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Pannett Town
Pannett Town



Pannetto Taun

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Heiwa no Ji, Genosha



Pannett Town is located in Genosha within Heiwa no Ji.


Pannett Town 2

The Pannett Town park.

Pannett Town is a peaceful place that is most renowned for its delicious baked goods. It is well protected from the creatures that dwell in in the large jungles and forests of Heiwa no Ji by large mountains surrounding it in all directions but one, of which is protected by a wall and gate that is guarded by the Pannett Town Defence.


Pannett Town is located within a vally between the mountains of the Heiwa no Ji section of Genosha. The reason the town has been able to live so peacefully in such a violent continent is because Heiwa no Ji is a "safe zone" that is unaffected by the climate change and natural disasters that otherwise plague Genosha.

Notable Locations

The Pannett Town Defence Headquarters: The headquarters for the Pannett Town Defence, this is where the leaders of the PTD discuss things regarding the Defence , plan missions and schedules and keep files on the recruits, guards and wardens.

Ciabatta Bakery: The bakery that Pannett Town is known for, it is also the home of Amillia Synqua, Kastenin Synqua, Cecilia Ferius and Sacha Rose. Only Kastenin and Cecilia are living there presently.

The Midnight Biscotti: The bar in Pannett Town, it is run by Fergus Flannel, who used to be a mage of Phantom Breaker.

Notable Residents

Amillia Synqua: A mage who grew up in Pannett Town, she now resides in the Training Branch N-3, located on the border of Seven and Iceberg. She is the daughter of Kastenin Synqua and Cecilia Ferius and the sister of Sacha Rose

Charice Synqua: The youngest member of the Synqua family, she disappeared from the town without a trace when she was eight. She is the daughter of Kastenin Synqua and Cecilia Ferius and the sister of Amillia Synqua

Cecilia Ferius: The owner of the Pannett Town Bakery. She has lived in Pannett Town since she was born. She is Amillia Synqua and Sacha Rose's mother and is married to Kastenin Synqua.

Kastenin Synqua: A Warden in the Pannett Town Defence, he works at rhe wall to keep creatures out of and away from the town. He is the father of Amillia Synqua and Sacha Rose and is married to Cecilia Ferius.


  • Pannett Town is themed on Italian baked goods, such as; Panettone, Biscotti and Ciabatta
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