Float: Despite his portly frame, Owened can utilize Wind Magic to walk and float on the air with impunity. This makes it appear as if Owened has a small tornado spinning around his lower body, which he can use as a makeshift drill by flying into foes full-pelt.
  • Gale Force: Owened releases a large ball of compressed air at an opponent, which chases them down, homing in on them; upon contact, it causes an small hurricane if it hits. This attack is very dangerous unless one has the ability to consume opposing wind magic.


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