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Pandora Magic (Pandora Maho, パンドラのマジック) is an ancient and dark form of magic that revolves around and utilizes the evil within objects and people. The magic is said to be one of the strongest types, and is considered forbidden magic to some; to others, it's sacred. Pandora Magic can be described as a Unison Raid type of magic that uses a combination of many forms of magic such as Illusion, Darkness, Fear, Doll Play Magic and etc.


By using the evil inside of objects and people, and manipulating that evil. People that can use Pandora Magic is capable of changing the way of fate and destiny. The caster can use their bodies as a holder to store any evil and to then further utilize it in the future. Holding the evil inside ones body can and will alter the target's personality, emotion and thoughts, depending on how much countering "good" intentions that they have inside of them. This means that the caster of this spell can change how a person feels and thinks about things entirely. The caster also naturally either has a high amount of "good" or "bad" in them, all depending on their origin before learning the magic. The evil can be matrelized and look like Darkness Magic, but far stronger than that, depending on how much "evil" is put into it. Inorder for a person to extract the evil from someone, he/she only needs to be looking at that person.

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