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Name Paimon
Alias Mistress of the Wind
Key Type Devil's Key
Owner Hikaru Fujihara
Way of Fighting Wind Magic
Relatives N/A
Paimon is one of the 72 Devil's Keys. She has learned the mysteries of the wind and uses them for her needs.


Paimon used to be a human, and a wind mage. She one day formed a contract with a Demonic Spirit and as a cost she lost the existence of the only family she had left. Then she found out about the place in the Demonic Spirit World, where everyone's payments are kept, she was warned by her Demonic Spirit not to attempt to get back her payment, ignoring his warnings she went anyways only to get caught by the Prince of the Demonic Spirits. As punishment for breaking her contract, she was cursed to be a Demonic Spirit for the rest of her life.


Paimon has silver hair and is usually wearing a kimono


Paimon is very kind to Hikaru, though is enjoys to flirt with any guy she meets. She usually tends to have bad relationship with females, though there are many cases in which she becomes friendly. Unlike most Demonic Spirits, she is really kind and helpful. Remembering her painful history she always tries to prevent Hikaru from hearing of "The Place where Payments are Kept" so he won't go through the trouble she has.


Paimon's Fans

These are Paimon's 2 fans which allow her wind magic to become much more stronger.

Magic and Abilities

  • Improved Agility
  • Increased Speed
  • Wind Magic
    • Razor Torpedo: Paimon aims and shoots out blasts of violent winds, when it hits, it hits like a blade has slashed at the target various times.

Advanced Spells

  • Void Aegis: Paimon creates a vacuum in an area, leaving it with no air. This makes it impossible to breathe or to create fire inside of the vacuum The downside to this spell is that as it is very powerful the vacuum can only be create in a small area, the bigger the vacuum the more it drains the user of magic.
  • Venterra:
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