Pantheon (Td5)
Image both
Kanji パンテオン
Rōmaji Panteon
Master Nikolai Ichor
Type Legal Guild

Pantheon (パンテオン, Panteon Lit. Scared Site of Holy Ones) is a legal guild in Flore. It was established in the year X761. The guild is a typical guild general except is granted special privileges by the Magic Council. Dealing with lost, illegal, and dark magice like the Black Arts are allowed to be practiced, as the guild researches on how to protect others from it. The guild despite having fewer members than average has powerful S-Class mages, some powerful enough to be among the Ten Wizard Saints.

Location and Design

Pantheon is located in Aconite Town. The guild looks more like a temple similar in appearance to the actual Roman Pantheon. Except the inside is more built like a house. With a huge and grandiose garden in the back of the guild.


The guild's strength as a whole is debatable. While the guildmaster Nikolai Ichor is an immensely power Mage, and does possess six S-Class mages, the guild is smaller on members than normal guilds. In all its history it never has had more than twenty members at one time. Also it's members never up to date, participated in the Grand Magic Games. This leaves only an average amount of job requests for the guild mostly ones from the Magic Council or from the residence of the town.


Name Rank Team Status
Nikolai Ichor 1st Guild Master None Retired
Drake Emryst Guild Ace None Active
Carlito Play S-Class Mage None Active
Vance Kervic S-Class Mage None Active
Pietro Carrion S-Class Mage None Defected
Selina Wasureru S-Class Mage None Left
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