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Haruhi Kaneko
Otohime Dragonborn

Panacea is a healing spell that is known by many names, which varies depending on what kind of magic the user is using to perform this spell. Due to the miracle-like feats this spell is able to perform, it is known as the strongest healing-based spell ever invented.


Orginally, this spell was created by the Magic Council as a way for healing mages to have the ability to greatly enhance ally's physical state by mimicking a Yōkai's most famous trait: the production of their own magic power and the circulation of that magic power throughout the body. While the Magic Council never figured out the first part, they did figure out the second. When they did figure out the second part they realized it had the same function as a Yōkai's regeneration ability so they turned it into a spell that is now known as the most powerful healing spell: Panacea.To perform the spell the user must compress their magic power and positive emotions together to its utmost limit. This creates a type of energy known as healing energy or Panacea energy. Once the Panacea energy is created, the user touches the victim and flows the Panacea energy into the patient's cardiovascular system. Due to the properties of the Panacea energy, the Panacea energy is easily absorbed by the blood of the patient and distributed throughout the body. As a result, users are able to temporarily give the patient Yōkai-level regeneration abilities. This means that this spell is capable of performing feats like: instantly healing most wounds, regrowing limbs, and even bringing back the dead at the cost of the user's own life. The Panacea energy stays in the bloodstream for a couple of minutes before it is fully diluted. This means, any future injuries the patient sustains within that time limit is instantly healed.


  • In Greek Mythology, Panacea is the Greek Goddess of healing.
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